Modern Political Thought

Barak asserts that human dignity is concerned with the respect given to people regardless of their position, age, or origin within the society. Moreover, it is associated with the unconditional recognition of a human being as an individual within the country. Therefore, Arendt is right to insist that human dignity needs a new guarantee that could come through a new law on earth. Dignity is something that individuals could learn. Therefore, states could ensure that it is given a new guarantee through the emphasis on an education, which offers room for an understanding of the concept. Human dignity needs a new guarantee because it is the basis for fundamental human rights and for the development of people’s potentials and skills. Moreover, it is the heart of human identity, which allows persons to feel respected and valued in the society as it is the major priority. The ‘right to have rights’ is sufficient to fill this role because it guarantees and protects the fundamental rights of individuals. The duty of the state is to ensure the protection of the fundamental rights of individuals. Everyone should always be allowed to enjoy their freedom within the state regardless of the positions they hold in the society. This essay explicates the view that human dignity needs a new guarantee because of its significance for human rights. The essay also proves that human dignity is the basis for the realization of human potentials, which enhances respect among individuals.

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Why Human Dignity Needs New a Guarantee

Firstly, human dignity needs a new guarantee because it is inviolable and forms the basis for the fundamental human rights. The dignity of individuals is not only a fundamental right in itself, but also a basis for the recognition of fundamental rights. It plays an instrumental role in the determination of fundamental rights such as the right to life and the right to liberty. Individuals are supposed to enjoy these rights freely without any sense of interference. With a new guarantee, it is easier to protect these rights and make sure that people identify with them in the most effective manner. Their recognition ensures the protection and guarding of human lives without potential infringements by either the state or other personalities. Totalitarian leaders cannot have the authority to take over the fundamental rights of individuals in instances where human dignity is given a new guarantee through constitutional protection. Its essence in securing the fundamental rights of individuals should go a long way in ensuring that sufficient measures are put in place for their protection and subsequent implementation. The best thing about human dignity as a basis for fundamental rights is that it does not limit people regarding their age, color, national origins, or even religions. Furthermore, human dignity as the basis for fundamental rights also presupposes serious consequences of the violation of these rights, hence enhancing the protection given to individuals.

Secondly, the understanding that human dignity is the heart of human identity implies that it directly needs a new guarantee. Without human dignity, it would be difficult to recognize humans as humans. Human dignity needs a new guarantee because it sets the ground for the recognition of humans based on various respects such as lesbian, gay, transgendered, and intersex identity. Most individuals associated with identities such as lesbianism had found it difficult to fit into the society. The reasons for that include increased levels of discrimination and abuse people received from others who felt to hold a superior identity. The absence of a new guarantee of human dignity tends to affect the respect that individuals have relating to others’ private life. In addition, it might result in increased incidences of degradation and mistreatment of individuals. Some people are likely to be criminalized for trying to associate with a particular identity within the society. Therefore, a new guarantee would ensure that they are free to enjoy their full identities without being victimized by any other person within the society. Therefore, Arendt is right to affirm that human dignity needs a new guarantee, as it would automatically enhance the identities of individuals. This process will go a long way in building a strong society with diverse identities, which every person in the society respects and values.

Thirdly, human dignity is the basis for the realization of human skills and potentialities in the society. A new guarantee should be offered regarding human dignity because it is the only way that could enable individuals exhibit their skills and fulfil their potential in the most effective manner. It is understood that free people are more determined and focused on the realization of goals as compared to individuals who are always subject to pressure from the government or others. More so, free people have more opportunities for realizing their goals and potentials in cases where they have maximum support of a democratic government that does not limit the ownership of property and self-determination. They get the opportunity to associate and interact with one another, hence sharing relevant ideas for the success of the society. The contribution of human identity to the realization of the goals of the society confirms the significance of implementing a new guarantee to human dignity. The element of human dignity is vital in itself because it is concerned about the good of the whole society through an open system of working and ownership of the property. Thus, the role of the government in the system is to guard individuals’ private property. Furthermore, it should ensure that they are moving forward in the best ways possible toward the creation of more wealth with their abilities as humans. The new guarantee is directly concerned with giving individuals more freedoms to understand what they would not have realized in the totalitarian system. The state should take advantage of this understanding. Consequently, it should work toward a more efficient system of ensuring that societal members have the opportunity to advance their interests with a high level of dignity irrespective of their backgrounds.

More so, human dignity needs a new guarantee because it promotes respect and value among individuals in the society. Everyone in the world or the country deserves a high level of respect and value in the course of living and interacting with others in the societal system. A new guarantee for human dignity would automatically lead to a higher level of respect and value for all individuals owing to the clear statement in the constitution and the assertion of clear standards that need to be observed when dealing with different groups of individuals. Accordingly, a new guarantee affirms the minimum levels of treating and associating with all individuals within the society, hence leading to mutual respect among all individuals, including those in power. Respect would come naturally to people in cases where the element of human dignity is given a new guarantee. The government will not be left behind in terms of supporting initiatives to respect individuals irrespective of their origins or even gender. All the laws passed are always supposed to reflect the view of respect and protection of all the rights of people in an open manner. Moreover, they should not be selective concerning a given number of individuals. It leads to a near perfect society where persons co-exist with one another in a peaceful manner build on high levels of respect and understanding. Respect and value for other individuals play an instrumental role in ensuring that tolerance is boosted, as people from different racial backgrounds can live together without animosities among them. This process should begin with the state’s firm position on the matter through a new guarantee.

