How to Write an Argumentative Essay Step by Step

How to Write an Argumentative Essay Step by Step
July 21, 2020

Use our simple guide on how to write an argumentative essay step by step to make your argumentative writing done. To start with, do you know what argumentative essay definition says? Argumentative essay is a written work that aims to state certain position, among other viewpoints, in regards to the discussed issue and then provide solid and relevant reasons and evidence why the selected position is true. Argumentative essay requires the writer to have: analytical skills, research skills, reading and writing skills. This type of essay is assigned to find out how well the students can defend their point of view.


How to Write an Argumentative Essay Outline

Argumentative essay outline includes:

  1. Choosing a topic
  2. Making a research
  3. Creating an outline
  4. Creating a solid thesis statement
  5. Working on the introduction, body and conclusion
  6. Proofreading

Argumentative Essay Topics for College to Choose

Choosing an interesting and relevant argumentative essay topics is an important investment in the success of your essay. To make your argumentative essay engaging we would recommend you the following:

  • Choose an actual idea that everyone is talking about right now (interesting stories, rumors, controversies etc.)Select a problem in regards to which many people have doubts
  • Select the audience which doesn't agree with your point of view
  • Pick an interesting one of argumentative essay topics for college that you can relate to
  • Avoid overused topics like death penalty, gun control and abortion, because your tutor has already read a lot of them.
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4 Formats of Writing Your Thesis Statement

There are four formats which can be used to write your thesis:
Question/Answer Topic idea is turned into a question and question is turned into a thesis
Answer Your question is the title and your answer to this question is the thesis.
Refute Objections Begin your thesis with an introductory phrase, so that your reader understands that all other ideas are refuted.
Roadmap Roadmap format allows you to tell in a couple of words the three-five points that you intend to cover.

Argumentative Essay Strategies

Read about argument paper strategies to know how to write argumentative essay

  1. Classical argument strategy. This strategy needs to be used when you feel that there is a high probability that audience will agree with your thesis and arguments. It means that audience may not have a strong opinion, or it may simply be uninformed. All you need is to give enough evidence to your position so that they believe you right away.
  2. Rogerian strategy. This strategy tries to persuade by finding points of compromise and agreement and it will be appropriate to use it in debates, which are highly polarized. However, you need to be ready to compromise and consider other points of view.
  3. Toulmin strategy. Like Regrerian strategy, it is to be used in a highly charged debate. However, instead of seeking to compromise, it uses clear logic and tries to identify undeniable things that prove certain argument.

In case you find writing this type of essays difficult, you can always find qualified specialists who can provide you with professional argument essay help. However, we would advise you to try to deal with it yourself with our guide on how to start an argumentative essay, because it's the only way you can better at writing.