How To Edit Your Paper Properly

How To Edit Your Paper Properly
May 14, 2019

People cease to perceive the phrase if they hear it many times in a row (this phenomenon is also called semantic saturation). A similar process occurs if one rereads his or her own text. It is impossible to evaluate it objectively. These tips will help you learn to see the mistakes in your work and correct them.

Tips on How to See and Correct the Mistakes in Your Paper

  • Make A Plan

Editing of the work cannotbe reduced to the search for spelling and punctuation errors. Of course, it is necessary to get rid of themandsuperfluous words. However, you probably should start with other things.

First, make a plan, then compare the outline and the full text of your work. Then read the introduction and conclusion and think about them. Is the conclusion related to the problem that is defined by the topic? Have you been distracted in the process of reasoning? And only after this, when starting a new reading of the work, fix attention on spelling, punctuation, and stylistics,

  • Forget About Your Text

To look at your work in a new way, it is useful to leave it for a while, for a day or at least an evening. Another way is to retell a chapter or article to someone else. In this case, you should notice the order, in which you set out the events, and the facts you highlight.

  • Change Your Workplace

If a person works at home all the time, maybe he or she should go to a cafe or a park and try to evaluate the text in a new environment.

  • Read The Work Aloud

Some authors print out their texts and read them aloud. It helps to hear the rhythm of the written material, notice the repetitions of words andsyntax errors.

  • Retype Your Paper

Print the entire text and type it on the computer again. At first glance, this is a rather strange technique, but it is very helpful. Of course, it takes a long time, but in this way, it is possible to understand whether all pieces of the material are in their places and to notice unnecessary sentences or words that are used too often.

  • Read The Text Backwards

Reading the work backwards is another unobvious way, with which you can refresh the look at the text. It can help you to concentrate on the meaning, structure,and effectiveness of each paragraph.

  • Do Not Edit The Paper Immediately After Its Creation

Your brain needs some rest. If you begin to check the work immediately after writing it, you will not be able to notice many inaccuracies.

  • Check Your Work Several Times

After reading the work once, you may think that you have found all the errors and have corrected them, but as soon as you read it again, you will find new inaccuracies. Therefore, it is worth checking the paper until you cannot find a single mistake in it.

  • Divide The Text Into Parts

In order to avoid oversaturation of your brain, do not try to reread the whole text at once, divide it into semantic parts. Each of them should include only a few paragraphs. Check one part of the work and digress for a few minutes, only after that start editing the next paragraphs.

  • Ask Your Friend To Check Your Paper

This method is quite effective. It does not consist in making your friend or classmate do your work instead of you. For your friend, it will be easier to detect errors in the text because he or she will read for the first time. If your roommate writes an essay or study too, you can read and correct each other's papers.

  • Use The Programs For Editing

Writing paper has become much easier in the modern world. Special computer programs and applications to text editors help to find errors automatically. However, it is worth remembering that such editing cannot replace your ownproofreading. Even using automatic correction of the text, it needs to be re-read several times.

  • Delete Unnecessary Words And Sentences

Quite often, the author may find out that some words and sentences were superfluous. You need to get rid of them because they break the logical sequence of your work. A good text must be brief and informative.

  • Do Not Repeat Your Mistakes

Of course, we use professional services for editing, however, most often, after the writer has received a corrected paper, he or she is not interested in what mistakes were made. You will be able to see your mistakes and try not to make them in the futureif you check your papers yourself.

  • Use The Services Of Professional Editors

If you are not sure whether you can check and correct your work yourself, or you have very little free time, you can ask editorial services for help. It is quite easy to find such companies. Most of them work online. You just need to contact the manager. He or she will tell you about the specifics of the cooperation. Professional editors are people with a good knowledge of the language, who have perfect writing skills and vast experience. You can be sure that your paper will be edited correctly. However, it is worth remembering that such a service is paid. If you want to save money and improve your knowledge in the field of rereading, you should try to check your text yourself. As you can see, many methods and techniques will help you simplify this work.