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All the time I have remembered myself, I wished got a good education that would permit me to be helpful to a society and become a successful qualified person in the community. My name is Haifa Hassan. I am a student at University of Maryland Eastern Shore completing a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Business Administration and planning on applying to a Master’s Degree in this field of studying. With my professional ten years of experience in Office Administration and Sales, I am convinced I merit to be selected for your University Scholarship. Being a conscientious student I assign myself to successfully take advantage of a great opportunity that your scholarship will grand me. 

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It is my strong belief that education is the major key to success. I always try to connect my passion for knowledge with the desire of getting new experience. During last ten years I have successfully tried myself as a mentor, mechanic/wire harnesses assembler, administrative assistant at UNESCO, office manager & senior coordinator at Global Training Group Overseas for Education. Working as an English language instructor has improved my skills greatly in this field of studying. The experience as a sales associate and executive secretary developed my personality and prepared me successfully for a society in the future. I have always tried to work hard academically as well as improve my community's quality of life by doing volunteer work by being an AmeriCorps SOS Member. 

The university scholarship would permit me to devote more time to my studying and make perfect my academic results. It is a great opportunity that will enlarge my chances of becoming a successful business administrator. 

In addition, this scholarship can greatly help me to obtain my career goals that may fundamentally change my life. I am sure that awarding me your University Scholarship is a core to my professional and successful future. 

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