Aids and Cancer as Global Pandemics

The research focuses on two major worldly pandemics namely Aids and Cancer. Globally, there are challenges when it comes to the above mentioned diseases. Their effects vary greatly though they share a lot in common. The devastating aspect settles in the way the two deadly diseases claim people’s lives. The point of the public being cautious on the catastrophic diseases forms the major point of argument. In addressing the two challenging infections, the paper approaches the idea from various dimensions. The effects of each pandemic, the acquisition means, possible precaution, and their similarities and differences form the core areas of discussion.  

More so, comparing and contrasting Aids and Cancer proves vital in analyzing the two concepts. Both Aids and Cancer have caused more harm in the modern society than one could imagine. Aids has claimed a number of lives similar to Cancer. The society today suffers from the impacts of the two diseases in all aspects. The effects cut across the social, economic, and educational sectors. Many countries have lost prominent people through related ailments. It, therefore, proves vital performing a research on the areas that relate to the diseases. The findings from the research stand to promote the public awareness of defects connected to the diseases.

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Though not a fast killer, Aids claims people’s lives at great intervals in the society today. It has permanent torture by creating stigmatization to the infected individuals. Even though people seem to be coping up with the syndrome, it remains irritating to many families. Currently, people operate on ARVs as a means of prolonging life.  The consumption of the drugs alone makes many victims undergo a lot of psychological tortures. More so, families where many people live on the drugs see a dark future. Their hope has reduced since they seem to anticipate death any moment. Psychological torture is the worst effect of HIV/Aids since it creates instability in many people. Others have shortened their lives due to psychological problems emanating from the infection. It is recognizable that a lot of research and attempts to make aids victims comfortable has been on going. However, since the society is dynamic, there is need to carry out research on the same every single day. It is from such needs that the research finds it wise to create more awareness to people concerning Aids. 

In comparison, cancer takes little time to kill a person if not properly attended. One challenging area with the infection is its ability to bar detection for a long time. It is a current requirement for people to go for check-ups to reveal any effect of cancer at an early stage. The idea would help prevent it from becoming severe thus saving a person’s life. Presently, the world is working on the possible ways to mitigate the environmental pollutions that accelerates the rate of cancer infections in the society. People need to realize that solving the problem does not require only a single day. It is something that will take some good time to arrive at the solution. The reality remains that most organizations are not ready to change their operation structures now. For the entities to adjust, it calls for scientific research and capital for fulfilling the dream. On a close study, it remains that the change demands for a relatively long period of time to be effective. Since people cannot wait for the changes, there is the need to make them aware of the effects of such diseases. The research finds interest in getting appropriate ways of making people fully aware of the infections with an aim of securing them from future defects. 

Causes and Effects of HIV/Aids

The paragraph discusses the factors that lead to the acquisition of HIV/Aids without going deep to the biological fundamentals. The major causes of the HIV infection include blood transfusion, unprotected sexual intercourse, accidental cut by shared sharp objects, and acquisition during birth. However, research has it that a number of Aids victims contracted the virus from unprotected sexual intercourses. 

Practicing unprotected sex call for abandonment since it proves the highest means by which people acquire aids virus. There is need for sensitization on the effects of participating in sexual intercourse without one using the protective gadgets like condoms. However, the influence applies minimally to faithful couples. Those who fall victims are the young people who are in relationship or the married individuals with high level infidelity. People need to come back to their conscience and shun things to do with infidelity. The lust for women or men is a major factor causing most people their lives. Sticking to one partner and remaining faithful is the only savior at this point. However, if it forces a person to engage in sexual intercourse outside marriage then, protection proves the safest alternative. Moreover, before engaging in such illicit acts, one must think of the possible repercussions.  

Blood transfusion also causes HIV infection but to a smaller extent at the moment. The health sector has come up with effective means by which doctors transfer blood to the patients. The new technologies have minimized the rate of HIV/Aids infections through blood transfusion. It is advisable that only doctors need to perform any procedure of blood transfusion. It would help curb the related incidences of infecting innocent people with HIV/Aids virus. 