The fact that human dignity is relative means that it needs a new guarantee. It implies that human dignity is an element that varies radically with changes in time, beholder, or even the place in which an individual lives. For instance, the human dignity in the Victorian ages cannot be compared to the contemporary one due to the varying political systems during these periods. Times have changed over the years, and the views on the dignity of humans have kept changing with the transformation of the political systems around the globe and different countries. Thus, it is only reasonable if a new guarantee is to be given to human rights to continuously accommodate the changes that are happening. In addition, it should also ensure that everyone has a place in the society. Ignoring new guarantees means that outdated and authoritarian constitution that did not necessarily value the aspect of human life will guide the human race. The relativeness of human dignity also means that the time has come when individuals could be given the opportunity to participate directly in the decision-making processes of their countries without the interference of the political systems. For instance, a new guarantee would naturally bestow voting rights and responsibilities of individuals, hence enabling them to exercise their democratic right of choosing leaders. New accommodations are also made easily with the understanding that the dignity of humans will not be constant in the given period. Autonomy emanates gradually from this recognition and appreciation of the essence of the changes in the dignity of humans over a period. A new guarantee should be offered to give individuals the ability the personality they receive from the independence that comes through the autonomy that is received.  

Is the ‘Right to Have Rights’ Sufficient to Fill this Role?

The ‘right to have rights’ is sufficient to fill this role, especially because it recognizes an entity referred to as a state and its significance of a state in terms of protecting the rights and freedoms of individuals. In tandem with the ‘right to have rights’, it is recognizable that individuals have rights and freedoms that needed to be secured and protected in the most effective manner possible. Some of the rights include the right to life and the freedom of worship among individuals. In the modern political world, these rights are fully available to every individual and play an instrumental role in ensuring that people live in the best ways possible. The ‘right to have rights’ basically recognizes the essence of the Universal Human Rights framework supposed to be accessible to everyone equally. The recognition of these rights is instrumental in ensuring that all individuals are living in line with the requirements of the state. In tandem with this, it establishes a firm contract between the state and the citizen of the country to protect all the rights and freedoms of individuals. The state should meet its part of the contract through the constitution, which offers a direction relating to the way in which individuals should be treated and the consequences of not respecting others in the society. It should offer direction on the punishment that should be given to individuals in cases where they infringe on the rights of others through elements such as war or displacement from their original areas of occupation.

Furthermore, the ‘right to have rights’ is sufficient to fill this role because it promotes the accommodation and integration of individuals into the rights and freedoms framework regardless of their state. Apart from talking about the role of the state in the protection of rights and freedoms, it also recognizes the view that some individuals might be stateless. However, they have similar rights and freedoms as compared to those recognized by the state. The virtue of their statelessness should not be the basis for their discrimination because, in this case, it is a direct infringement of their rights and freedoms. Once they come into the country, they have similar rights enjoyed by native citizens of the country and should be respected in line with this position. It is helpful in leading to the realization of a unified world where all individuals regardless of their national origins are accommodated and brought into the system of the country. This emphasis comes from the assertion that statelessness does not only affect the private and family lives, but also the state and the international community. It means that there should be no ignorance of the rights and freedoms of the incoming stateless individuals in the country. Marginalized communities might also get their rights to fight for their freedoms within the state, hence ensuring they are absorbed within the system. Rendering individuals and communities stateless is tantamount to denying their rights. However, they always have the chance of fighting for their rights and living in a manner that matches the fundamental requirements of human rights.


In conclusion, the human dignity needs a new guarantee because it is the best way to draw the identity of an individual. Individuals subscribe to different ways of thought in terms of sexual orientation and human dignity makes it easier for all these people to get respect in the capacities they hold in line with these attitudes. Moreover, it is the best way to ensure the promotion and respect of the fundamental human rights in the best way possible. The rights and freedoms of all individuals are always promoted and appreciated within the country. The significance of human dignity in promoting respect and value among individuals is helpful in indicating the importance of the whole concept of human rights. The goal of the state should be to understand the rights of individuals and protect them in the most effective manner. The state needs to start by recognizing the view that all people are equal and, therefore, should be treated in an equal manner irrespective of their origins or backgrounds within the country. Moreover, they should be given equal rights and freedoms because of the understanding of their virtue as human beings living within the state. The ‘right to have a right’ is sufficient to fill this role because it leads to the recognition of the rights and freedoms of individuals whether they belong to the state or not. It plays an instrumental role in giving people access to various rights they could not enjoy without being a citizen of the state. In the overall sense, modern politics should focus on the protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals through an open and democratic constitution.