Social Network Makes People Social Less or More Connect


Technology has taken the world to another level in almost all spheres of life. The invention of new ways of interaction has had a profound impact social trends. Currently, it is easy for people to communicate with their loved ones across the globe any time. Social media for instance, has injected a new culture of interaction in the society where gadgets play a crucial role in interpersonal conversations than the natural features of communication such as verbal means. In general, technology has revolutions the manner in which people socialize and conduct business. With the help of technology, people from different parts of the world interact and exchange ideas easily. Through modern forms of communication, people and society in general have improved the way of doing business leading to increased investment in the world. The introduction of social networks has provided a solution to the ever growing need and desire of people to socialize. Through social media, the society is always updated with the current happenings in the world. Even though the invention of social networks has improved interaction among people, the level at which people rely on online social networks currently poses a threat to innate social abilities and makes people less social. 

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Online social networking sites encourage people to interact through gadgets rather than through natural ways. The rapidly advancing technology has witnessed the growth and development of several social networking sites that give a platform on which people meet, interact and exchange ideas online. Social media has attracted millions of subscribers to the different sites, and the number keeps increasing daily. As a result, very many posts, photo uploads, and comments are seen on the subscribers accounts daily. The fact that most phones are internet enabled has played a role in popularizing social networks. As a result, people can easily access social networks anywhere on their phones and ipads. There increased use of social media users has generated concerns of whether social network makes people less social and more connected.

Although social media has a lot of followers, its use has been abused, and people are increasingly becoming less social. For instance, the subscribers rely on and concentrate more on social sites for news and information than on individuals. People depend on technology for solutions to daily life issues and challenges leading to minimal contact and interaction amongst human beings. Nowadays, people just post what they want and wait for comment from the friends on social media rather than meeting and engaging people in a face-to-face interaction. Hence, social network makes people social less. In addition, the fact that social network is less costly has made people less social. Of late, many people prefer the use of social media sites to connect and check out on friends than to make direct calls. Consequently, individuals get to know the state of their family and friends by following the posts and comments on their wall. Social occasions and ceremonies like birthdays are losing meaning due to the use of social network. For instance, social networking sites notify users about a friend’s birthday, and in turn, best wish replies are sent as a sign of togetherness instead of attending the ceremony in person. As a result, social network has made people less social. 

The ability to send messages on social network sites enhanced the communication of private information eliminating the possibility of making live voice calls amongst individuals. Social media users inbox each other and follow the profiles and walls of their friends eliminating the need to make personal contact. For instance, people do not visit and go out with friends and family but just hang out with them on social sites. Relying on social network for communication and interaction has reduced personal contact and interaction in today’s generation. As a result, interpersonal relationships and communication skills have deteriorated. The worsening and breakage of relationships is influenced by lack face to face interaction. Hence, social network weakens the need for physical interaction.

Recreational facilities have lost meaning in recent times due to the rise in social media users. This is due to the fact that most people are not willing to go out and spend time with relatives and friends, and to make new friends. Instead, people prefer to chat and make meet new friends through social media. For example, people can meet in a restaurant and leave one another without having a word since each of them is busy on the phone sharing with followers on social sites. In addition, use of social network has made a lot of people unable to initiate and maintain a live conversation. The inability to hang out with colleagues has made recreation centers boring because social network has made people anti-social.

Social network makes people think that they are close to each other by posting and commenting on posts and tweets, thus, foregoing the need to meet and have a live talk. Most posts on social sites are unrealistic since most people only post and upload pictures that imply they are comfortable. In addition, most subscribers fake their profiles and some of them merely spread propaganda through their walls. The assumption that being connected with people through social media is as well as having a real voice interaction has seen social networks make people less social.

Human beings spend most of their time online and have no time for other activities that spice up life. Youths glue themselves onto their phones and computers the whole day and have no time for physical exercises and play. As a result, most teenagers are socially and physically unfit. If the rate of development and use of social network continues increasing as it is witnessed today, then, it is evident that the coming generations will be social less. Unlike Skype, the remaining social sites contribute a lot in making people less social through making them lose live interaction and communication.

Indeed, social network makes people more connect. The introduction and development of social network provided a platform on which people interact and share ideas. Through social media, the world has been reduced into a small village where people connect and stay in touch. People from different countries in world have linked up and are sharing information that help develop the world. In addition, through the connection, people from different nations learn more about the activities and lifestyle of others over the world. For example, a resident of America can post a conversation that generates comments from followers in different countries. Through the comments, people understand how their friends from different states reason and approach life. Hence, social network makes people more connected and less social.

All social networking sites have millions of subscribers. Having large numbers of followers is an indication that many people are connected. Nowadays, people are more connected than before. As a result, a single post or photo upload can attract a lot of comments from people from different parts of the world. Being more connected has led to reduced face-to-face interaction since people communicate and share ideas through social sites. On the other hand, social network has made more people connected and getting world news and information timely. As a result, people are very informed and aware of the status quo. For instance, if something has happened in a country, the news spreads to the whole world within a short time since people are more connected. Through the connection, opinions and ideas are raised enhancing effective decision making. Therefore, it is true that social network makes people less social.

People crowd in cyber cafes while others spent more time on their internet enabled phones chatting on social media. Consequently, every second, new posts and comments are made on social sites. Frequent posts shows that people are more connected than before. It is also noted that it is cheap and easy to connect and use social networking sites Noor, Hana S.,. Hence, more individuals prefer staying online and communicating through social media to other forms of communication that are costly. In addition, communication through social network is effective and lively since it guarantees immediate feedback. As a result, social network makes people more connected. On the other hand, people have friends and relatives in different countries and meeting them for face to face communication might be expensive. Hence social media is used to ensure people keep in touch more frequently. The introduction of social network has made people more connected in order to maintain long distance friendship amongst people. 

Social networks make people more connected through the efficient services offered to the subscribers. For instance, linkedln connects professionals from different fields together and keeps updating the followers about current job opportunities and emerging issues in the world. Such services motivate people to connect and learn from others. In addition, most of the social sites update and remind the subscribers whenever comments and posts are made on their accounts. Through the reminders, people visit the sites frequently to see what the posts are about. It is therefore, easy for a user to stay online and connected. 

On the other hand, most people have argued that social networks are an excellent invention and must be embraced by the society. According to those who favor use of social media, social networks provide a rare avenue of interaction, where people can have constant communication and exchange ideas irrespective of their geographical locations. Similarly, those who favor use of social networks maintain that social media platforms have speeded business processes because negotiations can be carried out through media. However, this still does not negate the fact that social networks have impacted negatively on people’s innate communication and social skills. Increased of use social media have weakened and threaten to the development of natural social skills among people. Therefore, if this scenario escalates, the society will be more connected but less social. 


It is true that social network makes people less social or more connected. The current generation is addicted to social media sites and forgetting the need and importance of voice communication. As a result life has lost it true taste since human beings are not willing to spend time with friends and relatives. In addition, over dependence on technology has made people lose confidence and trust in each other. Social network has caused increased spread of lies and propaganda. Hence, the use of social networking sites must be regulated. People have to come to their senses and reconsider their actions and way of life. For life to be interesting and worth, people need to visit and hang out with each other. In addition, interpersonal interaction should be incorporated in relationships to enable both parties understand each other. Non-verbal cues make conversations interesting and more understandable. As a result, it is important for people to meet and have a conversation rather than relying too much on the use of social network. On the hand, real voice interaction compels the parties to tell the truth and people gets to know the true state of those whom they are communicating with. Leisure time is important in peoples’ life, hence, people should spare some time and have some physical exercises for a health life.