Essay on Social Media: How to Provide a Successful Paper

It has become particularly popular to assign an essay on social media nowadays in the modern era of technological advancements. It does not come as a surprise that social media have become an invaluable instrument of exchanging information and different content as well as sharing messages with each other. In other words, social media platforms have become particularly useful for collaborating ideas online without leaving homes. Social media is predominantly known by such social media platforms as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, MySpace, and others. Because of these applications, social media have become as popular and widespread across the world as they are nowadays. To be more precise, social media have changed the mode of communication between relatives, friends, and classmates. Moreover, people have become more technologically savvy due to the rise of social media popularity. That is why professors started to give student a social media writing assignment more frequently than ever before. There are numerous topics on social media nowadays but at the same time students wonder which topic from the endless list is worth special attention. Therefore, it is important to be picky about the topics and ensure that the topics are interesting both to you and your target audience.

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When writing an essay on social media, make sure you do not only provide some facts or theory concerning the matters of social media usage, addiction, whatsoever but also share your own thoughts and opinions of the issue. Particularly, you may want to focus on the role of social media in your life, how it affects your daily life, what ideas come to your mind when you hear the words “social media,” etc. As an essay writer, you should keep in mind that an essay about social media does not merely include facts and your personal evaluation of the subject matter – most importantly, it should contain supporting evidence or expert opinion to make the essay credible and believable. Each claim and argument should be also illustrated by a specific example. Real-life examples will definitely help you convince your audience in your viewpoint. As you are working on a research paper or an academic essay, keep in mind that any topic (even if it sounds as easy as social media usage, etc.) should be properly researched. In some papers, you even need to provide a separate section of a literature review, so make sure you devote yourself enough time for ample preparation and coverage of all pre-writing, writing, and post-writing stages.

Sometimes, you need to discuss or explore the topic within a broader context and that context is mainly defined by the subject you were assigned your paper in. As such, sometimes you will have to investigate the topic of social media within the realm of history, sociology or psychology. Therefore, make sure you get clear guidance and instructions from your professor.

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How to Define an Essay on Social Media

Very often, students consult our service asking what an essay on social media is. Here the toughest part begins, as it is hard to define a social media essay. To be more exact, the definition and the idea behind the essay is so simple that it is hard to define. Often the ideas are limited to two aspect: examining either positive or negative aspects of social media usage. The problem often lies in the seemingly restricted variety of topics. However, if to examine the sphere more thoroughly and in-depth, you will find out that one may come up with a great variety of social media essay topics. Check out the most widespread categories:

  1. Persuasive social media essays. Among the most important social media writing guidelines when it comes to persuasive writing is to sound convincing in your arguments and claims. Here it is important to sound strong when providing arguments and be able to justify and support them.
  2. Argumentative social media essays. Here you must provide solid arguments backed up with expert evidence. The core difference between this essay type and the former one is that an argumentative essay does not aim at persuading but simply providing strong facts. An essential part here is to include analysis.
  3. Personal reflection paper. When students get reflective social media homework assignments, they are expected to share personal experience and include their viewpoint on the issue.
  4. Speech on the topic of social media. Such piece of writing is shorter since it only contains notes needed for the speech presentation. In this case, make sure the topic is interesting and engaging.

The Social Media Pros and Cons

To make the assignment strong and logical, it is recommended to focus on a specific standpoint, namely focus either on positive or negative aspects. Surely, you can also cover both pros and cons of social media in one paper but here you need to ensure that the content is clear, comprehensive, and not confusing to the reader.

First, get some fresh ideas on the positive aspects of social media:

  • with the help of social media, people can study online (namely be enrolled onto some online courses). More so, students having to stay at home can involve in distance learning in order not to skip so much material;
  • social media helps to spread information about some pressing issues concerning the society, health, culture, etc. People can address them and engage into lively discussions online;
  • social media have recently brought to light the severity of environmental issues, so people can be more aware of the situation in the world and be involved in some specific steps that can tackle those problems;

Second, check out the following negative aspects of the social media:

  • social media platforms cannot guarantee confidentiality and security as there are continuous threats from hackers;
  • much personal information is shared on Facebook and Instagram, which does not ensure full privacy;
  • youths are susceptible to the ideal images of looks and body, which gradually leads to depressive disorders;

Social Media Writing Tips on Paper Structure and Organization

If you want to provide successful social media homework assignments, you need to pay attention to the paper structure and organization. Regardless of the essay topic and type, there are specific aspects that should be considered in the process of writing:

  • the introduction should provide essential background information on the topic, attention-grabber, and a strong and clear thesis statement;
  • the main body should comprise of 3-5 body paragraphs;
  • conclusion should restate the main essay aspects and should provide a call to action if needed.


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How to Come Up with Great Social Media Essay Topics?

Before you start writing an essay on social media, you need to brainstorm ideas of what you find interesting and what you would be passionate about to share with your target readers. As such, be sure you have an engaging topic. There are numerous of options what to choose from. For example, you may provide your personal opinion on social media networks, provide an overview of online instruments, provide a discussion of how a specific social media platform may be used, etc. If you want to know how to choose a social media topic properly (so that it provides all guarantees that you will write a successful paper), make sure you pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Investigate the trends on social media now. What interests users most?
  • Investigate topics related to business. First you may choose some broad scope of research and then narrow down the topic a bit to find your sphere of interest;
  • Explore the modern digital trends and how they reveal in social media. Here you may also examine what role they play, etc.

How to Synthesize Your Brainstormed Ideas into a Great and Catchy Topic?

  • Consult from three to five sources before you decide on one specific option;
  • Explore opinions and perspectives of Internet influencers on your area of research. Here decide for yourself whether it would be relevant to cite them;
  • Make sure you are personally interested or passionate about the topic you have chosen;
  • Do not focus on investigating topics that are boring for you;
  • Make sure you have two or three backup plans on what to write about if you stuck in the middle of your topic exploration;
  • If you need some additional help or consultation, make sure you consult your professor;
  • Make sure you know what topics your peers will cover. It is really important if you want your topic to stand out of the crowd.
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Social Media Essay Titles that Will Demonstrate Your Creativity of Thought

  1. What negative outcomes do the social media have on children and teenagers?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of social media usage in America?
  3. Top five social media influencers who have been molding public opinion in 2018-2019.
  4. Your first experience using Instagram or Facebook.
  5. How do you use social media on a daily basis?

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