Some Ideas for Writing an Essay on Global Warming

Some Ideas for Writing an Essay on Global Warming
November 17, 2021

Global warming remains an urgent issue in contemporary society despite other significant events that continue shaking the world. Even though each student in your college has already written an essay on global warming, you also have to do it. People live on the planet and use its resources without thinking about the consequences. The planet suffers from human damage every day. Even though the topic of global temperature change is not new and your peers have discussed many aspects, you have much to say about the problem. Many students fear not to sound innovative and repeat some standard ideas about dying cloud forests or melting glaciers that lead to the changes in the sea levels. You are not alone in your fears, and those are justified indeed. Still, there is a way out as you may use our writing services.

Since many students have already completed this assignment, you risk writing an essay on climate change and global warming with similar ideas if you search for some basic guidelines online. First of all, do not panic. In this article, you will read unique information as we do not offer you some standard solutions or a list of topics your peers may also use. We will help you develop your unique idea of essay writing. By the end of this article, you will develop a clear personal idea of what topic to choose. Most probably you will not see your topic on our list, but our ideas will inspire you.

What Is the Definition of Global Warming?

Global warming is not a theoretical concept; it is hardly possible to develop an extended clear definition of this term. It is a phenomenon. It can be defined as the gradual heating of the earth caused by numerous factors. The discussion of the causes and consequences of warming can help understand the issue better. When you start writing an argumentative essay on global warming, you do not define the concept, you seek the arguments to support the fact that the situation takes place. There are many points to discuss in academic work. If you are not sure what to write about, you may find some urgent issues in the list below. It presents the major causes of global warming that can fit your discussion and become a starting point for your analysis in the essay:

  1. Burning fossil fuels is a major cause of changes in climate patterns. Yеt, this is also one of the characteristic features of the modern world. People cannot refuse to use transportation, central heating, and industrial activity. The emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere harm the environment and lead to global climate warming.
  2. Deforestation is another serious concern as destroying large territories of forests and woods affects the absorption of CO2. As a result, the amount of CO2 increases, while the factors aimed at reducing it decrease, which harms the environment and also becomes a result of global temperature change.
  3. Farming is also a harmful factor for the environment. Being a central aspect of human survival, animals and chemicals used for the growth of different crops lead to the increase of greenhouse gases.
  4. People overuse nonrenewable natural materials. People use nuclear energy, oil, coal, and natural gas, while these resources are limited. The extraction of these resources from the bowels of the earth leads to climate change as well.
  5. Pollution is a major cause of global warming. There are many different ways of how people and their activities lead to air, water, and soil pollution. An increased amount of waste, plastic, unsustainable consumption and industrial activity are the major factors that lead to climate change.

Effect of Global Warming

Many people hear about climate change every day but do not understand how it affects them directly. Each person leaves their imprint on the planet just because they live. Warming is much a result of human activity. Therefore, the consequences of global warming affect each person, and the major side effects are as follows:

  • Changed sea levels
  • Degradation of soil
  • Species extinction
  • Wildlife extinction.

However, not all people understand how each of these factors affects them personally. Flooding is one of the major consequences of seal level changes. Rivers cannot flow into the ocean when the sea level is too high, and a versa effect takes place. As a result, it affects the drinking water. Farming and agricultural lands may also be destroyed by high waters.

Soil degradation leads to the reduction of land for agriculture and farming. It impacts the stocks of crops and animals. Species and wildlife extinction also affect farming and agriculture leading to the reduction of food stocks.

Therefore, global warming affects each person directly. If you decide to write a cause and effect essay on global warming, you need to draw this line from the initial facilitator to the consequence. Each of the aspects discussed in the paper has serious consequences on human life, and your ability to notice these consequences and explain them in detail is a guarantee of a successful essay. If you know what you want to write about but you lack writing skills, you may buy our services and our professional writers will create an essay for you following your precise instructions.

How to Solve the Global Warming Problem

You may discuss the solutions to the problem in your essay on global warming. In this case, you may check some hints of what to consider.

  1. The reduction of the release of greenhouse gases is one of the aspects you may consider. Using alternative renewable resources, refusing from cars and buses in favor of bicycles, and other means of environment preserving are some of the points for discussion.
  2. Conscious consumption behavior is another solution. People may refuse disposable cups and plastic bags and resort to reusable bottles, shoppers, and cups.
  3. Eco-friendly homes and offices are a recent trend. People refuse traditional heating and electricity supply and resort to renewable sources of energy. Consider this idea as a global warming solution for your paper.

You may notice that the offered solutions are the particular steps we all can do right now. It is easy to refuse from plastic. Similarly, it is not hard and even pleasant to use a bicycle when the weather is fine. It is also possible to stick to conscious consumption and do not overuse products and things.

Yet, you may think deeper and develop more innovative ideas for your global warming essay. We just give you a hint and expect your imagination to develop our ideas further. We intentionally provide a detailed description of what you may write about without referring to the set topics. We understand that several students may borrow out set topics, and in this case, your paper will not be unique. Get a chance to use your imagination and creativity.

