30 Best Adjectives to Describe Yourself for a CV

30 Best Adjectives to Describe Yourself for a CV
June 27, 2020

Looking for best adjectives to describe yourself on a resume or for a CV? Wondering where to get powerful personality adjectives and positive adjectives for the personal statement or resume adjectives? Look no further! Use this personality adjectives list for a job interview and stop bothering how to describe yourself in CV! Now you will not suffer while looking for good words to use on a resume to apply for job. We provide you with useful describing tips and best words to describe yourself.

According to statistics, there are both the worst and best adjectives to describe yourself for a CV or resume when you are very eager to change or improve your career. Our sophisticated experts specializing in resumes, CVs and other professional papers writing have completed the list of the CV and resume adjectives to describe yourself that you should avoid in preparing your papers. Of course, it is evident that in the majority of cases, it is very difficult to determine which are the best adjectives to describe yourself for a CV or resume if you are not an expert who has been doing this for several years or decades already. If you need and want to complete your resume or cv, you should carefully read through our practical piece of advice regarding the best adjectives to describe yourself, as well as the best adjectives to describe yourself in an interview.


Top 30 Best Words to Describe Yourself

  1. Able - I am able to speak 4 languages, namely: English, Spanish, German and Russian.
  2. Hardworking - I am a hardworking person and I'm dedicated to get things done.
  3. Honest - I am trustworthy and honest. People entrust me to count the money after bake-sales at the church.
  4. Imaginative - I'm always first to bring imaginative solutions to the table.
  5. Innovative - I'm a talented innovative thinker.
  6. Motivated - I am motivated to wake up at 5 am to do yoga and meditate.
  7. Creative - I utilize a creative approach to solve problems.
  8. Dependable - I can describe myself as a dependable person with excellent time management skills.
  9. Energetic - I'm so energetic that even after sleeping 4 hours a day I'm still full of energy.
  10. Experience - I have experience in tackling crises in public relations.
  11. Flexible - I am flexible in terms of my working regime, which allows me to work during the weekends and evenings.
  12. Organized - I have organized functions of the staff during the last ten years.
  13. Reliable - I'm a reliable person, who can never let another individual down.
  14. Sense of humor - The Sense of humor is what makes me a heart of the team even though I'm used to working very seriously.

Keywords to Use in a Resume, CV Which Describe Achievements:

  1. Achieved - I have achieved outstanding results in training others to be professional salespeople.
  2. Competed - I competed at powerlifting competitions.
  3. Delivered - I have always delivered results in a timely manner.
  4. Helped - I helped homeless children during my last trip to India.
  5. Identified - When I became a new CEO at Mount Dimik Inc., I have identified top 3 key reasons why the company was suffering losses during the last six month.
  6. Managed - I have managed several big projects at once.
  7. On time - Whenever the meeting is arranged, I always come on time.
  8. Participated - I have participated in national football championship in 2010.
  9. Savings - Due to my ability to make savings, I'm able to go on vacation abroad every year.
  10. Supervised - I have supervised a team of senior quality assurance engineers.
  11. Won - I won gold medals for swimming twice.
  12. Articulate - I am an articulate communicator with all employees.
  13. Confidence - My work is to instill confidence in others.
  14. Inspirational - I am an inspirational mentor and coach.
  15. Leader - I am a leader and my leadership qualities have changed hundreds of lives for the better.
  16. Mentor - As a mentor, I've been helping students to grow, envision and reach the lives of their dreams for 20 years.

Use these best adjectives and words to describe yourself and to paint a solid picture of yourself. With a CV or resume full of these powerful personality adjectives you have all chanches to get a desirable job!

List of Words that You Should Avoid while Working on Your CV or Resume 

  • Authoritative

Each employer wants to hire not a dictator but a collaborator or a team player, whatever the field it could be. Thus, change a phrase likes “I occupied an authoritative position at my previous workplace…” with “I was in a leadership position …”.

  • Think Outside the Box

Provide fascinating examples of your creative thinking skills and stress on the benefits or advantages that such creative and unique innovation brought about or contributed to the company. In order to do this, it is of great significance to avoid such phrases like “I get used to thinking outside the box.”

  • Detail-focused or Orientated

Even if you are excellent in grammar or style, you are able to make a minute mistake in either your CV or resume. Whilst some recruiters can overlook or do not pay attention to one or two minor mistakes, making a mistake with such phrases as “detail-orientated or detailed-focused” could result into diverse problems.

  • Seasoned

If you utilize this word, there could appear an association with any kind of meal, for instance, a salad or beefsteak. By the way, do you know that this word is considered out of date and there are lots of other words to refer to?  

  • Track Record

If your resume or CV is complete accordingly, the recruiters will be able to find out your track record. Thus, you should avoid wasting your priceless space on applying such words.  

  • Go-to Man

Always keep in mind that while preparing your official documents, such as CV or resume, you should avoid utilizing colloquial words. In addition, one more thing, if you use such words, you simply shift the focus of your future employer from you. Do you need this? Always think twice whether you have taken the correct decision. 

  • Results-driven

Do you always focus on the “final result” only? Avoid limiting yourself by applying such words. Make emphasis how you were driven by the company’s purpose or aim, personal or team development or achievement.

  • Passionate

If you were not very passionate about this job position, it is possible to assume that you would not apply for it. Thus, it is recommended to stand out the crowd and apply a new tactics. 

  • Team-player

It is of great importance to stress that you do enjoy a collaborative and friendly environment, but the word “team-player” is not your cup of tea in this case. Alternatively, refer to a splendid story of yours when your colleagues and you worked together on the same project, which resulted in fascinating benefits to the company.


Pieces of Advice Concerning the Best Adjectives to Describe Yourself for a CV or Resume 

Advices given above can assist in shaping your CV, but doing the things mentioned below could seriously reduce your chances to acquire the job position that you are very eager to get.

Get to know personality adjectives list for job interview, personal statement

  1. Applying in Third Person while Completing a CV or a Resume. CVs should avoid being completed in the third person. Utilize the first person and apply only the past or present tense to highlight the most significant and relevant pieces of information to your future employment aims.So, for instance, do not write “Jack Smith is…”, but instead apply “I am…”.
  2. Including a Photograph or Headshot. Avoid doing this as you just waste your space, considering that your CV should comprise only a page or two pages only. Avoid saving your CV as an Infographic. In most cases, they are not used by companies. Send your CV as a Word or PDF document and follow simple formatting!
  3. Personal Information. It is recommended to provide such personal pieces of info as your first and last name, your address, post or zip code, phone number, as well as email! As in the majority of cases people forget to indicate such pieces of information, many companies simply cannot get in touch with them. 
  4. Including Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, and other types of Errors. Consider that a CV or a resume is an excellent chance to demonstrate to your potential or future employers what type of worker you are, your attention to minute details, as well as your attitude to work! After you have completed your resume, try to proofread and edit it yourself. 

Hope that our practical pieces of advice on the adjectives to describe yourself on a resume or CV will help you a lot in your career search.