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Difficulties in Writing Research Proposal for Dummies

Writing research proposal for dummies is a difficult thing to do. It is a unique document, which presents the idea of your study and outlines the process of conducting your research.

Purposes of writing a research paper proposal
On the one hand, you must persuade the reader that your research idea is relevant and important. On the other hand, you must emphasize the things you will do to achieve the goals of your study.

Guide in Writing Research Proposal

As you can face a lot of difficulties in writing research proposal here we provide you with a list of recommendations. However, you should read thoroughly the instructions provided by your professor and follow them word for word. Remember that you will also need to create a presentation in support of your proposal.

Therefore, the process of writing a research paper proposal begins with choosing the most appropriate topic and seeking approval from your instructor. In your research proposal, be ready to include a detailed review of the theoretical framework and justify your theory choices. Emphasize that your research proposal is about conducting an original study in response to some world problem. You must create a compelling argument that the results of your research will make the world better. Now you can look for literature and practice materials that are to be used in your study. Include a diversity of sources such as peer-reviewed journal articles, online resources, books, etc. As you are reading through your sources, make notes. You will use them in developing your literature review and problem statement.

You can rearrange your notes in a way that resembles an outline. You can also group them according to subjects and subtopics. Whichever way you choose, your research paper proposal must cover all points required by your supervisor. Provide your reader with a brief overview of what will be included in your study. Propose the most suitable methodology. Consider possible ethical issues or conflicts of interest. In your research proposal, write a short paragraph per point. Include an introduction. Use proper formatting and style to make up a list of references.

As it is with writing a research paper proposal, you must have enough time to conduct a review of literature. The list of the sources included in your proposal should be exhaustive. You may not use all sources you have found for your proposal, but make sure you have a perfect understanding of your topic. Draft your research proposal and make improvements to it. Do not make it too short or too long. Do not hurry. Do not delay the process of writing until the last moment. Give yourself enough freedom and time to think about your study. Your references must be recent. Create a picture of a prospective study that can greatly improve the lives of people.