Power of the Blood Covenant


In ancient Christianity, blood was considered sacred. Animal blood could only be shed during special ceremonies. In most cases, blood was used to symbolize a permanent seal between the parties in agreement. Blood marked a covenant that had serious consequences and required mutual agreement between the concerned parties before tying the knot. Blood covenants are evident in the Bible where they were used to show faith and the love of people to God. Believers offered sacrifices to God in order to appease him. The blood covenants established their roots by the introduction of the New Testament. The New Testament discourages believers from relying on other people’s experience and encourages them to establish their own direct link with God. Most believers seek to identify themselves with the Calvary blood covenant through Christ. Temporary and baseless elements in the Old Testament that hindered humans from reality were washed away by the blood of Jesus Christ. The purpose of this paper is to analyze how the power of the blood covenant saves believers and non-believers. The current paper also examines the importance of the blood covenant and how the blood covenant protects its believers.

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The Power of the Blood Covenant Saves Believers

According to Huestis, the covenant was highly respected in the Jewish culture. This tradition was exported to Christianity. The blood covenant is highly treasured by believers since it form the basis of their salvation. Therefore, it is believed that through the blood covenant, believers are saved and that it also serve to bridge the gap between the mortal life and eternity. According to Romans 10:9-11, it is true that believers are saved through the blood of Jesus, hence, the fact that Christ shed blood, died, and resurrected assures believers eternal life. For instance, believing and accepting Jesus Christ enable a believer to have forgiveness of his or her sins. Consequently, this is a fact that sets believers free from sin and enables them to abandon their sinful nature. The blood covenant hinders believers from involving into sinful and disgraceful acts that contradict their faith. Therefore, believers strive to lead a holy life as a result of the respect for the blood covenant. 

The blood covenant has saved and sustained the lives of believers since it is used as an identity for those who trust in God. For example, in the Old Testament, the Israelis who believed in God were saved from the angel of death through blood that was sprinkled on the doors of believers. Through the blood, the generation of believers was sustained and saved from their oppressors. Therefore, the believers were spared and guarded by the blood covenant established by Moses. Another scenario is where followers were smeared with blood as a symbol of the covenant that assured them of the love of God and care throughout their lives. Blood being sacred, ensures that the parties stick to the agreement established and thus through it, those who believe stick to the covenants cementing their faith in God. Such covenants have saved followers from participating in other blood covenants. Believers have to stick to Christ’s blood covenant since animals’ blood does not guarantee the forgiveness of sins any longer. The blood of Jesus washed away the inferior elements of humanity and enabled believers to access reality. Through the blood, followers have been saved and thus will inherit the Kingdom of God. The covenant motivates believers to lead holy lives.

The Power of the Blood Covenant Saves Non-believers

The power of the blood covenant does not only save believers but non-believers as well. The blood covenant has a great significance to non-believers. The establishment of the covenant was aimed at saving those who do not believe and cleansing them of their sins. through the same token, it was meant to convince non-believers to change their mind and follow the way of the Lord. At Calvary, the scriptures were fulfilled and non-believers were saved when they confessed that Christ was indeed the son of God. The acknowledgement was after the shading of blood which marked sealing of the covenant. According to Ephesians 2:13 KJV, the power of the blood covenant lead individuals who are far away from God closer to His Kingdom by revealing what awaits non-believers. As a result, most of the non-believers accept God and are saved. 

The blood covenant enables non-believers to avoid the wrath of the Lord and assures them new life by enabling them adopt and follow Christ’s footsteps. The power of the blood is strong and it sweeps away the temporary elements that obstructed ancient believers from reality. This has been a major boost to the non-believers. For instance, non-believers were stoned to death by the believers, posing a great threat to the life of those who did not trust in God. Consequently, the blood covenant saved the non-believers since it was against stoning of those who do not believe. Instead, the covenant encouraged reconciliation and peaceful coexistence. Non-believers are saved from their past acts and given a chance to begin new life as believers. To support the above mentioned, Revelations 1:5 KJV presents the blood covenant as a means of washing away the past and establishing new way of living, it also provides chances for forgiveness to enable unbelievers repent and be saved. Therefore, it is concluded that, the power of the blood covenant plays a great role in saving non-believers. 

