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If you are asked to brainstorm before writing your essay, you are probably puzzled. Everyone knows that in general, while brainstorming, you are to come up with creative ideas to solve a certain problem. What does this mean in relation to your essay? This means you are to first think, and then write down every idea you have regarding your paper topic. Some students simply don’t know what to write even if they have been assigned some topic to discuss. In this case, brainstorming essay ideas is a helpful strategy. While putting on paper every idea you manage to produce (or just recollect) you will be able to see the whole picture and determine what thoughts are worthy of being included in your document, and which ones should be simply deleted. In addition, you will understand that you really know about the subject a lot.

In this article, you will learn how brainstorming for an essay is done, get some useful tips regarding this process, and learn about the team of reliable custom writers who can deliver perfect essays even on the tightest deadlines.

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How to Start a Brainstorming Essay Process

When creating your written masterpiece, you should be careful about the order in which information is presented, as well as the quality of this info. Still first, you should really quickly jot down all the ideas you have regarding the theme. This will be your brainstorming process.

In general, to use your brain to storm a specific problem is something you can do in every sphere of your life, not only in writing college papers. For instance, when you start a certain project working for a business company, it is useful to bring your colleagues together and brainstorm to find valuable ideas. At work, your brainstorming will be a collective task, while at college you will do this on your own.

Also, this intellectual activity can help you find or choose a good essay topic, develop a relevant approach to it, and gain a better understanding of its potential. Next, we are going to discuss what you are to do to make sure the entire process of college essay brainstorming goes smoothly.

  1. Scrutinize the assigned readings. First and foremost, carefully read all the assigned texts and screen your lecture notes. Look for some ideas in your textbooks. Make notes while reading and use the clustering technique. And don’t be afraid to use entire sentences and even paragraphs to put down the thoughts and ideas that come to your mind.
  2. Set a reasonable time limit. This way, you will keep track of time and stay focused. You will write at a high speed. Open your laptop or notebook and start writing. Put down the key words and phrases, and literally everything that comes to your mind. Don’t think that it is nonsense. It may turn out to be a valuable idea when you take a second look at it later on. This strategy will help you to get focused really quickly.

If you think that this strategy will only contribute to the mess in your head, don’t worry. We have two more “orderly” approaches to brainstorming essay assignment. Actually, these are two diagrams that can help you with this task.

Two widely used diagrams in brainstorming:
  • Spider Diagram: To make use of it, write down 4-5 main ideas that you think should be presented in the paper. Once you have these key ideas to discuss, branch out from those thoughts by adding supporting statements and perspectives. You may even want to link the key ideas together. As a result, you should end up with a spider web.
  • Venn Diagram: This is a less traditional diagram, still, it can help you in essay brainstorming. Let’s say you need to write a paper on the pros and cons of using electric cars. You need to draw two circles in such a way that at some point they overlap. Then, you can use one of the circles to write down all the advantages and the other one will be for the disadvantages. And in the middle, you will write down every aspect of using electric cars that is neither strictly positive nor negative. When the diagram is ready you will clearly see all the pros and cons and be able to shape the topic sentence of each body paragraph, as well as the thesis statement, that reflects all your main ideas.

So, now you have plenty of ideas for your paper. You need to order them logically. Look at how different ideas relate to each other. This is the right stage to evaluate every idea of yours. Maybe some of them are repetitive? Or maybe some of them are more important than the others? Only now when you see the entire picture, you can figure out the validity and value of your ideas.

After the process of brainstorming college essay is finished and all the ideas are evaluated, it’s time to turn your thoughts into your essay. Look through your ideas and define where each one should be presented. Crafting a simple outline using your “findings” is highly recommended. This will be your essay brainstorming worksheet. The structure can be traditional:

Introductory part (general info on your topic) + a thesis statement

1st main paragraph (topic sentence + evidence + explanation)

2nd main paragraph (topic sentence + evidence + explanation)

3rd main paragraph (topic sentence + evidence + explanation)

Concluding part

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7 Brainstorming Essay Tips

Every student has their own way of generating ideas. But regardless of the learning strategy that works best for you, there are some general steps that would definitely improve the brainstorming process:

Step 1: Set a final goal you want to reach

Determine a general goal for your brainstorming. This does not mean you already understand the final result of this activity. This is just a general idea of what you hope to gain after the brainstorming is done. This will help you to use your time effectively.

Step 2: Think about the issue/topic/theme that interests you most

If your prompt mentions that you are free to choose any topic you like, use this chance to research something you are interested in.

Step 3: Use a diagram

As was already mentioned, building a diagram while brainstorming is a great strategy that pays off. Alternatively, you can use a “map” of ideas. Start your map with a central idea and put it in the circle. Then, put down some related ideas in separate bubbles around the central one. Connect those bubbles with the main circle. This way, you will analyze your main idea and get a clearer understanding of your topic. This strategy is especially recommended for visual learners.

Step 4: Take a break

This means you can do your essay brainstorming in two stages. First, quickly write down all the ideas that you have. Stop for a break and go for a walk. Then, look back at your notes and add any new thoughts that have been coined in your mind during the break.

Step 5: Think about your readers and how they can benefit from your text

No, this is not about money. This is about new, fresh, ideas your audience can gain while reading your masterpiece. Ask yourself: what do I want my readers to know/understand/learn about my topic? What is my end goal? This will help make your writing more focused.

Tip 6: Use word games to generate new ideas

Can you remember the last time you played a board game? Maybe you think such games are good for children only. If fact, they encourage your brain to generate more ideas called out by words and phrases you see.

Tip 7: Ask for brainstorming essay help

If you are a student, your mind can be so busy processing all the info gained from the textbooks and during the lectures, that you literally cannot concentrate on one more topic/assignment. Then, you can take a piece of paper and ask five friends to write down one idea of their own, related to your topic. Note that ideas should not be repeated. This way, you will get a piece of helpful advice and a multifaceted look at your issue.

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More Ideas on Brainstorming Essay From our Writers

If you are still unsure about your brainstorming skills, check out more helpful strategies from our professional custom writers. The following techniques will surely get you out of your stupor.

Strategy One: A Dump of Ideas

Well, you know what a dump is. How can a dump of ideas be useful to you? It will urge your brains to work! Read your prompt first. Then, sit for a while (two or three minutes) thinking about this task. Next, set your timer for 5 minutes, and open your laptop or take your notepad. Start the timer and quickly write down all your thoughts without any stops during these five minutes. Afterward, look through all your ideas and cross out or delete those that are not quite appropriate for this topic. Maybe you can already formulate your thesis statement? If not, repeat the whole process. Your brain will surely generate more useful information. When you feel like you have gathered enough ideas, start crafting your outline.

Strategy Two: Blueprint

As you know, without a good technical model or drawing, it is impossible to construct a great building. The same can be said about an essay. A logically constructed outline will help you to do the writing quickly, as well as avoid repeating the same things. It is also a good strategy for distinguishing valuable ideas from useless thoughts. Many students write essay outlines, but the majority fail to follow them while writing the paper. Don’t do this mistake.

It is always a good idea to look at someone else’s work. Check the essay brainstorming template provided by our writers to get inspired!

While brainstorming, remember that there are no stupid ideas. Some thoughts may not be relevant to your topic. But they still should be articulated to work as a background or a contrast to some other ideas of yours. Brainstorming should be done quickly. But then you should take the time to choose the best ideas.


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