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Progressive Delivery

This method of delivery is a great way for managing bulkier papers and this is a service you can get from For example, say a tutor has instructed you to write a 10+page essay or paper (and you are to type it in single-spacing) or they have asked you to produce 20+pages (which you are to type in double-spacing), it is likely you will find these tasks unwieldy and difficult to manage. However, if you choose our progressive delivery service, many of your problems should disappear!

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Key Benefits of Choosing the Progressive Delivery Method:

  1. Every order you place will be written by skilled writers and then checked by meticulous editors.
  2. Great method for tracking and managing orders- makes the process much easier. Getting a paper in manageable parts gives you more time to review the individual sections – you may approve of our work or want revisions – before the time comes for you to finally submit your assignment in its entirety.
  3. Upon receipt of each order, we allocate a competent manager to oversee and supervise the process from start to end. During the process, it is likely you and the person writing your paper will need to communicate with each other. The manager looking after your order will make sure this two-way contact is fast, responsive, and seamless and they will check that your instructions have been adhered to and that your paper has been completed to a standard that exceeds your expectations.
  4. Plenty time to ask to revise your work at no additional cost to yourself. Where the time allowed for free revisions for regular orders is a mere 2 days, you have 30 days with this method.

How and when your drafts will be delivered *:

  • Say you want your order completed in 4 days or in a shorter timeframe, this is the procedure we follow: When the deadline clock reaches 50% (half-way), your assigned writer will send you the first 25% section of your paper. In other words, if the original deadline = 2 days, delivery time from = 1 day and the customer will receive 6 pages of text if, for example, they ordered 24 pages.
  • Say you want your order completed in 5 to 11 days: Upon reaching 25% and 50%, of the deadline, your assigned writer will send you two sections of your paper equaling 25% and 50% of the total number of pages
  • Say you want your order completed in 12 days or more: Upon reaching 25%, 50%, and 75% of the deadline, your assigned writer will send you three sections of your paper equaling 25%, 50%, and 75% of the total number of pages.

This special service does not cost much more (just +15%) than our standard delivery method.

* We can send your order by other methods if the above arrangement does not meet your needs. The manager supervising your order will consider your specific circumstances and devise a delivery option to meet your unique requirements. All you need to do is contact them to discuss your situation.

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Additional Services – Extra Options for Less Bulky Papers

If your assignment is under 20 pages, you may find the following services useful.

One-Page Summary will gladly provide a single-page summary of a paper if required. This summary will take the form of a synopsis showing – at a glance – the most salient points from a whole paper. If you are someone who needs to report to your tutor on a regular basis, you should find this option a great help and, indeed, we recommend it to you.

One-Page Draft

The team at can also send the customer a draft of any paper they order. We supply these drafts as either a) documents containing 300 words (double-spaced) or b) documents containing 600 words (single-spaced) and they can be delivered upon reaching the half-way point (the 50% stage) of an original deadline. So, say your deadline = 4 days, a draft can be made available once 2 days of deadline have expired.

Extended Revisions

Once you place an order online with, you are entitled to request a revision at no extra cost to yourself, provided you make your request within 48 hours of taking delivery of your order. If you choose to purchase extended revision time, however, you will get 14 days (rather than just 2) in which to request a free revision.