Political Sciences


The separation of powers is a constitutional document that was created from the writings of an early philosopher Montesquieu the spirit of the rules of the US. In his book, he suggested the ways that would enhance proper management of the operations of the people in the government. The monitoring and evaluation of the government issues had been a significant challenge in the old days in the US. As a result, Montesquieu through his writing suggested that the government should have three arms so as to share different powers and responsibility to each arm. The separation of powers was aimed to enhance monitoring in that each arm would assess the performance of the other with criticism or support. 

As a result, different people gave their opinions and views for the advanced process. The doctrine became famous in the nation. People such as John Locke advocated for the adoption of the law while others such as Thomas Hobbes criticized the law. Therefore, different people had different views on this doctrine. However, in the long-run the citizens were educated on the importance of the system and with no time, it was adopted by the government.

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This doctrine advocate for the splitting of the government into three bodies the judicial, executive, and legislative arms. Each of the minor branches was delegated with specific responsibilities and roles. The executive branch was responsible for the law enforcement, the legislature for law making, and the judiciary implementing the law.  Moreover, the executive branch was to be headed by the president; the executive was to be divided into the house of citizen representatives and senate. Additionally, the judiciary represented the court system of the country.

The separation power aimed at curbing the existence of dictatorship in the nation. It was assumed that through the mandate of all powers on one person or faculty the people of America would quickly lose their voice. As a result, each of the branches was given sovereign powers from the other and the responsibility to monitor the other groups’ action. To ensure efficiency, all the groups' roles were closely related to each other in that one group depended on the other for making changes in their administrative roles.  The dependence created a chance for the checks and balances of each of the branch of the government. Through the implementation of these reforms, the federal government was expected to be more efficient in its performance.

Besides, the forefathers of the nation had seen the changes that were created by the revolution of the Enlightenment error. The population of the country had developed a greater knowledge of their rights and had more influence on the way they were governed. On the other side, the people in the power had turned to be more self-centered. Therefore, the forefathers could foresee the impending danger of dictatorship and corrupt government. As a result, a greater population the nation advocated for the separation of power. The system was enhanced to ensure that there was the existence monitoring in the government. Moreover, there were supposed to be evaluation basis on which the government performance would be assessed. However, there were challenges attached to the separation of powers.  Other philosophers in the error felt that this was a wrong idea. For example, Thomas Hobbes states that ‘ the resources of the nation will be misused by employing a multitude to run the country.'  According to Thomas, the division of powers of the government would lead people to open more offices and delegating duties to more people. As a result, the government official will be unreasonably large to control. More of the people with selfish intention will indulge in the ruling and executing of the government duties. The increase of the inappropriate offices in the nation would lead to lesser the effectiveness in the management of resources. 

Moreover, according to philosophers James Madison and John Locke, the proposed law was suitable for the changes needed and better growth of the US. The proposed constitution would empower commitment of the chosen leaders and ensure that they practice loyalty to the citizens. John Locke stated, ‘the separation of powers create more responsibility of the leaders to the desires of the people.' James Madison is known for his famous quote,‘ the nation is bigger than one person, and should not be entrusted to an individual body to run it.' 

The views of every person were sensible, influencing and cultivating to the population of America. However, the voice of the citizens would be reflected through the actions of their leaders. With the enlightenment of the people, more sensitivity to the way their rights were observed was a crucial need. As a result, there was considerable advocacy for the adoption of the constitution. In the end, the constitution was accepted in the American way of governance. After, years of exercise of the structure in America, other nations found the essence of adopting separation of mandates in their political system. Today, the majority of the countries in the world have the judicial, executive, and legislative arms of government in their system.

The constitution was a great promise to the citizens of fairness and justice in the way they are governed. However, the fruits of the good governance through the constitution did not last long enough. Today, the constitution is less of its original document. Several,  developments have been made in the constitution and power is being direct to the federal government again. More of the powers have been directed to the federal government, and other bodies are influenced by this major body. Therefore, the local government has become a primary branch state. The judicial and legislative powers no longer shaped but controlled by the executive organ of the nation. The President has more powers than he had in the earlier days. As a result, it has become hard to monitor and access the operations of the government. Besides, through the many amendments and multi divisions of management, it 's hard to evaluate the best actions that should be undertaken to enhance the nation's government success. Moreover, the leaders barely consider the citizens of the country for they have become self-centered. Corruption has become part of their living making the country management poor, divided, and less useful. The amendments are made for the development of the country, but in return, they create more loopholes for failure due to the management of many people with different intention.

In my opinion, the separation power is a good idea in the governance of a nation. When more people are involved in a decision-making process, a better result is expected, and minimal errors are likely to occur. Moreover, when managing a big firm overlooking some issues is likely to happen if the delegation of duty is not made. Therefore, with the separation of power a nation's aspects are well managed due to the delegation of power. Moreover, each of the branch monitors and controls the operations of others, as a result, more effectiveness is attained in the country. Additionally, separation of power is an excellent strategy for controlling corruption that is created by the greed of the leaders in the nation today.


The enlightenment age was the source of freedom and good governance of the resources of the world by leaders. People were made to understand their worth, their rights, and their needs. As a result, good management is being adopted in different countries today. The constitution doctrine has highly contributed to the growth of the leadership of nations in the world.