Social Work

Cognitive Behavioral Theory

Cognitive-behavioral theory (CBT) is associated with the therapeutic method based on the postulate that the individual’s mood, behavior, and physical condition are determined by the basic set...


Defeating Homelessness with Specific Tactics in the USA

The homeless always caused irritation to the US political leaders. Homelessness is the reverse side of the hope that enticed millions of people looking for well-being and prosperity into moving...


The Role The Family Plays In Cultivating Delinquency

The paper starts with an explanation of the juvenile delinquency matter that has had an enormous impact on the society. The developments in the criminal justice structure in the United States with regard to juvenile cases are then addressed. It then follows to identify...


China’s One Child Policy should Become International Law

In the contemporary world, population of people is increasing at an alarming rate. According to researchers, it is estimated that by the next century, the world population will hit 10 billion people. Although religious people may perceive this as a major success...


International Relations: Why Some Countries Are Democratic and Others Are Not

Equality of rights and privileges has been the quest of many countries since time immemorial. Countries have been changing structures of government to have their citizens exercise their basic rights. Democratic spirit emphasizes on equality and justice...


Role of Money in Ming Society

Ever since the emergence of the need of money, it has become an integral part of the lives of almost every person on the earth. Beyond age, gender, race, and social status, money was and still is a measure of different relationships at all levels...

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