Furthermore, most infants acquire HIV/Aids virus during the process of birth. Others get infected after birth through such means as breast feeding. The health department urges expectant mothers to deliver in the hospitals to curb infant infection for victim mothers. Those who fail to obey the hospital delivery process stand a chance of making the innocent infants to live the rest of their lives as Aids victims. It is high time people became prudent in protecting the young generation from unnecessary trouble. Lactating mothers should follow the doctor’s instruction to avoid any possible transfer of the virus to the infants though any means. Saving the life of the new born babies remains the greatest achievement of a woman. Sharing of sharp object proves the next cause though not very common. Many people have become aware of it making then shun from such practices. However, without taking proper precaution then there is high chance of acquiring the virus through this means.

The above preceding points highlight the causes of Aids without factoring in its effects. It is notable that aids has a lot of negative effects ranging from personal to the societal ones. The Aids victims do suffer from stigmatization if they do not get proper counselling. They normally do not seem to be part of the community making them lose their lives at early stages. There is need for increased sensitization of people on HIV/Aids related factors. The move will help in preserving lives and preventing pending infections. Other effects of HIV/Aids include increased deaths that lead to school drop outs. Many people have dropped out of school since the disease claimed those who took responsibility of their fees. In one respect or the other, depriving people of opportunists like acquiring education is detrimental to their future lives. 

Causes and Effects of Cancer

Cancer results majorly from environmental effects of pollution in the world. In the current society, one stands to blame technological discoveries for the globally rising cancer cases. The industrial pollution, heavy use of modern fertilizers in agricultural activities, and the consumption of genetically modified foods prove the main causes of cancer. 

Industrial operations lead to the daily release of disastrous carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. The gas causes depletion of the ozone layer making it unproductive from the dangerous rays of the sun. The specific sunrays, for instance ultraviolet ray, interfere with the immune system of the body thus causing cancerous diseases. The society thus needs to come up with the best methods of disposing the problematic carbon gases. Currently, global warming remains an international concern. Finding its solution has seen many world leaders come together from various parts of the globe. The society has a hope that solutions necessary for countering the effects are on the way. Seeing people dying from cancers for their own causes is a matter of great concern. There is need for the relevant specialists to find alternatives for the problem if they must save lives. 

More so, using modern fertilizers proves the next cause of cancer in the current world. The fertilizers facilitate the transfer of chemicals to the food products. When people later consume these chemically rich products, they stand higher chances of acquiring cancer. It remains a major concern why people allow the use of fertilizers if they are detrimental to their lives. Human beings consume chemicals that originate from their own ideas. It is advisable for the society to look for better farming methods that help reduce the rate of cancer. In a deeper sense, the idea may seem to many people, not a real cause of cancer based on the time duration. It is important understanding that the effect takes a relatively longer period to reflect on its effects. The urge remains on the need to take precaution in steed of waiting for the impact. It is upon the special units to come up with the alternatives that can help save the lives of many people. 

Still on the fertilizers, there are safe farming practices that people can employ to ensure productivity. It proves prudent, therefore, employing such methods rather than embracing practices that deprive the society of their lives. People suffer from cancer infections, as a result, of ignoring traditional methods of farming. It does not mean opposing technological advancements but, it is a matter of saving lives. 

Furthermore, genetically modified organisms also raise serious concerns when it comes to the causes of cancer. In discussing this concept, it is important first, to appreciate the rapid growth of GMOs. They ensure the availability of the necessary varieties of foods in the society. However, its negative effects seem to be outweighing its advantages. The best way of reducing infections from these staffs is by reducing their consumptions. Moreover, there is need for better and safer ways of increasing food availability in the society rather than using this deadly means. The society must turn back to safe practices if they need to eliminate the effects of cancer. The experts in the agricultural department must also move with a greater speed towards coming up with the new and safest method of food productions. It is illogical releasing such types of products to the society while knowing their real impacts. 

In addition, experts must perform thorough research before availing any product in the market. The many assumptions that departments make while assessing the viability of the products is an area of concern. It is inappropriate to accept the consumption of what may cause people their lives. The departments, therefore, must ensure that there are qualified personnel capable of dealing with these matters acutely. More so, inspecting the consumables before accepting them in the market will help reduce the cases of cancer in the society. There is no need for accepting what can cause people their lives on the grounds of sourcing profit. Moreover, the government must litigate stern laws aimed at controlling the production and consumption of genetically modified foods. 

