Empiricists and Rationalists’ Positions on Epistemology

There is an ongoing debate with regards to the concepts of rationalism and empiricism and that has entirely been based on epistemology. Rationalism holds that all believes should be founded...


Ethical Issues in Organ Transplantation & Allocation

The case study titled “Who will receive the liver?” is concerned with an ethical dilemma regarding the transplantation and allocation of the liver to two patients. Mr. Mann and Mrs. Bay are both...


Gender Ideology and Family Practices in Pre-Modern China: Analysis of Injustice to Tou O

The Injustice to Tou O is a play by a Chinese writer Kuan Hanqing. The story was written during the period of the Yuan dynasty between 1279 to 1368. The play is one of the most popular works by Kuan...


Holocaust: Going Through the Hell

“Holocaust” hides Greek and biblical roots that mean “completely burnt” or “burnt offering.” It is a term considered by the Zionist propaganda as the systematic destruction of all Jews by a predetermined plan of the Germans and their allies during the Second World War...


United States History from 1865 to the Present: The Rise of Industrialization in the United States

Arguably, the rise and development of the American industrial revolution that changed the economic, foreign and social face of the United States was a consequence of a combination of factors. In particular, the role “robber barons”, technological revolution...


Intentionality vs. Usage

In the era of the twenty first century, there have surfaced fresh waves of digital media technologies, which have altered the many aspects of the society, these waves include You Tube, MySpace, Twitter, Face book, including several other sites that...

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