Persuasive Essay Topics IT

Nowadays, the IT industry is developing with the incredible speed, so no wonder that so many students prefer to pursue a career in this area. Indeed, the IT field offers many opportunities for the determined and goal-oriented students. If you want to achieve incredible success in this area as well, we highly recommend you to learn the essential IT related essay topics and concepts. The following list of persuasive essay topics IT will definitely help you with it. All these topics were carefully selected by the talented IT specialists and we can assure you that by improving your knowledge in some of the subjects provided below, you will be able to become a demanded IT specialist.

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The List of Persuasive IT Essay Topics 

  • Discuss the use of technology for monitoring and control of important and secured places with the help of various video devices to protect these places from possible threats.
  • Analyze the optimizing parallel queries focusing on the usage of a database for retrieving the valuable information or data with the help of structured query language.
  • Analyze the use of technology for advertising purposes from different perspectives.
  • Critically analyze various safety and health aspects of using computer technologies.
  • Analyze the concept of the digital flood by focusing on the information diffusion technology in Europe, Asia, and the United States.
  • In what way the Internet and mobile phones changed contemporary art?
  • Discuss the concept of digital human: what is the role of technology and privacy in the age of information?
  • Make a literature review on the key thinkers of the information society and their contribution into the progress.
  • The new era of networked science. What is the significance of reinventing discovery?
  • Critically analyze the point representation of electronic data. The pros and cons of auto text summarization.
  • Discuss the ways of management IT systems applications in different disciplines.
  • How to detect theft and technical fraud? The ways of protection of online card usage.
  • Technology as a perfect instrument for sharing photos over the internet with your friends. What is the possible threat?
  • The help of robotics in medical surgery. Does it bring more benefit or harm?
  • Discuss the censorship of the Internet as a highly debatable topic in the present-day realms.
  • Explain the danger of artificial intelligence. Do you agree with the statement that by following the human behavioral patterns robots can bring harm to humanity?
  • Discuss the relation of the industry sector and productivity growth: potential controversies. 
  • Evaluate the potential economic perspectives on health information technologies. Do you believe that aggressive adoption will significantly reduce costs and improve quality in the contemporary healthcare field?
  • Analyze the perspectives on the U.S. – Canada productivity gap. Give examples.
  • Address the concept of trade in information technology.
  • Do you agree with the claim that Mexico can become the New ‘China’? Analyze the policy drivers of productivity and competitiveness.
  • Prepare a well-structured essay on the influence of cloud computing.
  • Critically analyze the information systems technologies in regard to healthcare quality improvement.
  • Explain how did technology rise change the work of American public sector industries.
  • Discuss the key disadvantages of CRM, ERP, and BPM systems. In what way they can be addressed?
  • Evaluate the role of a business protocol as the set of guidelines or rules that are not defined, therefore, not followed in the technology business field.
  • Analyze the process of connecting computer networks to the process information. Give examples.
  • Discuss cloud computing as the latest technology that has introduced a significant change in the way data is gathered and processed in servers.
  • Discuss the concept of internet shopping. Evaluate the role of the Internet as a tool for purchasing almost everything without leaving the home.
  • Critically evaluate the importance of the utilization of computer programming languages combined with game theory for developing 3D algorithms and applying them in video games or art.
  • Critically evaluate the role of information technology in corporate functions.
  • The role of information technology in the revival of U.S. productivity.
  • What is the influence of the company size on productivity? Give the examples.
  • Analyze the phenomenon of e-billing summarizing the bills or expenditure arising out of online shopping.
  • Explain what is an information system and what are its key characteristics?
  • Point out to the key disadvantages of implementing the IT Projects (CRM, ERP, and KM).
  • Discuss the benefits and shortcomings of the knowledge management system.
  • Prepare a well-structured JIT outsourcing case study.
  • Analyze the cloud computing strategies for small businesses
  • Discuss the potential health risks related with the use of mobile phones. Explain how these risks can be reduced.
  • Do you agree with the statement that governance can be transformed through technology?
  • Analyze the process of domesticating information technology taking the Internet and smartphones for examples.
  • What is the role of information technology in the acceleration of the U.S. total factor productivity in recent decades?
  • Discuss the Interrelationship among Information Technology, Management, In-House End-User and suggest empirical solutions.
  • What are the factors defining teachers’ competence in the information technology field?
  • Discuss the use of informational technologies by police structures.
  • Make a critical analysis of the following statement: “Real wages are a determinant of labor productivity in the Mexican tourism sector.”
  • Make a comparison of productivity growth in different countries.
  • What information technology strategies are beneficial for the economic prosperity of Japan, Germany, and the USA?
  • Discuss office productivity in a highly computerized setting. Evaluate the role of performance feedback, machine statistics, and job experience.
  • Discuss productivity development in different countries.
  • What factors drive productivity growth?
  • Do you believe that information technology is worth the investment?
  • Information technology adoption in China as a part of the strategy of Chinese SMES.
  • Discuss the role of technology in making classrooms more advanced and modernized.

In conclusion, we assure you that IT area is the perfect choice for all ambitious, well-rounded, and confident individuals, who do not only want to follow the existing tendencies but introduce the new trends. All persuasive essay topics IT provided in our list require good research, but we assure you that by applying enough time and efforts, you will receive the result that will exceed your expectations. All in all, whenever you need to create a great IT essay, just choose one of our effective persuasive essay topics IT and write a wonderful piece that will bring you the highest grade.