Personal and Professional Development


Personal and Professional Development only refers to the process of giving support to people in a workplace set up by making more conversant with their working environment. The job they do and to do it effectively are also essential features in personal and professional development. The world is fast changing by which social, legislative, and economic growth has direct effects on the environment in which people lives and work. Additionally, technology advancement brings in radical diverse working ways. Personal and professional development provides a platform that helps people to broaden their skills, keep abreast of more practical work.   

These aspects are personal ambitions of becoming better practitioners, enhance personal career prospects or to have increased confidence in one’s work and at the same time make it more fulfilling. In this essay, a detailed exploration will be undertaken on how reflective practice can improve personal and professional development, practice and contribution to the quality of service provision in the health and social care setting. In addition, a reflection on own personal assistance to individuals support, Assessment on how the role of helping clients in own workplace influences results from my own culture and experience influence and finally, A Comparison of own personal values and principles with support in the workplace will be made.

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Professional Development    

This can be a climbing ladder into higher qualifications or job prospects that are of a higher rank. Professional development can also be a request by a professional body to hold on a professional status. This can take the form of meeting set goals and targets by the performance administration schemes or a chance for an individual to change his or her career path. Professional development forms a crucial part of the working lives and also is a representation of the means for employers to give support to their staff. It can also assist in the access to specialized structure training; working practices review, and put in more productive and profitable business. 

There are benefits to health and social care workers to have a systematic skills and knowledge maintenance, broadening and improvement of personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional and technical duties throughout an individual's working life. The key benefit for a personal and career development is on improved quality of service. The level of job satisfaction and career opportunities increases. Although despite of the many positive benefits of PPD in this sector there are a few negatives such as it is not all workers who receive these developments while other do not have a career path which results in job dissatisfaction and eventually a reduced quality of service.


In the context of own personal contributions to the support of individuals undergoing momentous life events, it is important that workers in the health and social care setting to evaluate their personal capability, as well as, personal growth aspirations. According to Leathard  every individual’s performance in health and social care set up is crucial. The following is an outline of personal contributions of a social care worker; the first approach is always informing the fellow colleagues on own activates within an appropriate level of detail. An individual should behave in such a way that gives support to the working team with an aim of making it more efficient. This implies that the actions language, speech, gestures, verbal and written communication remains polite always. Sharing relevant ideas, views and job related information with workmates is also a significant contribution to health and social career professional development. On the other hand accepting other’s people ideas and information to make working session’s smoother and offering assistance in a responsive and helpful way at any time it is required are excellent personal contributions.

An Assessment   

Personal culture and experience influence a person’s role in giving support to clients and colleagues in a workplace and happens where an inclusive workplace is applied. In an inclusive work environment, principles of fairness, equality, respect and dignity are promoted and forms part of an organization’s behavior and goals. These qualities build up a personal culture among the employees that help them treat each other and clients with dignity. The workforce in this kind of a culture represents a local community of customers. 

The workforce representatives a local community or clients and every employee is encouraged to grow and progress. On the other hand, barriers faced by a particular group are noted and action in order to address them. The organization is conscious of any potential pull within the workplace and acts to anticipate and address them. Personal culture is likely to triumph in an environment where skills and talents of all people are valued. Improvement in the Productivity and customer service are experienced due to the fact that the workforce, motivated and more conversant that benefits that such a culture can bring. Workplace values the behaviors and attitudes drivers that are essential in health and social care set up. Personal culture and contribution influence the effectiveness of a workforce. The effectiveness influence from my own contribution can be triggered in various ways. For example, a person may be conversant with the legislation, good practice and policies that are crucial to the health and social care; thus he or she can provide a better service to clients. Moreover, his or her colleagues are benefited as well. This develops teamwork, and an effective communication is enhanced between workmates. Therefore, lots clients misunderstanding, conflict, ambiguity, mistrust, and backstabbing, can be avoided. An individual may also be clear about a particular idea thus specifying roles that they can perform better becomes easy. In addition, being conversant with numerous cultures and values can inspire workmates and clients. Leadership, time management skills can result in helping colleagues and customers, and people can be able to follow such a personal culture.  

Comparison of Personal Values and Principles with the Principles of Support for Working in Workplace    

Personal values are the essence of which a person is a human being. They have influence every decision and move that a person makes, even to the point of how one chooses to make our decisions. As a result of the role that values play in person’s life recognizing, articulating and understanding one's own value is a critical move in the sound decision-making. Personal principles and values assist in choosing an employee’s job allegiance and performance. Once an individual manages to discover a meaningful alignment of personal values and principles with those of the employer a strong connection is created and this makes it possible to come up with various prospects for both individual development and company output.  

In a workplace work, an individual employee may come across various managers who are in possession of principles and values that appear substantively different. These differences may initially present a challenge and even create a potential conflict in continuing the working relationship. 


The people who have not experienced new changes and development in their personal values lives a life focused on achieving business success in their career as professional health and social care professionals. These new developments improve a person’s physical health, financial growth and stability and the social relationship in workplace improves as well as personal developments brings in a change in an individual’s attitudes and values. Those who undergo these developments they are able to turn their negative and closed mindset into an active and open one towards the social care and health sector. It becomes more realistic and practical that lessens a person's perfectionism and idealism.  

In every work setting, one strives to accomplish great achievements in our global economy, and it’s crucial to have in mindset that values endure, non-negotiable, unchanging, and absolute. In a workplace where personal values are perplexing, values bid touchstones defining worker's actions, decisions, and the manner in workers relates to each other. In general developments and changes on personal values can improve the entire turning point of an individual in a workplace.


Personal and professional development is an important process especially when giving support in a health and social care organization; the following are some of the recommendations that can work out for individuals and their social networks, raising awareness: in this case Health and Social Care workers undergo suitable training to have an awareness and understandings in this sector of their duties. A safe and effective care should be advocated through personal and professional development. Knowledge and skills: The Health and Social Care organizations should have a value for skilled workforce by ensuring that they undergo continuous professional development, and by setting systems in place to support them.