Social Work


According to researches, divorce occupies one of the highest places on a scale of stress. Divorce is a dramatic situation in family life when the developed relations of couple collapse, when two persons as a result of family conflicts or awareness of emotional estrangement decide to leave fall in order to live separately or resume searches of personal happiness.


Social Work and Social Care

Current concepts and strategies of contemporary ideas and strategies of “risk”, “power”, “difference” and “identity” are crucial and dynamic influences in social work theory and practice, and they can, thus, be anticipated to have a considerable influence on the ways in which social work is represented, practiced and estimated.


From the British Perspective, Its Empire was Both a Blessing and a Curse

The British Empire was the largest empire across the globe enjoying mass subject nations and colonies. While some people believe that the empire was a blessing because it improved the lives of the people who became part of it, others believe that it exploited people trough racism and intolerance.


Moral Codes

A moral code is a series of agreements that guide the actions of a group of people to guarantee their survival. The agreements define the right and wrong behavior or conduct approved or disapproved by a group. Morality is the act of being accord with the already set good conduct. Moral codes are created in any institution setting like society, country, and family or at a workplace.


Administration of Adult and Community Education

The history of adult and community education in the US can be traced back to the beginning of the country existence. However, its contemporary phase commenced during the social disruptions...


Captive Animals

In the society, there is a twofold attitude towards maintenance of animals in a zoo. At the time when some people enjoy the opportunity to see exotic animals and birds in the center...

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