Physician Assistant

My Patient Care Experience

I am a Chiropractic student intern who strives to improve the theoretical knowledge and attain proficiency as a future physician assistant. My patient care experience was rather diverse, including taking X-ray and diagnosing images, reading X-ray films, making correct diagnosis, providing appropriate treatment and case management for patients, right referral to different medical fields and healthcare professionals, for example, internal medicine doctor and gynecologist.

While taking X-ray, I have learned that it is a perfect mechanism for diagnosing different diseases. Often, patients, as well as doctors, cannot establish an exact diagnosis; in this case, X-ray can provide helpful radiological evidence. As a rule, radiologists spend most of their working time in the X-ray rooms that are controlled areas; therefore, it is important to have deep knowledge of the X-ray facility. An interesting fact is that, even if a patient needs numerous tests and investigations, X-ray is the first to be made. Due to theoretical proficiency and experience in the field, I was able to take diagnosing images and read X-ray films using a machine that sent electromagnetic waves through the patient’s body.

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These images show the condition of the human body; moreover, separate organs may be observed. Usually, it takes only about 10 minutes before a radiologist gets the patient’s image. I believe that imaging is a worthless tool for any healthcare professional, and a physician assistant must help him or her make an accurate diagnosis that is a crucial part of the further treatment. Unfortunately, there are many cases of wrong diagnoses that lead to the inappropriate treatment and unreasonable financial expenses. Nevertheless, X-ray images can significantly improve the situation; therefore, the technology must be used by all physical therapists on a daily basis. Physician assistants (PAs) are responsible for patients’ health; therefore, making correct diagnoses allow them to provide the right treatment and case management for a patient.

Studying modern medical literature and researches encourages me to improve my theoretical proficiency and master professional skills on a daily basis. Clinical practice has become a perfect place to apply my knowledge. My responsibilities included internal medicine, family medicine, general surgery, gynecology, emergency medicine, and other fields. It is a well-known fact that the modern healthcare environment requires not only PA’s professional skills but also perfect social skills that allow healthcare professionals to develop a cross-cultural competency and master medical ethics. Besides, in order to work effectively in the healthcare settings, PA should obtain professional skills in psychology that are necessary for any mid-level healthcare provider.

One of the PA’s duties is keeping accurate and detailed patient medical cards; it is a routine work that, however, is crucial for their treatment and recovery. Besides, a physician assistant should be ready to order and perform different therapeutic procedures, manage emergency situations, educate patients, assist the physician by making rounds, arranging admissions, among other responsibilities. My experience in a diverse healthcare team taught me to treat all patients equally regardless of their race, gender, socioeconomic status, and beliefs. Moreover, according to my qualification, I can practice in different medical fields such as internal medicine or gynecology, for example. The PAs’ duties and responsibilities that aim at optimizing the treatment include the formulation of a treatment plan, which will help manage patients’ conditions effectively. Furthermore, physician assistants can prescribe certain medications, as well as order and provide treatments and interventions.

In the medical field, ethical considerations are of the greatest importance; therefore, every PA tries to operate in accordance with the ethical norms. Thus, I always try to build friendly and trustful relationships with patients, doctors, and other stakeholders who work as a unique team in a healthcare facility. Practical experience in the healthcare settings and theoretical knowledge received at the lectures and seminars have ensured me to continue my study in order to improve my professional efficiency. In the today’s healthcare environment, long-lasting education is a must.

The Three Most Important Priorities in My Life

The most important priorities in my life are:

  • providing patient care and relieving their pain,
  • getting education and gaining appropriate knowledge,
  • applying my knowledge in practice.

The first priority targets patients who must attain a pain-free life under my assistance. In order to make best decisions about the most appropriate models of treatment, it is important to engage family members in a close cooperation with all the healthcare staff. I realize that patient care must be provided with the utmost respect and individualized approach to every person in accordance with his or her values, preferences, and needs. For this reason, it is rather helpful to encourage patients to take an active part in their treatment and explain what really matters for the improvement of their health.

One of the main tasks of a patient-centered care is educating individuals about their disease and modifying their behavior, risks, and options. In order to provide an effective patient care, a PA should consider patient’s values, socioeconomic status, family traditions, and lifestyles. Another important factor in the successful healthcare assistance of a PA is effective communication that allows interacting with all the healthcare stakeholders.

With the modern advances in medicine, it has become easier to help patients combat pain; however, their sufferings may be rather severe, and physician assistant must always be ready to provide appropriate support. It is a common fact that professional activities are not possible without the proper education and right knowledge. For this reason, my second priority in life is to receive a good education and implement my knowledge in practice. On the one hand, my future profession requires formal education that is provided by Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Therefore, in order to become a successful PA, efficient knowledge in physiology, anatomy, pharmacology, biochemistry, pathology, microbiology, pathophysiology, clinical laboratory science, physical diagnosis, medical ethics, and behavioral medicine are crucial. On the other hand, some practice in a healthcare facility is also an integral part. Most students, including me, earn their first priceless experience under the supervision of a physician.

While PAs are responsible for the healthcare in various settings, the scope of their practice is limited to certain duties; they must be able to handle most of the physicians’ duties. As a rule, the education of a physician assistant lasts for four years but can continue for 6-7 years. According to the educational programs, PA students attend classes and practice in laboratories; consequently, they gain knowledge in different specific disciplines such as surgery, internal medicine, gynecology, and pediatrics, among many others. I am looking forward to getting the Master of Health Services and work in the field of sociology and public health. It is a full-time program that requires me to limit my outside employment because the education program is rather extensive and requires time and efforts. My education is very important to me because it helps generate healthcare solutions, as well as understand complex problems and the whole healthcare system.

