Find 30 Best Descriptive Words for a CV, Resume

30 Best Adjectives to Describe Yourself for a CV

Looking for best adjectives to describe yourself on a resume or for a CV? Wondering where to get powerful personality adjectives and positive adjectives for the personal statement or resume adjectives? Look no further! Use this personality adjectives list for a job interview and stop bothering how to describe yourself in CV! Now you will not suffer while looking for good words to use on a resume to apply for job. We provide you with useful describing tips and best words to describe yourself.

Top 30 Best Words to Describe Yourself

  1. Able -

    I am able to speak 4 languages, namely: English, Spanish, German and Russian.

  2. Hardworking -

    I am a hardworking person and I'm dedicated to get things done.

  3. Honest -

    I am trustworthy and honest. People entrust me to count the money after bake-sales at the church.

  4. Imaginative -

    I'm always first to bring imaginative solutions to the table.

  5. Innovative -

    I'm a talented innovative thinker.

  6. Motivated -

    I am motivated to wake up at 5 am to do yoga and meditate.

  7. Creative -

    I utilize a creative approach to solve problems.

  8. Dependable -

    I can describe myself as a dependable person with excellent time management skills.

  9. Energetic -

    I'm so energetic that even after sleeping 4 hours a day I'm still full of energy.

  10. Experience -

    I have experience in tackling crises in public relations.

  11. Flexible -

    I am flexible in terms of my working regime, which allows me to work during the weekends and evenings.

  12. Organized -

    I have organized functions of the staff during the last ten years.

  13. Reliable -

    I'm a reliable person, who can never let another individual down.

  14. Sense of humor -

    The Sense of humor is what makes me a heart of the team even though I'm used to working very seriously.

Get to know personality adjectives list for job interview, personal statement

Keywords to Use in a Resume, CV Which Describe Achievements:

  1. Achieved -

    I have achieved outstanding results in training others to be professional salespeople.

  2. Competed -

    I competed at powerlifting competitions.

  3. Delivered -

    I have always delivered results in a timely manner.

  4. Helped -

    I helped homeless children during my last trip to India.

  5. Identified -

    When I became a new CEO at Mount Dimik Inc., I have identified top 3 key reasons why the company was suffering losses during the last six month.

  6. Managed -

    I have managed several big projects at once.

  7. On time -

    Whenever the meeting is arranged, I always come on time.

  8. Participated -

    I have participated in national football championship in 2010.

  9. Savings -

    Due to my ability to make savings, I'm able to go on vacation abroad every year.

  10. Supervised -

    I have supervised a team of senior quality assurance engineers.

  11. Won -

    I won gold medals for swimming twice.

  12. Articulate -

    I am an articulate communicator with all employees.

  13. Confidence -

    My work is to instill confidence in others.

  14. Inspirational -

    I am an inspirational mentor and coach.

  15. Leader -

    I am a leader and my leadership qualities have changed hundreds of lives for the better.

  16. Mentor -

    As a mentor, I've been helping students to grow, envision and reach the lives of their dreams for 20 years.

Use these best adjectives and words to describe yourself and to paint a solid picture of yourself. With a CV or resume full of these powerful personality adjectives you have all chanches to get a desirable job!