Threats from Genetically Modified Foods


In the world today, the existence of the Genetic modification has become a standard issue, specifically in the food industry. It is the actual manipulation and changes in the DNA of various plants and animals by the human beings with an attempt of coming with the best of the existing. This is done through various technological advancements, which operates in these subjects by inserting genetic substances from a species to other related ones aiming to give either the plant or the animal a whole new quality, an ‘improvement’ of the existing one. It involves characteristics and abilities such as producing a pesticide. The DNA, however, could not be in existence naturally just on their own, and therefore, they are considered not as perfect as the technicians involved in producing their claim. 

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Research indicates that some of the genetic plants by this technology are found to have genetic substances from the soil whereby by inserting these elements to the crops, kills any insects that could destroy them. The genetic organisms have also been traced in the production of herbicide resistance which is commonly used in the United States and all over the world by agriculturalists and thereby almost every food consumed by individuals today are genetically modified unless they grow the foods by themselves. Although genetic modification is considered useful by farmers and agriculturalists in the fight against pesticides and crop diseases, the introduced organisms have been reported to have distinct drawbacks, especially to the consumer’ health. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the existence of genetically modified foods in the world today and their potential threats in which they pose to the consumers.

Description and Explanation of the Threats

The debate about the genetically modified foods has been building up for ages now, especially in America while the federal government has never done anything to solve the problem. The GM foods, therefore, have continued to be produced in the market all along regardless of the threats that are considered to drag along with them. Smith claims that these threats are feared to cause even more damage in the future if relevant steps and solutions are not taken into consideration It is because various companies dealing with seed production of different crops do not only have control of the genetically modified seeds but the whole of the seed supply in America. The dangers associated with the GM foods are widely categorized upon different sectors including economically, but the most efficient one being health related risks as described and explained by this study.

According to Mather’s, there is evidence from environmental professionals that Bacillus Thuringiensis, substances from the soil will directly impact the human health. He adds that this is definite through the damage of the ileum that can lead to the production of chronic diseases such as fecal incontinence associated with the digestive system of the consumers. This, according to research is among the very threats that face individual with frequent consumption of the genetically modified foods, as the substances accumulate in the body through simple meals that they take without no idea or no single warning from the producers of the same either. 

Scientists have been reported to conduct research about the America’s famous corns that are genetically modified. Their study involved determining the possible threats to the human health by the use of lab rats to establish the effects of the GM food upon many aspects of existing lives, whereby the mice were fed, and their condition monitored for a given period, concerning their weight, their metabolism, gene expression, immunological reactions, body mass, number of offspring to be reproduced and many other human-related aspects. Another particular group of mice was also secluded but fed the conventional food mice feed on with no single GM cones. The outcomes were composed after duration of time and was recorded that the mice fed on corn had a significantly higher mortality rate than the other group of mice that were not fed with the GM corn. Forman indicates that the genetically modified corn fed to the mice had an overall effect on the reproduction process with a decrease in fertility rate. The same type of corns being the ones sold and fed to human beings all across the world show the particular threat to the fertility rate of the consumers and the generation to come in the future. 

The gene expression from the GM corn fed mice articulated that 1016 genes were differentially expressed with their abilities in different biological processes reported to have decreased abundantly, including the capacity to break down the absorbed proteins in their bodies, the sensory perception and the ion transport in their system observed to be very limited as their growth in GM corns increased. This would automatically result to serious complexities in the future since their bodies, had already ticked down the death clock. About the human beings, this would take a little longer period for them since their life span are entirely different and longer than the mice’s. The problem would, however, kick in at any particular time in future, upon large consumption of these certain type of food and an overall death altogether. 

The GM corns commonly known as the Monsanto’s transgenic MON810 had been created by the use of DNA sequence from the bacteria meant to protect against fungus. According to the Italian researchers, about the immunological reactions of the corn to the human bodies, the GM corn consumption results to long-term changes in the immune system of the gut, the spleen, and the circulatory system. This is highly claimed to attribute to the differences in protein expression in the body which as a result, the inflammatory and allergic responses in the body arising to an extent of causing infectious agents like the asthmas and gastrointestinal symptoms as well as arthritis. The effects can widely be recognized in the world today due to the increased number of such diseases like arthritis and asthma among children and the old too. This is mainly brought about by the decrease in the immune system of the individuals with an increase in their consumption of the genetically modified corns along with a lot of other foods of the same type. 

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According to McHughen, fans of GMO claim that these kinds of foods can help reduce world hunger and reduce the deaths that come along with it while in the real sense the opposite is the actual truth. As explained, the genetically modified crops foods are not capable of producing more food or apply the use of fewer pesticides. The presence of the resistance weeds among the plants calls for more herbicides and insecticides than the standard rate, to eliminate this situation. The increase of the chemicals increases the effect of the GM crops even further. The resulting effect on the human bodies upon the discussed effects becomes a huge problem leading to future deaths and complications more than in the hunger situation which can be avoided with other measures in the same.


The GM modified crops and animals in the production of food supplies are a significant threat that the world is facing today. The effects observed and reported the more are mainly from the United States of America, the origin of the GM corn which has also been widely supplied among nations with hunger threats and deaths. From the related threats and effects of these foods as suggested by research, help combat should, therefore, be put in place to fight the existence and mainly the production of GMO in the world to secure the health status of the world in future. People should disregard usage of these foods by making sure that the sources from which they buy food are accepted and genuine. They should also involve themselves in planting their crops by acquiring seeds from trusted organizations.