How to Write an Analysis Essay + Painting Analysis Essay Example

If you do not know how to write an analysis essay, follow our guide to get some analysis essay ideas. As you are working on writing, begin with choosing a subject or essay topic for your work. In any comparative analysis essay, you need a strong focus. Don’t think that you can review several issues at once. Stick to the topic and don’t confuse your reader. Now list the points you wish to make in your work. A good analysis essay is that, which always includes your opinion. Of course, it is not enough to simply say what you think. Prove and use evidence to substantiate your thesis. Do some research and gather relevant material to support your topic. Follow the chosen analysis essay format. If you want to know how to write an analysis essay, be ready to conduct extensive information searches and interpret the data you find. Take into consideration opposing viewpoints.

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Start With Steps For Writing an Analysis Essay

Composition of Analysis Essay Writing

Introduction Body Conclusion
Begin with an introduction. Use it to tell your reader what you are going to do. If you define analysis essay, then you will also want to present a broad statement of the problem and narrow it down to the topic of your choice. Develop the body of your analysis essay. Highlight the key points, add evidence and factual support. Use examples. Quote and cite external sources. Do not know how to conclude an analysis essay? Include a conclusion to summarize the main thoughts of your work. In your conclusion, restate your thesis. Don’t include any new information in it.

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7 Great Recommendations to Write a Superb Analysis Essay

When you are in college or university, there is no chance you can avoid essay writing. Critical essay writing is part of your academic job. Your professor may ask you to analyze anything, from a product or company to a movie or song. What does it take to produce a brilliant critical essay? 

Whatever topic you have or whatever subject you are to discuss, you will always have to follow the basic rules for critical essay writing. These rules are designed for every student, without any exception. specialists have compiled the most relevant rules and recommendations here to help you become a perfect critical essay writer. 

1 Some Basic Rules 

Before you sit down to write a critical essay, you will need to learn some basic rules. These rules will explain how in a world you can create a memorable analytical or critical paper. 

In essence, writing a critical essay is not about summarizing; it is about critiquing, evaluating, judging, and considering some unique features of the topic. 

When working on your critical analysis essay, you will also have to:

  • Provide background information and justify the significance of the topic
  • Evaluate the topic from several different perspectives
  • Make relevant and grounded comparisons; do not forget to cite evidence in support of your thesis. For example, you can analyze the strong and weak sides of your subject
  • Analyze the topic in detail. Make an argument and provide evidence to support your position in front of your audience. 

Of course, any critical essay begins with a strong thesis statement.

2 How to Begin 

One of the key things about critical essay writing is to create a persuasive argument. You will build your critical analysis paper around it. For example, if you are going to analyze a movie, your thesis will incorporate the strengths and weaknesses of this movie, and you will write the body of your paper in support of your thesis. 

Look at this:

If you are writing a critical analysis essay on the movie Crash, you will have to focus on the topic of race and racial discrimination. Moreover, you will need to explain how successful the movie has been explaining the problem to the target audience. 

Thus, begin with a thesis statement. This is the main thought you will elaborate upon in your paper. Speaking of Crash, you could use the following thesis: 

Crash is a brilliant illustration of race and racial discrimination in America, which violates the basic principles of justice and denigrates the best intentions of humans based on their racial background. 

You are most welcome to use the recommendations for writing a thesis statement provided by renowned universities and academic institutions. 

Also, consider the following:

Once you are done creating a thesis statement, you had better break it down into several components. You will devote one body paragraph to each component. Follow these simple rules: 

  1. Make sure that you are clear about the goal and purpose of your critical analysis. You cannot write a great paper without having a clear purpose. Moreover, you are likely to be limited by the required word or page count. Thus, you need to be very economical and reasonable using this limited space for writing. For example, do not deviate from the issue of racism if you decide to focus on it when analyzing the movie Crash. 
  2. Do additional research. Do not limit yourself to online sources. Use offline libraries to locate interesting articles and books. 
  3. Outline the key components of your thesis or subject. Try to see each element separately and identify its contribution to the topic.
  4. See how each element operates within the boundaries of your topic.
  5. Identify and explain different connections between these elements.
  6. Address the problem by using your thesis statement. 

Now you have developed a thorough understanding of the issue you are going to describe in your critical essay. However, you cannot move ahead without having a great roadmap for academic writing. Now it is time to create a plan for your work. 