Far from its cause, cancer has serious negative impacts in the society. In one respect, cancer is a deadly disease. If people fail to take proper precautions, they stand a chance of losing their lives of cancer. The medical department advocates for the early detections of the pandemic. If left to last for a long period before medication, the end result is death. 

On the other hand, cancer affects many people in the society by claiming the lives of some prominent persons. Many school going individuals have dropped out due to lack of individuals to cater for their studies. The effect does not only rest with the individuals but the society in general. It, therefore, calls for serious attention from both the government and people to remain cautious about the disease. 

Comparisons between the Two

Cancer and HIV/Aids trace points of similarities and difference in many areas. The comparisons prevail in the effects the two diseases have on the society. In the first case, one needs to understand that the two are infections that can easily lead to death. Cancer has seen many people lose their lives while leaving families to suffer. More so, it does not mean that the pandemic only kills adults but, even the young people. In comparison, Aids also kills people with its effects being disastrous to the community. People who die through aids also leave their children to suffer with others missing the opportunity to continue with education. Ideally, the two infections claims people’s lives at a higher rate than one could imagine.

Furthermore, both Aids and Cancer cause stigmatization to the respective families. When a member becomes sick with either one of the two diseases, the situation affects the concerned families in many ways. Deacon, Harriet, Inez Stephney, and Sandra Prosalendis are some intellectuals who have addressed stigmatization as an effect of HIV/Aids. In their analysis they conclude that many victims of Aids feel as if they are not part of the family. On the other hand, Szumski Bonnie explains the possibility cancer victims feeling irritated thus leading to low self-esteem. It remains apparent, therefore, that the two diseases have a convergent point in the society. 

Contrasting Elements of HIV/Aids and Cancer

Cancer and HIV/Aids differ in many ways especially when it comes to their effects and mode of acquisition. Cancer results from the consumption of chemically reach staffs originating from environmental infections. Its rise has been blamed on the increased emission of carbon related gases in the atmosphere causing such effects as global warming. Furthermore, cancer results from the current types of foods including GMOs. When people consume these chemically rich staffs then, the probability of contracting cancer remains high. However, people acquire Aids through totally different means. The disease comes from unprotected sexual intercourse, blood transfusion, and acquisition during birth. However, health officers blame a larger percentage of the infections on unprotected sex. The disease has managed to claims people’s lives through such means causing devastating impacts in the society. It demands for people to be aware of the impacts if they are to reduce the effects of the disease.

In addition, Aids is a long lasting infection for those on drugs while cancer may kill abruptly if not administered accordingly. The ARVs have succeeded in boosting the immune system of Aids victims. However, the drugs are not a cure for the diseases. They only help in prolonging the life of the victim of HIV/Aids. Aids is, therefore, not a curable disease and people need to avoid it by all means. Currently, cancer is a curable disease in many countries in the world. However, it is important for one to seek medication for cancer related symptoms since the infection can easily respond to cure at early stages. Failure to go for early checkups has a high possibility of allowing cancer to reach a stage where is becomes incurable. People should understand the importance of visiting hospitals with an aim of seeking for various cancer related tests. The move would help facilitate the process of cancer prevention and treatments at early stages.  The reductions of the effects of cancer killings remain the roles of various people in the community. They need to seek for earlier medications since cancer is a curable disease.


From the study of the similarities and differences between Aids and cancer, one realizes how the two diseases deprive individuals of their lives. Studying their contrasting characteristics helps an individual in understanding how to deal with the diseases in an appropriate way. For instance, one must be aware that cancer requires earlier treatments for a person to remain safe. In comparison, HIV/Aids does not necessarily need earlier intervention since it can still respond to ARVs at some later stages. However, it remains an individual’s task to ensure its prevention or, take the available drugs to avoid severe infections.

The research topic provides facts that make people aware of the effects of both Aids and cancer. Hopefully, the findings and explanations contained in this works will change the lives of many in the society today.