How Do I Find An Answer on My Question During the Exam?

The nightmare of any student regardless of the major, college or age begins with the similar thought or phrase ‘damn, I can’t find an answer on my question’. And for many of us the fear of failure keeps us so anxious and agitated we freeze and can’t say a word or give an answer. However, here at, we believe that the better you prepare, the easier it will be to pass the test, and the more you know about the types of questions, the less time you will need to find an answer. So let us introduce you to the world of exam questions, which are (to be honest) pretty similar to all the theoretical exams know to humans (including but not limited to FCE, IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, ACT, CLEP, GRE, SAT and many others)

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Types of Exam Questions

Depending on the subject or area of expertise, you may be faced with the following skills being tested:

  • knowledge evaluation
  • reading comprehension
  • writing skills
  • listening
  • speaking

Every type of the assessment differs from others and may have its own questions. So let’s pay a closer attention to every aspect and learn more about types of questions specific to this examination and see if you can find related question and answer format examples in your personal experience.

Reading Skills and Understanding of the Written Text

You may think that this type refers to high schools to English-major only; however, the ability to comprehend the printed information is the key to acquiring knowledge in any field. Generally, this type of test include:

  • Multiple choice questions. You will have to find the correct alternative from the list of given options. Beware of the questions that may have answers like 'all mentioned above are correct...' as they require your additional attention and thorough understanding of the notion and its key components.
  • Fill in. You will see the text with some parts of it missing, so you have to find the right option from the list suggested or based on your knowledge. These questions usually refer to your knowledge of grammar, vocabulary or relations between the phenomena.
  • Word formation. Thought it is more common for lower academic levels or people studying languages, this task requires you to choose the proper form of the word based on the other part of language given.
  • Keyword transformation. You will have one sentence with the main word in it, and the second one with a gap in it. Remember that the meaning of the second sentence should match the meaning of the first one.
  • Multiple matching. You will have part of the sentences, short text or notion, and definition to match. Pay attention to the details and look for conjunctions while matching parts of the texts.

Writing Exams

This type of assessment is designed to test your ability to respond to certain situations, express your opinion and provide details information that is clearly structured, and consists of the following points:

  1. Compulsory questions. You are most likely to be given a title and two linked idea you will have to transform into an elaborate answer while having to add another argument. Generally refers to the broad subjects where you can express your ideas.
  2. Situational tasks. You will be asked to style your writing in a form of e-mail, editorial, report, proposal or complaint. Make sure to adhere the general requirements and make a clear statement about the type of writing chosen.
  3. Question and answer essay. Occasionally, examiners can give you a set of questions so you have to compile the answers together and transform it into the coherent response.

Listening (Audio Exam)

Some test systems require you to pass an exam where you will be obliged to pass an audio assessment to prove your ability to comprehend information while listening to it.

  • Multiple choice close questions. Choose one of the alternatives suggested. You may find it useful to make notes while listening.
  • Complete the sentence. You will have to fill in the information or stated opinion you hear in the recording or monologue.
  • True or false. You need to decide whether the statement written if true regarding the information you have heard. Pay attention to words like always, never, none and all as they may change the meaning of the information you have heard.

Speaking and Presentation

  1. Interview. As a part of an exam, you may be asked to answer a set of questions about yourself or the subject. Try to make your answers brief yet irrefragable. Please answer the question in the way your instructor will not ask for any clarifications.
  2. Long turns. While working in a pair you may be asked to express your idea on some topic or describe the phenomenon, while making comments about the other person's reply.
  3. Collaboration. You will receive some materials and the task to complete with a partner. By the end of the given time, you will have to present the results of your cooperation.
  4. Discussion and debates. One of the forms some professors tend to use is the discussion/debate where students have to deliberate on the certain topic.

Knowledge Evaluation

Also often referred to as a bar exam, this type of assessment is design to test your professional knowledge and might contain all the previously mentioned types of questions, however, may also include:

  • correct the mistakes. This type of questions requires your undivided attention, as the mistake may ever to spelling, logic or terminology;
  • write the question to this answer. This is used primarily to test your ability to operate or knowledge and quickly reverse the connections between the definition and notion;
  • open-end questions. You are expected to write an elaborate answer to the question within the given word limit.

The division above does not mean you will not find other types of exam questions in a different assessment form; however, we wanted to focus primarily on these types, as they are common for the vast majority of exams all over the world. Please remember that question and answer format of exam requires your attention to details and ability to plan your time.


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