This is what a great outline is about. 

3 Writing a Paper Outline 

When working on the outline for a critical essay, you will need to follow the basic formatting requirements. Consider recommendations below to produce a comprehensive outline for your paper. It will consist of five paragraphs, as described below:

  • Introduction
  • First body paragraph
  • Second paragraph
  • Third paragraph 
  • Summary or conclusion 

Use all information you have collected to support your argument. Incorporate as much evidence as you can to create a compelling picture of your topic. 

If you want a perfect critical essay, the best you can do is dividing your thesis statement into three parts and devoting one body paragraph to each. This way, you will be able to provide a thorough evidence-based explanation of the issue of racism in movie Crash. 

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4 Create a Memorable Title

Choosing a good title is one of the most important tasks in critical essay writing. Do not disregard its meaning! Propose a title that:

  1. Is engaging
  2. Unique and eye-catching
  3. Informative enough to understand what your essay is about

For example, if you are analyzing movie Crash, you can choose the following title:

“Crash: The Legacy of Racism and the Pervasive Nature of Prejudice”

It is time to start writing!

5 Begin with the Introduction 

Sit down. It is time to begin.

Before you start:

You should know how to write the introductory passage for your paper. Your introduction creates a roadmap for the entire essay. No matter what you are going to describe or analyze, your introduction is the beginning of everything. Follow these simple steps to produce a great introduction:

  • Open your essay with a simple sentence that catches the eye of your reader.
  • Provide a thesis statement, which expresses the main theme of your paper and informs your reader of your perspective on the topic.
  • Outline the key components of your paper. 

Do not forget:

Your task is to catch the reader’s attention in the very first sentence. Be creating and engage your reader. Make sure that the reader stays with you until the end of your paper. 

Watch the video to understand how to write a perfect introduction. 

6 Body of Your Paper

Now you can focus on the body of your critical essay. This is the essence of your story. This is where you will expand and elaborate upon each component of your thesis statement. The body of your paper much incorporate external evidence and extensive research. Use the information you have collected to support your claims. 

When working on the body of your critical essay, keep in mind:

  1. You should discuss only one argument in each body paragraph;
  2. Try to be objective and avoid biased statements that cannot be proven;
  3. Be respectful and donot criticize or judge others;
  4. Consider the opposing viewpoint and provide arguments to refute it. 

Now the key thing:

When considering the opposing viewpoint, the task is to create a balanced picture of your argument. Do not forget to include evidence that refutes the opposing argument. In each body paragraph, follow these steps: 

  • Begin with a topic sentence. This is where you express or describe the component of the thesis statement you plan to discuss. You should be very thorough constructing the topic sentence. The quality of your paper depends on it!
  • Include a context. You may include a direct quote or a paraphrase to support your topic sentence. Explain this evidence and how it relates to your thesis statement.
  • Analyze the topic sentence and the component of the thesis statement mentioned in each body paragraph. 
  • Close the body paragraph with a transitional sentence that links this paragraph to the next one. 

Now that you have made so many steps to write a super critical essay, it is time to do some final things

7 Essay Conclusion

Write a conclusion. It must be brief and informative. You will wrap up the argument and summarize the most salient points made in the body of your essay. Follow these recommendations: 

  1. Paraphrase the thesis statement
  2. Go beyond the argument you have made in the body of your paper. Include some implications it may have for your readers. For example, try to evaluate the way racism impacts contemporary America. Or you can also provide recommendations to improve the situation, based on the information taken from the movie. You may also want to trace the impacts of racism on America at different times. 

Painting Analysis Essay Example (Xu Beihong)

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Keep in Mind These Additional Issues While Writing the Best Analysis Essay

  • In your analysis essay, never use “you”. Also avoid writing your paper from the first-person perspective.
  • All paragraphs should be organized logically, with cohesive transitions between them. Use transitional words such as “therefore” or “consequently” to create stronger links between paragraphs.
  • Follow the requirements of the analysis essay format. Cite and reference everything you take from outside sources properly.
  • Prioritize your arguments. Don’t include any useless data just to load your paper with words. You don’t need to do that to create a perfect analysis essay. Better find additional argumentation to support your position.
  • Edit and proofread your paper before you submit it. You can write several drafts and edit them consistently to achieve the best academic result.

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