Tips in Writing a Superior Paper

If you have decided to write a paper about global warming effects on animals or people, you may need some tips on what to start with. Follow the guidelines below if you have chosen the topic. If you still doubt what idea to choose, return to the ideas above and note what you would like to discuss. The plan below will help you compose a superior paper.

  • Develop a plan. A sketch of ideas will help you remain logical in your writing. You will also include all the points you have considered without losing any.
  • Write down an outline. Your outline should follow the specific essay structure, the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. Also, mind that you need to cover the ideas you have mentioned in your plan.
  • Develop a thesis statement. Mind that a thesis is an essential part of your paper and if you do not include it, your paper will be weak.
  • Start with the introduction. Make sure that it is creative and interesting to read. Do not just make statements. Try to impress the reader and make them interested in reading further.
  • Proofread the paper and ask someone else to read it. Your personal editing and some ideas from outside may help you improve the final version of your text. Choose as a professional proofreading company for your essay on global warming.

Read Our Sample About Global Warming

Global warming refers to the increase in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere and oceans. This is a process that happens when greenhouse gases trap heat from the sun in the earth’s atmosphere, which eventually increases the average temperature. Examples of these greenhouse gases include methane, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and water vapor. There is a lot of evidence that point to the fact that the global surface temperature has been increasing over the years. This phenomenon has been caused by an increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases, which result from natural occurrences or a number of human activities such as deforestation and burning of fossil fuels.

Evidence of global warming include documented increases in the temperature of the air and the ocean, rising sea level, and widespread melting of snow and ice as well. Some causes of global warming have been attributed to external forcing, which refers to the processes that are external to the climate system that affect the climate. Notably, climate responds to a number of external forcing, such changes in solar luminosity, radiative forcing (as a result of changes in the atmospheric composition), and variations in the earth’s orbit around the Sun. However, recent changes in global temperatures are too rapid. Orbital cycles usually vary slowly over many years and hence are too gradual to have caused the recent temperature changes.

The greenhouse effect refers to the process by which the absorption, as well as, the emission of infrared radiation by gases in the atmosphere ends up warming the earth’s lower atmosphere and surface. Ever since the industrial revolution began, human activity has increased the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which has led to an increase in radiative forcing from carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, CFCs, and tropospheric ozone. Over the last twenty years, the burning of fossil fuels has produced most of the increase in carbon dioxide, while the rest is as a result of land use, especially deforestation.

If the current global warming trend continues, life on the planet will be adversely affected as we know it. The future levels of greenhouse gases emissions have been projected to depend on uncertain sociological, economic, technological or natural developments. Occasionally, there are other natural factors that have influenced the global temperatures, such as volcanic eruptions and El Nino. However, their effects are short term and cannot contribute fully to the rapid changes in climatic temperatures.

Humans should be worried with the rapid rise in greenhouse gases it will eventually change the climatic conditions faster than some life forms may be able to adapt. Notably, new and unpredictable climate poses unique challenges to all life forms on the planet. The current rise in the concentration of greenhouse gases will see the remaining ice sheets melt away. The extra water will eventually raise the sea levels significantly. Moreover, climate can change in unexpected ways as mercury rises. It is evident that the weather can become more extreme as the sea levels rise. There will be more extreme major storms, drought, and rain. All evidences point to the fact that sea levels are rising, glaciers melting, and cloud forests dying.

Oceans play a complex role in global warming. Notably, oceans act as a sink for carbon dioxide; however, increased levels of carbon dioxide have led to what is referred to as ocean acidification. In addition to all these, oceans become less able to absorb excess carbon dioxide as their temperatures increase. It is evident that global warming has a number of effects on the oceans including rising levels of the sea due to melting of glaciers, thermal expansion, melting of ice sheets, and warming of the ocean surface. This leads to an increase in the temperature stratification. Other effects could include large scale changes in the ocean circulation. Moreover, there will be a decline in the amount of oxygen that is dissolved, which will adversely affect the ocean life.

It is important that the world combats global warming so as to avoid future catastrophes. It is important that there occurs a change in the consumer behavior by emission-based pricing and increased public awareness of the effects of globalization. To the sectors concerned, there is need for an increased efficiency in the transformation of materials and energy into products and services. Moreover, fossil energy in transport, power generation, industry and buildings can be replaced with other forms of renewable energy such as solar and wind energy.

Carbon dioxide could be captured from power plants and industrial plants and then store it in geological formations. On the other hand, atmospheric carbon dioxide can be absorbed by growing modern and efficient biomass on non-agricultural land, as well as, use it in power plants that are fitted with carbon capture and storage so as to achieve negative emissions. It is also important to reduce the emissions of other examples of greenhouse gases such as nitrous oxide and methane from waste, industry and agriculture as well. It is equally important to manage forests so as to enhance their role as natural sinks of carbon dioxide.

In conclusion, global warming, the increase in temperature of the earth’s atmosphere and oceans, is a process that happens when greenhouse gases trap heat from the sun in the earth’s atmosphere, which eventually increases the average temperature. Examples of these greenhouse gases include methane, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and water vapor. There is plenty of evidence that point global warming is real and is currently happening at a very fast rate. Scientists have attributed the current rate of global warming to the increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases, which result from natural occurrences or a number of human activities such as deforestation and burning of fossil fuels.