2-Week Notice: Having Worked as a Pro, Resign Professionally

What is a typical procedure of resigning from a job? Is it possible just to leave your job any time you decide that your life and career need changes? In most cases, it is considered to be professional to give a 2-week notice to the employer whatever reasons you have to leave. You understand that your position should be given to someone else to cover your absence, and it takes time to hire a new staff member or reassign your responsibilities to your colleagues.

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There is a significant diversity among the corporate policies in different companies, and in some of them your resignation can take place the next day after you have informed the employer about your decision. However, in the majority of the organizations or companies, your transition can happen only a few days or even weeks after you have applied to the managers. Do not perceive this as a delay with your future plans; instead, think of this time as of your chance to stay in good relations with your bosses and leave good impressions about you.

Your resignation email should be written not in an informal style, as it will show lack of respect, and there are professional tips for you on how to let your employer know about your plans and maintain good relations. Have a look at a number of sample letters, emails, and notices and then use the best ones as your templates.

What Is a 2-Week Notice?

It is natural that from time to time employees want to turn their lives in other directions, and they are looking for promotions or drastic changes in their careers. Leaving your previous job, give a notice to your employer two weeks before your actual saying, ‘Good bye’. What can you do within this period? First of all, it will be professional of you to complete all your unfinished obligations and reassign some of your special duties to other people, explaining them all the minute details of how to do everything right. Besides, you can depart silently, but saying goodbye to all the people in your team and your managers will be much more positive and professional.

Check on the details of your employment contract if you want to leave your job, as there can be some specific requirements to resignation in this particular company. Your contact terms may require a different notice than the one you have decided to leave.

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Why Is a 2-Week Notice Needed?

Writing a notice two weeks before actual resignation is necessary for two key reasons. First of all, you need to inform the employers in a respectful manner that you can no longer hold your current position. It will not be a great problem as moving on is natural for ambitious people. Discuss all the details with your managers and try to be positive. If you quit without any 2-week resignation email, it will make it difficult for the company to perform all the functions without one employee. Secondly, your email and willingness to stay for two more weeks will motivate your employer to recommend you for your future bosses and this reference will be valuable for you at the new working place.

Your notice is important for the employer as it provides him with two weeks for settling all the financial matters, posting an announcement about a vacancy, and even replacing you with a new candidate, you can meet.

Have a look at a perfect resignation email example to see that this written record is of great help for you as well. It is so for a variety of purposes and it can even impact your success with a future job. Your resignation should not spoil all your years of hard work and diligent attitude to your responsibilities only because you opt for changes now.


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What Are the Stages of Resigning?

Writing a 2-week notice is a customary step towards getting a new job. Take into consideration the following aspects before you draft a letter and give it to your employer.

Think about the meeting time convenient both for you and your employer.

Resignation is much better to be discussed in person. You can also use the alternative options of video conferences and phone conversations. Do not forget that it is highly recommended to express your gratitude to your practical experience and knowledge acquired at this job. Do not discuss your plans with any of your colleagues before you do that with your supervisor, as it will show your disrespect.

You want to depart on good terms, so try to discuss all the matters in person before you leave. Do not omit any important issue.

Get ready for the meeting and emphasize the positive aspects.

You know how to write a 2-week notice, but you also have to be effective at having conversations with your managers. Get ready ahead of time and try to stay calm.

  • Tell only facts and be honest. No one needs to know all the details, but you are not supposed to tell lies about your intentions. If you want to get another job because of poor chances to be promoted here, you can explain that to the employer or opt for some general reasons related to your future goals and dreams.

Your employer will probably ask you about your plans in career, but you do not have to give a direct answer if you are not sure you want to share this information.

  • Learning how to write a resignation email, you have found out that it is important to set a date when you resign. It is normal for your employer to have a lot of questions about your job and responsibilities.
  • You should sound grateful and ready for new things to handle.You had a bunch of opportunities in this company and you will definitely have to thank your employer for proving them.
  • Be ready to answer to your manager’s attempts to make you stay.

An email is ok if a personal meeting is not possible.

Learn how to write a proper 2-week notice if your resignation cannot take place in the course of a personal meeting. After a concise subject line, provide a clear body with all the reasons mentioned, and set a date of your final day of work.

Guidelines to Your Resignation Letter

  1. Mention your full name, address, date and add a subject line
  2. Tell about your intentions
  3. Set the last day at work and state why you are leaving
  4. Tell about your appreciation of experience
  5. Sign the letter

Write your own 2-week notice using 2-week notice examples available online to leave a good impression on your employer!