6 Summer Jobs that You Don’t Have to Give up in September

6 Summer Jobs that You Don’t Have to Give up in September
June 11, 2019

As summer rolls by, most college students don't focus on having a long holiday but instead try to earn some extra cash by doing a part-time job. Working as a lifeguard at your local pool or a counselor at a youth camp is great, but that's not something you can keep on doing once school starts again. If you want to get some money during the summer but still keep the flow later, consider finding a gig that will work out for the whole year. You might think it's difficult to combine school and work, but the options we offer are super flexible, and you can adjust them to your own schedule.

  • Freelance Writer

Being a freelance writer, you are free to choose your own workload. Having a lot of free time right now? You can pick up as many writing assignments as you want. Studying for the exams? Don't bother with freelancing because it won't disappear anywhere. One difficulty, which you might encounter, is finding work when just getting started, but once you're into the business, you'll have new orders available all the time. You can start doing it in summer to get the grip and continue later between classes.

  • Tutor of English

Tutoring college students in summer is a tall order because you won't find much demand - everyone is enjoying the long holiday or has a part-time job as well. However, there is one subject that is always popular - the English language. In this case, you will be working not with college students but with adults or children who are not native speakers of English and want to develop their language skills. The biggest benefit of this occupation is that you can work online as well as in person. If you're from a bigger place, you're likely to find many foreigners who will need your assistance. If it's not the case, there are numerous websites where you can register as a tutor and get a student from somewhere in the world. Again, you can create your own schedule and work less when summer is over. The only thing you need is proficiency in English though a prior tutoring experience could also be a big advantage.

  • Fiverr

Fiverr is a website that allows you to offer your service in different creative directions. It's suitable for professional and amateur musicians, writers, translators, graphic designers, programmers and many others. The idea of the website is simple - you offer a project for a certain price and wait for someone to buy it. If you're particularly good in one field, you can set quite a high price for your creation. The majority, though, would find this website interesting for finding writing assignments, proofreading or editing for other students. You probably won't earn a fortune from it, but Fiverr offers a lot of extra services that go alongside with writing, and if your clients are happy with your work, they might also ask for those.

To become successful on Fiverr, you need to be a bit of an entrepreneur, put some effort into your profile and promote it on the first stages. That's something you should do in summer while you are having a lot of time; this way, you will enjoy the results of your work later.

  • Usability Tester

This must be the easiest and the funniest thing to do to earn money. A usability tester is a person who judges new websites and apps. Basically, what you have to do is to go on a site or install an app, try using it for 10-15 minutes and then express your opinion by saying what was good and what can be improved. Simple as that. The only problem with this job is that its simplicity attracts many people so it's hard to get enough tasks that will bring sufficient money. One thing you can do in summer is to sign up for this service with numerous companies instead of one. Doing this, you'll increase your chances of receiving enough assignments.

  • Transcription

If you spend a lot of time on your laptop, you must be a fast typist. Surprisingly enough, this skill can be put to use in more ways than just quick writing of your college essays. There are many institutions and events that have to be transcribed, and you can become the person who will do it. From court meetings to scientific seminars, a good typist is always needed. Most companies won't require your work on a regular basis, you'll be called in only when there is something available. This makes transcribing flexible, and it won't interfere with your college work that should always have the priority. One more option in this field is working on captions for deaf people. Many video sources apply this function and they need people to do the job quickly. Often this kind of task is asked to be done voluntarily, but you can still find some companies that are willing to pay.

  • Micro Jobs

This title unites different kinds of small assignments, which you can find online. It might be difficult to begin working in such a way because you need to know exactly where to look and what to search for. For example, Amazon Mechanical Turk regularly asks help of its users to complete small tasks that they need for improving their performance. These assignments are usually short and easy, but if you manage to find enough of them, they can really pay off. One of the useful sources where you can find references to such micro jobs is reddit. There are some people who are real pros in finding the right jobs online and they often share valuable tips.

Every college student can benefit from extra income. Unfortunately, not many students have enough time to look for a part-time job once studying kicks in again. The best approach in this case is to land a gig in summer, work on developing your skills and continue working through the semesters. These six options are the ones that will definitely work out in this scenario.