Winter Holidays Revision Tips

Winter Holidays Revision Tips
December 13, 2019

For many students, winter vacation is associated with holidays and time spent with the family. However, some learners have to make revision of some works at this time. Do not be upset if you need to study during the holidays. In fact, this is a great opportunity to improve your grades in college and get new knowledge.

Revision Tips Will Help You Learn Effectively During the Winter Vacation

Prepare Your Learning Environment

Our surrounding is much more important than we tend to assume. Can we study at home? Of course, yes. After all, everything you need is at hand. You should have a good desk, proper lighting, markers, pens, notepads, stickers, and a system for organizing revision.

Find A Dictionary

Of course, you can easily find an online dictionary, but a printed book has a greater influence on motivation. With the printed book, when you look up the right word, you spend so much time searching that you will never forget it. Sometimes not speed, but thoughtfulness is important. Do not allow a situation in which you read the material and do not understand some words in it.

Highlight Important Things

You have to highlight everything important. If possible, get a book and underline the text with the help of a pen, pencil or marker. Alternatively, you can do the same in your e-book, creating notes. This is a very important skill that will help you with the final revision during the holidays. It is called active reading. After reading the book, reread (or write out) all the selected information. This way, you will you fix it in your memory better.

Learn In Different Ways

Cross training is extremely useful during the winter holidays. Even if you are crazy about books, do not focus only on them:

  • Read magazines
  • Attend seminars, museums, exhibitions
  • Watch documentaries
  • Read related articles
  • Take online courses

Experiment with different methods. Some of them may seem boring. For example, watching a documentary. However, they are visual and help to consolidate images.

Follow The Links

When you read serious materials with a high level of complexity, you find references to books, scientific articles, static sources and other types of publications that help the author to confirm the facts. Study them, and you will get a more detailed understanding of the chosen topic.

Study Every Day

It is better to study every day for half an hour than only on Saturday, but all day. Of course, when you study all day, you can go through more material and even learn more information than in the first case. However, you will not make it your habit, and this is exactly the main thing.

Join Online Communities

A great way to learn something during the holidays is to be among those people who are studying too and to talk to them. Find a suitable site or community on the social network where you can communicate with others.

Make Learning Your Lifestyle

This advice sounds strange, but consider what it might mean. Everything that surrounds you and everything that happens to you is experience. You need to extract maximum benefit from it. Do not lose the ability to wonder. Ask questions and discover new things every day.

Read Books

Despite the fact that reading a book is ten times better than watching a video (for reading you need to move your eyes and perceive information), reading can be divided into active and passive. While passive reading, you read a book, and then immediately take a new one. Active reading means that you have to ask questions, take notes, and analyze information.

Make A List Of Your Goals

It is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. You need to come up with as many goals as possible to be able to compare them later and select the most important ones. How to choose the most significant goal? First, you need to find out if there are combined ones among them. A combined goal is a goal that gives you more opportunities. Choose from one to three goals and try to achieve them. 

Make A List Of Resources

You can find everything you need for learning on the Internet. Here are the resources you should pay attention to:

  • books;
  • magazines;
  • blogs;
  • educational videos;
  • attending conferences and lectures;
  • volunteer work;
  • travels.

All these activities can be carried out during the winter holidays. It is important to choose 3-5 core resources and focus on them.

Set Your Key Learning Points

Sometimes studying is a long and even boring process, but the main difficulty is that you will not immediately receive results. In addition, an ambitious goal can easily overwhelm your psyche, especially at times when you are not motivated. Therefore, you need to set the key points of your learning plan.

Create Your Schedule

While studying at college, students have their schedules, which help them manage time for classes and other activities. You need to create your schedule for studying at home. Do not forget that you are learning to make your life much better, which means that it is becoming the main priority for you. Create a time frame for each goal. What are you going to do today (tomorrow, next week, six months later) to achieve your goal? Be sure to master the time management skills and learn how to manage your time properly.

Track Your Progress

Tracking progress is the process that has a positive effect on the level of motivation. As already mentioned, you may not get practical results immediately, which means you can give up at any time. Progress tracking can be keeping a diary. You must write down everything that you have studied. Note any little thing. After a few days, it will be possible to draw certain conclusions based on this information. You will learn how to identify trends, understand your strengths and weaknesses, bad and good habits. These revision techniques will help you improve your grades and become a successful student.