How to Write A+ Essay Paragraph Conclusions

Here you can get to know much about the main functions of conclusions, review the writing strategies for making paragraph conclusions effective, learn how to evaluate the efficiency of conclusions, and read about the approaches to preventing common mistakes.

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Paragraph Conclusions: What Makes Them Special?

If the introduction serves to say ‘Hello’ then the conclusion is the way to say ‘Good-bye’ to your reader. If the introduction states your Thesis Statement as the main claim you make, then the conclusion should restate that thesis statement and summarize the main points of your discourse. The main purpose of essay conclusion is to lead the reader out of the discussion. According to the conclusion paragraph tips, conclusions along with the introductions are challenging sections of the papers. At the same time, they are the most impressive parts, which impact the readers, bring new emotions, and make the audience think about your ideas.

While an introduction builds a bridge from the personal lives of the readers to the analysis you offer, a conclusion may bring the readers back from your analysis to real life. Only an effective conclusion can demonstrate that the analysis and details given to the readers are meaningful, and they remain meaningful even after the reading experience has ended.It is important to read the tips for writing a conclusion paragraph as the final part of the essay is your chance to address the readers for the last time.

Conclusion is, actually, the final say on the problems addressed in the essay, synthesis of your approaches, demonstration of your points of view, and motivation of the readers to get a new perspective on the issues. Moreover, it is your chance to finalize the paper on a positive note and produce a strong impression.

When you learn how to write conclusion of essay, you get to know that the final paragraph can go beyond the assignment, pushing the borders of the provided prompt away. Thus, you take into consideration much broader problems, elaborate on the findings, build new connections, and be creative.

What can you aim at with your conclusion? You want get the right words to conclude an essay and satisfy the readers’ expectations and make them happy that they have not wasted their time. They take some ideas from your paper and get a somewhat new perspective of the things. Thus, broader implications can be beneficial for the readers as they arouse their interest and make the outlook wider. You do something meaningful for your readers.

Steps of an Excellent Essay Writing Conclusion

  1. The most important peculiarity about writingexcellent essay conclusion is the craft to summarize the main points of your discussion. One sound way to achieve this goal is to come back to your introduction and check if you have done what you have promised to your readers.
  2. It is very helpful to read your paper. It is noteworthy that good essays reiterate the main points that were pronounced in the thesis statement and the main body.
  3. Make sure to rewrite your thesis statement and the main points of your discussion without altering their meaning. This way, your conclusion will not look like a copy of the sentences used in the introduction and the main body.
  4. Think about the main ideas that you could present in 1-2 sentences as the core of your discussion in your conclusion section.
  5. Write your summarizing paragraph, make sure it is concise and clear. The last sentence of your paper is just about as much important as is your thesis statement.
  6. Read it again and edit if required.

What you should do or not do in essay conclusion writing

  • Present your conclusion in a confident manner soo your readers could understand the opinion that you state.
  • Make your conclusion concise. Typically, a one-paragraph conclusion is just the right size to summarize your discussion.
  • You never come up with new information in your conclusion.
  • You never just repeat your thesis statement and the points from the main body. In contrast, make sure to reword them and show the logical connection between the ideas.
  • When writing paragraphs to conclude your discussions, avoid words, and phrases, such as: ‘I guess’, ‘In conclusion’, ‘In a nutshell’, ‘In closing’ and alike

Strategies and Tips for Writing a Conclusion Paragraph

If you want to make a really memorable concluding section of your paper, use some of the strategies below:

  • “So What” Game.

Feeling lost and stuck, you can write a concluding part which will be absolutely boring for your readers. A good idea is either to reread the conclusion paragraph tips or to ask some reliable friend to have a look at your text. Hearing every next statement, your friend should ask, “Why should I care about this?” or “So what?” Try to give a specific answer to this question.

For example, your statement is, “Basically, I conclude that Douglass found education very important”. Your friend says, “So what?” You respond: “Its value was great because only being educated he could feel equal and free in the society.” Your friend asks, “Why should I care about that?” You respond, “This is of great important as the owners of plantations wanted to prevent the spread of knowledge among the salves to maintain overall control. Education provided Douglass with a chance to get that control from other people”. All conclusion paragraph tips recommend using this strategy as it helps you develop the ideas with a simple question, “So what?”

  • Get back to the themes, mentioned in the introduction.

The readers should see a circle in the strategy. It can be created with the help of parallel concepts, same keywords, or similar images in both the conclusion and introduction. If the introduction presents a scenario, the conclusion should mention this scenario again. In the best examples of conclusions, it will serve as a proof that some new understanding is created by the text.

  • No summary, just synthesis.

The summary should be brief, as the readers expect not mere repetition of the ideas but vivid examples and proofs.A quote, provocative statement, or interesting finding from some reading can be included.

  • Suggest some action, further discussion, or an effective solution.

Help the readers apply the acquired information, redirect their thoughts, and let them see new applications of the things they know.

  • Use broader implications as a key.

According to the conclusion paragraph tips, examining a certain event in the Movement of Civil Rights, you can focus on its influence on the movement. If you analyze the style of Virginia Woolf, it is a good idea to talk about her effect on feminism movement.

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