Why and How to Write a Strong Essay Outline

Consistency plays crucial role in essay writing. In order to write an original and solid essay, you need to dedicate your time and patience to this work. In order to make your paper logical and coherent, it is recommended to write an outline for your essay. An outline is an obligatory part for some writing tasks. However, in many cases, outline writing is optional. Expert academic writers usually recommend creating an outline prior to essay writing. When one is assigned with a large and serious writing task, it will be better to write an outline that will help to remain on the right track during the writing process. Many important objectives can be achieved with an outline.

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An outline helps to: 

  1. fully understand the structure of your paper; 
  2. plan where to write major parts of the paper;
  3. properly organize the quotes and  any other important data; 
  4. speed up the writing process in case you work on a long paper; 
  5. make your paper consistent and easy for readers’ perception. 

Expert Outline Writing Assistance

  1. To get started, you should ask yourself questions: how? and why? These questions will help you create the backbone of your essay. In this respect, you need to decide what type of the academic paper you are going to produce: research, argumentative, descriptive or any other type of essay, etc. This approach will help you organize your thoughts around the general focus. Then you can choose the topic you would like to discuss that you will present in the main claim that you will make (a so-called, thesis statement).
  2. You need to explore and collect as much information as you deem necessary. Once the information is available, you can think about the best way to structure the materials at hand. An essay outline template might offer an excellent insight and guide your efforts in this endeavor. For example, if you think you should discuss some arguments, then you should present those that you think are false and then prove them wrong using the arguments that support your position. Other examples are organizing your thoughts by themes, or in chronological perspective, among others.
  3. Decide how you are going to organize the main claim (formulated in the form of a thesis statement) into smaller categories that discuss that claim. It is important to distinguish these points as each of them will be discussed in detail in a separate paragraph.
  4. Make a draft of your introduction section. Pay attention to your thesis statement that might be articulated in the beginning, middle or towards the end of the Introduction. Present your essay briefly so the reader understands ‘what and how’ your essay is going to discuss.
  5. In the main body, expand on each idea presented in your thesis statement while dedicating a separate paragraph to address each of the points, one at a time. Make sure to address each of the points presented in your thesis statement while presenting sufficient evidence to each of them separately.
  6. In the conclusion section, remind your readers about the main questions addressed in your thesis statement, so it is clear what and how you have discussed in your paper.

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Twenty Tip for Writing an Essay Outline

  • It is crucial to choose the right topic. After that you can start writing an outline; 
  • Tailor your outline in accordance with the required paper type; 
  • Write down at least ten quotes, choose at least three best citations and make a decision where to put them in the outline; 
  • It is vital to make a thesis statement prior to writing an outline; 
  • Draft the outline of the main body; 
  • The outline structure for compare and contrast, narrative, persuasive introduction and conclusion as well as analytical papers is the same; the outline of the main body varies depending on the type of your work; 
  • If you are going to submit your outline, it will be better to proofread it first; 
  • Make sure that the outline matches the content of the paper; 
  • Change the common outline structure of an essay according to the requirements of your essay; 
  • Stick to the outline during the writing process; 
  • Using transitional phrases between the paragraphs and sections is important in the outline; 
  • You can check out the samples of outlines in order to get inspired and start writing your own; 
  • When you ignore the outline, you will be lost in your thoughts and ideas, which will result   in illogical and incoherent paper; 
  • There is no need to make a detailed outline; it should be concise and to the point; 
  • Place your outline on a separate page after the title page; 
  • You cannot exceed one page when you write an outline; 
  • If you are not sure about the outline type, consult with your professor or instructor;
  • Reexamine your essay outline to ensure you have not missed out anything important and that your discussion has a well-organized and cohesive structure.
  • Short but specific outline is a good sign of high quality paper; 
  • In case you know that you can write your paper without an outline, there is no need to waste your time on writing it; 
  • When you feel confused, contact professional writing company to get the necessary support. 


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