Good Pattern in Chosing Interesting Essay Topics

How to Find Your Way Among Interesting Essay Topics

Where is the stepping point in writing your academic paper? Within the disciplines you study, how can you decide what you endeavor to research? Well, there is a good pattern to follow in making your decision.

Steps to Follow in Choosing Interesting Essay Topics

  1. First of all, you need to narrow down your focus. Within the subject that you study, choose something that is interesting for you or is most appealing to you.

  2. Analyze the information on the topic chosen. You need to pay attention to whether the topic is focused on something concrete or is generic. The first clue is, you take a topic and break it down to smaller categories by asking 'why' and 'how'? For example, you want to discuss space exploration. You may concentrate on the 'Who?' (American Space Exploration Team), 'Where?' (Mars Exploration), 'When?' (Space Exploration in 2010), etc. You can then refine the focal point of your topic by concentrating on specific areas, such as: 'Motives'(Outperforming Russians), 'Problems Face' (Gravity Effects on Astronauts).

  3. Check if there are enough sources on the topic, and the information is easy to retrieve. Even if the topic is interesting for you, but there are no available materials on it, you will not be able to write your paper.

Beware, or What You Should Not Do

  • Try to give up the topic just because it requires efforts on your side to learn more about it.
  • Indulge in lazy spur and procrastinate with your tasks till the last minute.
  • Overestimate your abilities by choosing, for example, rare college essay topics.
  • Choose a boring topic just because it seems to be an easy assignment to you.
  • Overgeneralize your topic by skipping the exercise on narrowing down your focus.

Hints and Tips, or What You Should Do

  • Decide on the type of essay before you start choosing your easy essay topic: reflective essay, narrative essay, evaluation essay, analysis essay, process essay, etc.
  • Make sure the materials are easy to retrieve, find sources, organize them, and then start writing.

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