LED Bulbs Save Substantial Energy


The article selected for this analysis is that on LED Bulbs Save Substantial Energy, a Study Finds published in The New York Times by Taub. It reports the campaign for a LED bulb that was expected to build up the energy conservation that would work for the betterment of the society. It helps to ensure the way in which the civil societies can influence the community positively. Normally, the civil society tries to pick up an issue affecting the public and runs with it. Like in this case, this particular scenario involved the community being made to understand the need to eliminate pollution in the environment as well as that of the introduction of the lesser cost saving approach mechanism. It underscores the need to improving the development of the community in one way or the other. Though governments may not easily embrace the works of the civil groups, they are instrumental in the economic improvement within any country. The paper analyzes the situation presented in the article based on three concepts; humanitarianism, community development and economy.

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Article Case Situation

Community Development

This concept of community development strengthens the actions of the civil society hence prioritizing the community actions. Through the concept, civil societies are able to help push the government to aim at developing the society socially, economically and physically through the empowerment of persons at the local levels. Evidently, it is through participating in community development that the activeness of the citizens empowered by the civil societies through various groups, organizations and networks can be determined. Such actions like the introduction of this kind of energy saving bulb at the local levels seeks to promote active democracy as the less fortunate disadvantaged group can be helped through such for improved living standards.

It cannot be disputed that indeed the energy saving bulbs were meant to promote the development of the community. A study by Aliyev also uploaded the technology noting that it helps to improve the economy of a country as well as saving the environment in which the company operates. Though it has been argued that these bulbs production process utilizes much more energy than even the normal incandescent bulbs, the civil society groups will need to conduct further research on the claim. However, Taub has argued that the heat energy used for the illumination process increases but such would generally affect all the lamps. By promoting the use of more efficient technologies in terms of energy consumption, it is obvious that the community will be able to save for investment. The end result will be improved living standard and thus, development within the community.

The argument above is in line with the aim of civil societies. In fact, from civil societys origin in 16th century when Ferguson Adam came up with the thought, its operations has been linked to the state since it is all about developing the community. As stated in the class notes, policies which are aimed at developing the community should be prioritized so that the civil society involved can enhance social capital building as well as trust. At the same time they can respond to the community needs more flexibly and innovatively as they did when the energy saving bulb was introduced into the markets. As per the perspective of the community, civil organizations should help in the process of promoting active democratic life. However, the challenges like the non-uniform society, lack of unity and lack of proper time to make decisions might affect the sales of the bulbs in the local markets. For instance, where there is a feeling that the cost of a single bulb is costly or overpriced, the poor may not be in a position to afford it even if it is cost-effective in the long run.

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Right from its onset in the 16th century, the main advantage of the non-profit organizations operating in the community has been to influence the operations of the locals in the society. This can be seen in the major concerns of some of the philosophers who were propagators of civil society groups. The campaigners in the article took this aspect into account as can be seen through a study by Fulda & Palgrave Connect. The study added that in the process of calculating the life cycle of the LED lamps, all aspects of manufacturing have to be considered including energy used in manufacturing, packaging, and transport to the market centers. They warn that the emissions if not looked into well can result in the global warming which if not managed well may inhibit growth and development. According civil societys voice, the new technology will enhance economic growth among the population while at the same time helping develop the community especially in the German set in which the selling of the bulbs is taking place.


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The issue is a concern to civil societies because emissions that may come due to the pollution of the environment are greenhouse gas emission. Such emissions increase the probability of acid rains, photochemical ozone creation, eutrophication, and release of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. All these implications result into scarcity of oil, coal and gas production in a country, which are harmful to the environment; destroying the natural environment which should be protected from any form of exploitation. At the same time, the compact fluorescent has mercury which is very much harmful and may pollute the soils where the discarding of the materials is done. Dangerous emissions that might result into the environmental pollutions influences the various ways of the control of the pollution within the community. The bulbs were, therefore, fought in some countries, and it took the courage of the innovators to penetrate the market in selling the bulbs.


Another area that the civil societies may want to address in this aspect is the prices of this particular bulbs and lamps, which are still expensive. It means they cannot be afforded by the vulnerable and the poor in the community who are the major target in the society. It means organizations will be committed to try and produce bulbs which are cost-effective and can still reduce the energy consumption. The overall effect is the positive developments by the whole process of conservation.

Even with the advantages of such initiatives fronted by the civil society, there is a need for non-profit organizations to work closely with the governments of the day to ensure success. The two should not be parallel since they have the same agenda of improving the living standards of the people they represent. With this, according to Yu, there is no ground upon which the government may fail to support such initiatives in the society as they seek to influence the way of thinking of the people. In fact, it is profitable for the functionality of the government to be inclined into such programs for improved performance and less wastage of resources in lobbying and settling disputes. The article is a true demonstration that with a good cooperation between the stakeholders, the net result will be greater success; thus, improved economy.

It is expected that as the number of the civil societies and the like-minded associations increase their involvement in the development of the economies of their community, the society has increasingly recognized the rights of individuals as well as corporate. However, it must be noted that in the absence of social arrangements and associations, the political and civil rights and economic and social rights cannot be secure. Edwards added that the societies have since then become very much critical so that liberal democracy is gradually being established. From Lecture 7 of the class notes, there is need for understanding of the nature of scarcity of resources to make people accept such changes as the use of the bulbs as a better means through which the scarce resources can be conserved. It is evident that the bulbs will in the long run help its users save their resources as well as the environment and experience sustainability both in terms of the use of their resources and environmentally.


The scenario that has been presented here of the introduction of the energy saving bulb can and has improved the community greatly as a result of the more energy being saved. This whole idea is introduced by a non-profit body with an aim of improving the living standards of the people. Through working closely with the government, civil organizations can easily overcome one of the challenges that have been affecting them when it comes to improving the living standards of the people, the lack of financial muscle. With such a good mutual relationship between the two parties, the civil societies can perform to their full capacity in supporting humanitarian initiatives as well as those initiatives meant to boost the economy and development.