The third priority involves the application of my knowledge in patient care; it is the most important outcome of my study. I realize that the daily healthcare environment is very challenging and requires PAs to think out of the box. The healthcare setting is one of the busiest ones because patients constantly need care and concern of the doctors, nurses, and physician assistants. This work should be performed in a close collaboration of all the stakeholders who dedicated their lives to hilling patients. To achieve this aim, PAs must be well-trained, friendly, experienced, and hard-working. I am ready to employ all my knowledge, efforts, and skills to patients in order to manage their health condition and provide quality care within my responsibilities and duties.

My Contribution to the University and Community

On the one hand, studying at the university benefits my education; on the other hand, being a student, I can also contribute to the establishment in terms of promotional advancement and cultural aspects. Being an international student, my presence at the university diversifies the student population and gender involvement. I can popularize a new culture and traditions in order to educate others on my lifestyle. With my major in PA, I can make a considerable contribution to the campus with my broad knowledge of medical advancement in other countries worldwide. Meanwhile, my moral principles can make me a role model for peers and educators and encourage more individuals to receive a high- university benefits my quality education. Moreover, my ambitious goals and love for studying multiplied by efforts and inspirations of other students will give the university higher rates and recognition. I am sure that my personal skills will aid in my PA career because all my intentions are dedicated to my future professional efficiency. This set determination may increase university’s ability to attract more students.

In my opinion, my personal talents can be valuable for the campus, teachers, and peers. My perfect communication skills can help me build a friendly relationship with the others and exchange different experiences with them in the future. Thus, I can invest culturally and emotionally, and it is rather important in the modern consumer society. I have been fascinated by different arts such as drawing and want to share my interests and hobbies with the fellow students. My passion for sport will encourage the others to take part in different sporting contests such as swimming, bicycling, and tennis, for example. An active lifestyle is my priority in life, and it gives me energy and desire to generate new ideas and turn my passions into practice. For example, I am planning to start drawing classes for students who have similar interests. Besides, I am a good swimmer and can take part in swimming competitions. Moreover, I would like to persuade my classmates to live a healthy lifestyle that is active and alcohol/drug-free.

I am a student who enjoys baking pastries in the dorm kitchen and arranging tea parties in the evenings. Besides, I have a perfect idea to protect the environment by launching a recycling program on the campus. I believe there can be many followers. We can gather used batteries, cell phones, and other stuff, and send them to the nearest recycle factories. My concern about the protection of the environment encourages me to be creative and thoughtful about the global problems. In fact, intelligent people should have a wide spectrum of interests and try to implement them in life. One of the most important things is to arrange different activities and involve people to accomplish the goals. I believe that my energy and leadership qualities can help me achieve this aim in a successful way.

My contribution to the university and campus community is my hard work aimed at earning new knowledge, experience, and practice. I will be happy to receive and share knowledge in all classes and lectures. I am sure that every interaction with professors who can teach me a lot of wise things, students who can share with me their concerns and ideas; and administration that is always ready to direct me into the right way can contribute to the development of my professional and personal skills. My commitment to the university life will allow me to live a part of my soul in the campus and recommend my friends to enter this educational establishment as the best one in the country.

A Book I Read in the Last Year that Had a Big Impact on Me

Since the early age, I have loved to read books, and this passion has stayed with me until now because it has always provided me with a lot of pleasure and wisdom in life. My parents often had to switch off the lights early in the morning when a new fascinating story swallowed me. This devotion does not leave even today, and I try to read everywhere I can: transport, stops, or kitchen. The book I have read the last year that impressed me a lot was Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins. It is a detailed guideline to self-mastering of a personal life giving fundamental principles for a person who wants to manage his or her life effectively. The author assumes that self-mastery is the core element of the quality of life that everyone attempts to reach. Creating an appropriate belief system allows a person to take control of his or her destiny and shape the lifestyle. The book contains valuable advice concerning the development of

  • emotions;
  • physical state;
  • time;
  • finances;
  • personal and professional relationships.

Thus, I have learned that in order to attain better outcomes and achieve success in life, a person should control his or her emotions. It was useful to know that managing emotions in critical situations can alter one’s behavior and control the actions. A healthy physical state can generate positive energy that allows succeeding in every sphere of life. This new knowledge made a great influence on me because I had never known that any correlation existed. The ability to use time effectively can prevent a person from overload and allows apportion time adequately. Financial stability and abundance can be achieved through the peace of mind and setting future expectations. The author asserts that personal and professional relationships provide an individual with a sense of contribution.

The book has assured me that my decisions determine my destiny; this new knowledge gives me the power to improve my life. Many people think that they depend on conditions, but they are wrong. Modern society is so busy that most individuals always lack time to make a list of achievements that can move them toward success. Interestingly, most ideas in the book interfere with my thoughts. For example, I was always sure that to implement an idea, I must concentrate on the goal and act steadily to achieve what is desired. In fact, this approach is not new, and I think I have read about it in some Buddhist books. Robbins, however, asserts that the person’s brain cannot distinguish between the real desires and imaginations. Thus, our imaginations can come true by the power of our thoughts. It is vivid evidence of the rule think positive that I have often heard from my father. Reading this book, I have understood that the writer collected the wisest concepts developed by many generations that can have a great impact on people’s life and even change their destiny.

I was also impressed by the idea that human habits do not need more time to be changed: they can be changed very quickly. When human brain derives pleasure, it remembers the experience and strives to reproduce the situation to repeat it again and again. This process is automatic and gives a chance to every individual to control his or her life. Finally, while reading the book, I arrived at the idea that in order to achieve a desirable lifestyle, it is important to concentrate one’s attention on the desirable objective. This book is truly useful; it can help one find the own way in life. Therefore, it is worth reading.