Original and Creative JK Rowling Essay of Excellent Quality

Original and Creative JK Rowling Essay of Excellent Quality
February 9, 2021

Need to compose a premium-class quality JK Rowling essay? Carefully read the article provided below.

Whenever people speak about the most outstanding and fascinating storytellers of the 21st century, J.K. Rowling is to be on the list by all means. The narrative written by Rowling in the Harry Potter series is defined by exceptional luck, originality, creativity, as well as magic and mystery. Rowling managed to create a rich interpersonal and unique world within the wizard community that is of great significance in investigating the coming-of-age key themes presented in the books, including love, hatred, family, loss, respect, etc. Moreover, when you brainstorm the ideas for your piece of writing, you can come back to the best-known topic: Harry Potter. It is possible to indicate, “Harry Potter is an original piece of modern literature, full of different moral aspects, as well as numerous stories within one big story.” Or it is possible to argue that the Harry Potter series is exquisite because it dwells on a unique generation and simultaneously, is undeniably unique and universal in all aspects and its appeal.

In her books, Rowling managed to create a magical possible world in which the forces of good try to defeat the forces of evil. However, Rowling have also been criticized that her books also promote witchcraft. That is the point of debates that makes the preparation of any Harry Potter essay very interesting and original.

Below, you can find a list of different topics worth considering in case you need or decide to compose any piece of writing.

Exquisite and original JK Rowling essay topics

  • The universal themes of devotion, friendship, love, and sacrifice as presented by Potter, Lilly, James, as well as Harry.
  • The decision by Dumbledore to leave Harry at the doorstep to the Dursleys: the examination of different consequences over decades.
  • The death of the parents of Harry and how Rowling showcases the close bonds between the parents transcending the death and their child.
  • Draco and Harry: a friendship leading to disasters or the lifetime connection and interdependence?
  • The Mirror of Erised and its symbolism in the lives of ordinary muggles.
  • Harry Potter and the Sorting Hat: how do the will and desire of individual help work in overcoming any holds that fate can have on her or his destiny? The thorough examination and analysis of different book characters and how they react to similar or different situations or circumstances.
  • The changes in the tone and narration of the books ranging from the first to the last one. Does the Harry Potter series explicate a true coming of the age issue and how?
  • Love is one of the recurrent themes across the entire series with wondrous and unpredictable consequences. Specific focus is on a few various examples and how Rowling indirectly led her readers to believing in the fact “love is the real magic and most priceless treasure.”
  • Hogwarts is a second home after the real one, depending upon the character. Why was it significant to Rowling to show this bond between Hogwarts and Harry, as well as the readers and Hogwarts? Key reasons.
  • The commonalities in different pureblood wizard families reflect clear connections to the UK history of the royal family.
  • If Lord Voldemort was not able to experience love, is it sound to consider him responsible for his evil deeds?
  • Squibs and Muggles – what may happen when other groups of the population are made to feel themselves inferior?
  • The Weasley Twins and significance of having heroes who are at different levels of intelligence and wisdom?
  • Severus Snape from the point of view of Harry Potter over the seven years’ timeframe.

The above-mentioned Harry Potter essay topics are capable of making up the ultimate and vivid palette for composing fascinating and unique JK Rowling essay in the fields of humanities and arts. They have been developed by our experts who adore exploring Rowling’s unique universe and possible world over and over again. Consider that not only will the above-indicated JK Rowling essay considerations help you go through your academic studying, but also be capable of bringing you back to your childhood golden times hallmarked by this exceptional story of unique friendship, splendid magic, and never-ending and true love.

JK Rowling Essay Sample

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone became the first book of Joan Rowling that made her a well-known writer. In fact, Joanne Rowling did not intend to develop the theme in the following books. She just wanted to make up some story to read to her children. She did not expect it to become a bestseller and known around the world. The author of the book Joanne Rowling is a woman who had never written before. She was a housewife and started working on Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in June 1990. It took her six years to finish the novel as she put much of her personal experience into it. Since Rowling was a new author, publishers did not want to deal with her. Furthermore, they did not want to publish the book due to its length. Finally, the novel was published by the U.K. publisher Bloomsbury in June 1997. As Joan Rowling received good money for it, she started planning sequels. After having a great success in Britain, Scholastic Corporation bought rights for publishing the book in the United States. American publishers insisted on the change of the title due to the children’s preferences. They thought that children would not read the book with the word “philosopher” in the title. Hence, the title was changed to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. It was published in September 1998. Later, it was translated into more than 60 languages.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is a book about a little boy, an orphan, who lacks the knowledge of his origin. As the plot uncovers, Harry gets to know that his parents were wizards and that he is a magician too. Likewise, it turns out that he is going to study magic in a specialized School of Magic (that is Hogwarts). Harry Potter discovers entirely different world of magic where children use magic wands, fly on the brooms and put spells on their enemies. He learns also that Hogwarts conceals different magic objects. One of them, the Philosopher’s Stone has been the target for evil forces for centuries. Lord Voldemort, the embodiment of dark magic, tries to steal the Stone but Harry Potter crosses his way. After a deadly fight, Voldemort disappears and Harry Potter gets to know about the power of love that protects him.

What I like most about the novel is funny moments and jokes that are all around its pages. For instance, there are many funny moments with Dursleys in the book. These people are so selfish and arrogant that their behavior looks comical. Furthermore, they are always punished for their deeds. For instance, I like the passage where the author writes about hiding mail from Harry. Even when Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia hide it, the quantity of letters increases daily and finally letters start catching them sharply at the back. What I like least about the book is the ridiculous behavior of some characters. For instance, I could not understand why Uncle Vernon spreads marmalade on his newspapers; it was a mystery to me why he tried to knock in a nail with the piece of fruitcake. Similarly, it is hard to know why Dursleys refused to send Harry to Hogwarts. He was “an extra baggage” to them but they did not attempt to get rid of him. Despite these inconsistencies, I would recommend everyone to read this book. It is very interesting and does not allow the reader to stop. Besides, the book is more exciting than the movie is. Therefore, even those who think they know the plot by the movie will discover new things in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.