Descriptive Essay Prompts or How to Write a Descriptive Essay

Writing a descriptive essay is not that difficult, if you know that a descriptive essay is all about a detailed description and a brief analysis of an object of your choice. It can be an event, a person, an animal, an object, a situation, a place, and other. The goal of any descriptive essay is to share your perspective and point with your target audience. You are expected to be detailed, accurate, and vivid in your descriptions. Make sure that your readers can see and feel the things you are describing in your work.

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Descriptive Essay Prompts: Help for Writers

According to the expert descriptive essay prompts, this type of an essay is supposed to not only show the characteristics of a person, situation, place, or object, but help readers feel as if they were in the same situation, smelling, seeing, and hearing the same things with the author. So, when analyzing the audience for your descriptive essay, try to make your writing suitable. Besides, the essay should have a specific structure, including:

Specific structure of descriptive essay

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Steps in Writing Descriptive Essay

When you are ready, begin with choosing the most suitable subject for your descriptive paper. Get to know how to write a descriptive essay outline and develop it. List down the most important facts, events, attributes, characteristics, or unique features you need to consider to provide a bright picture of your chosen topic. If you decide to focus on some historical event, famous personality, recent event, etc., you should also provide sufficient background information in your introduction. Familiarize your reader with the topic of your choice. Describe one idea or attribute per paragraph. Include a topic sentence, followed by a detailed analysis of evidence. Write a descriptive essay conclusion, summarizing the key points of your paper. Take a break. Take some rest. Now get back to your paper, review and proofread it.

Descriptive Essay Sample

Download PDF Sample.

Useful Notes on How to Write a Descriptive Essay

  • You may have numerous descriptive essay ideas, but do not try to incorporate them into a short descriptive essay. Link your paragraphs to create a logical discussion that engages your reader.
  • To make your descriptive essay more interesting to the target audience, you may want to make some comparisons. For example, compare the historical event you are describing to any similar event in your life.
  • Do not be afraid of your passions and emotions. Let your reader know what you feel. This way, you will be able to create a more vivid picture of the object you are describing. Use imagery and rich vocabulary to achieve the intended emotional result.
  • In your description essay, use different structures and literary techniques. Make sure you do not bore your reader with typical sentences. Write your paper in present tense.
  • Do not be too general. Do not be too surface. Try to go deeper into details, but not too much. Find an ideal balance of thoroughness and conciseness. You are the writer. You know how to deal with that. You do not have to describe every single detail of your object. Try to focus on something really important and noteworthy. In your descriptive essay, mention interesting facts and features. Create a memorable description of your topic and make your reader remember it in the slightest detail.

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