The Importance of the Blood Covenant

God chose to speak to his chosen nation through the blood covenant. In the Old Testament, blood covenant was the method through which agreements were made between God and humans. The blood covenant has enabled people to keep and increase faith in God since it is not easy to break such a covenant. As a result, the blood covenant is of great importance to both believers and unbelievers. For instance, the blood covenant is the mode through which Christ established the church. The suffering and shedding of the blood of Jesus helped people discover the value and importance of the church. With the establishment of the blood covenant, churches have been established to teach and continue the work that was being done by Christ. The covenant is meant to protect the mission of believers and prevent them from going against the Bible teachings. The places where the blood covenants were made turned out to be sacred places where individuals gathered to utter prayers and hold thanksgiving ceremonies to God, leading to the development of churches.

Another importance of the blood covenant is that, it enables humans to acquire eternity and redemption. Through the blood, individuals have their sins washed away, thus obtaining pure hearts. The covenant binds humanity to the requirements laid down in the agreement. It is hard for the parties to go against the covenant since the consequences are painful and in most cases lead to death. The blood covenant compels people to maintain good virtues for them to get eternal redemption. At the same time, it governs the life of the individuals, saving them from engaging into sinful acts due to the fear of losing redemption.

The blood covenant is vital since through it, humans acquire salvation and justification through the blood covenant. Upholding and meeting the requirements of the covenant renders a person saved. Salvation enables the concerned party to evade the wrath of the Lord. In most cases, the blood covenant was made to maintain the faith and trust in the parties involved only. For this case, it is the trust in God which leads to justification as members of Gods’ family whom He spoke to through the blood covenants. Ultimately, God always favors His people and provides guidance to them whenever they are in difficulties. The blood covenant is advantageous to people since it symbolizes forgiveness of sins and involvement into the covenant is a guarantee to a new life. The sins committed in the past are washed away by the blood that is shed during the sealing of the covenant. The blood sweeps away sins.  

The blood is very important since it cleanses people from past deeds and links them to the true God. This is due to the fact that in the past humans offered sacrifices to appease their ancestors and worshipped idols. To mark the end of trusting in the world of the dead, the blood covenant is used to assist in converting people to the worship of the living God. After the covenant, people have started to serve God as their conscience was cleansed. The fear of breaking the blood covenant hinders them from worshiping idols and ancestors. Through the covenant, people manage to change positively and adopt the mission of Christ. Therefore, Christians believe that important events, such as salvation must be sealed by a covenant.

The Blood Covenant Gives Protection

The blood covenant is never broken due to the complex protection it gives to the parties involved. Because of this protection, the concerned sides are sensitized before entering into the covenant. For instance, the blood covenant protects those who are involved in it. After accepting involvement into the covenant, people were sprinkled with blood as a sign of identification and protection. In such a way, Gods’ generation was protected from the angel of death. On the other hand, the covenant ensured that people had to maintain their faith and trust in God. It provided that no other gods were to be worshiped, this provided protection to God and made him the only supreme being to be served. Humans who identified themselves with the blood covenant attained salvation and protection not to be punished by God for their sins. Therefore, people identify themselves with God and serve him diligently.

Believers who are a part of the covenant are protected from persecutions and accusations. This is reflected in the olden days when believers were faced with rough times in the society. They suffered from persecutions. The creation of blood covenant provided security to believers since they got assurance of protection by God they had to serve. The covenant also gave security to the parties against the spirits and ancestors. After abandoning their previous actions of serving and worshiping the dead and idols, there was a need for protection against the counter effects of ancestors. Non-believers were saved through the agreement from the injustices aimed at them by the believers since the covenant advocated for peace and reconciliation.


The power of the blood covenant is great. It impacts the human behavior as well as the way of life. The covenant has helped people to get salvation; it is influenced behavior of believers and even those who are non-believers. The blood covenant signified the emergence of churches, thus developing the spiritual growth of the world. The covenant was initiated to spare the obedient people in order to maintain a holy generation that serves the Lord. In today’s time, the blood covenant is still valid and sacred since it forms the basis of Christianity and salvation. Many believers and non-believers have reformed and approached closer to God through the blood covenant. As a result, the beginning of a new life was marked by the blood covenant which also meant the start of a new generation of Gods’ loved people. Protection of humans was introduced through the blood covenant and ever since it was established, it attracted many followers acknowledging and adopting the covenant.