Intentionality vs. Usage


In the era of the twenty first century, there have surfaced fresh waves of digital media technologies, which have altered the many aspects of the society, these waves include You Tube, MySpace, Twitter, Face book, including several other sites that have had a huge following and have impacted the social, information, and political activities of individuals or companies existing in the global perspective.

Social Media is currently being utilized as a platform that could be accessed by all individuals who are in a position to access the internet. In essence, increased utilization of the internet by brands have been found to foster brand awareness and in most cases enhancing customer service. In addition, social media serves as a low cost platform for organizations to carry out their marketing campaigns. However, similar to other media platforms, social media have also its side of demerits especially if not controlled. This is why it is critical for organizations to create social media policy, monitoring and metrix to ensure that the platform is used to achieve its purpose.

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In particular, You Tube has been proved to be an exciting new area for business entities to market their products. By combining  videos  that are  content rich and  playlists,  customers  can  get  a step  closer  to specific products  and brands. This strategy has been very effective for marketers owing to the fact it allows the narrowing of the conversion funnel. Because of YouTube’s high traffic, it becomes essential for business entities to begin understanding how to exploit this avenue in order to increase their revenues. Business markets ought to understand that the effectiveness of online marketing depends on the quality of content, thus necessitating professionalism when creating such content.


Business leaders today have either embraced or still figuring out on how to embrace the digital media in this dynamic business environment. This is because; the digital media can be effectively used in evaluating the level of market awareness, and uncovering new insights in business categories. Organizations have found out that consumer conversations can be analyzed through online means at both category and product level. 

The development of You Tube in marketing platforms has been increasingly used by organizations in building social signals that are very crucial in many SEO digital marketing campaigns. Apparently, the emergence of various media platforms has offered internet markers a broader range of marketing opportunities in building brand visibility over the internet. How the company’s website is ranked on the search engine may have a great impact with regard to conversion rate, lead acquisition and customer relations.

Integration of You Tube marketing with search engine optimization strategies have proved to be effective in generating website organic traffic. There have  been various  social media marketing trends  that definitely impact  the  way digital marketers undertake their  search engine optimizations  campaigns in boosting  their lead generation process, as well as  the website generation rates.

The Impact of Technology on Professionalism

The emergency and development of social media in marketing endeavors have subsequently reduced the significance of professional marketing positions in marketing entities. According to Shirky, a reknown American writer, professional positions are increasingly losing their value in organizational contexts. This owes to the fact that the new technology is effectively utilized as a means of disseminating and spreading information. Shirky continues to note that as the sophistication of this technology is increasing, the risk for sustenance of these professional positions is also increasing. This is probably the major reason that the use of information dissemination technology is being greatly democratized and debated.

Apparently,  social media have  facilitated  free  expression  where  anyone with internet  access  can  express his or her sentiments without  any obstacles. Therefore, this tendency has removed the bottlenecks that depict mass media. Consequently, there has been a high rate of amateurization of endeavors that have been previously done by professionals. Among the various ways in which the internet has done is to reduce advertisements and press releases on newspapers while transferring them to the social media. This results into slow financial performance, which subsequently could make many newspaper personnel to lose their jobs. Interestingly, newspapers have not adequately comprehended the affect that could be caused by the internet and hence, they had overlooked it for a long time.

However, it is also noted that there are many kinds of work that cannot be accomplished effectively with amateurs or just anybody who wishes to do so. Instead, professionals are necessary not only in marketing, but also in many other fields for an effective execution of implementation of relevant tasks. As noted by Shirky, “some form of tasks or problems require specialized personnel to handle to make them more successful”. For instance, the effectiveness of You Tube content for marketing purposes depends on the quality of content and the skills that can be used in presenting the content. 

 I can use the You Tube Video “Real Techniques for Bold Metals Collection” found on to illustrate this point. From this video, it is clear that the presenter or narrator utilizes high level of expertise and knowledge in marketing the products. Subsequently, it becomes easy to be connected and develop trust towards the products being promoted. This would have been definitely a different case if the marketing or presentation were done casually or in an amateurish way. In normal circumstances, when users find content that is distasteful or disinteresting, they may decide to leave immediately. Still, the content may not persuade them so much to the effect that they develop trust. Nonetheless, the presenter has in this video remained honest throughout the video about the products she is presenting. While some product reviews may be shady, the presenter has in this video showcased her genuineness. At the end of the presentation, viewers will be influenced to perceive how the brushes are unique and useful. 

The effectiveness of this You Tube video shows the significance of creating content that meets the needs of the audience. Furthermore, You Tube content should not only be convincing, but should also be important and supportive to the audience. This kind of content should have the capacity to also enlighten the audience on how to utilize a given product or service. They should comprise of screen video captures, expert interviews, slide shows, and answers to frequently asked questions.

This generally implies that professionalism cannot be overlooked by You Tube content creators especially those that are meant for marketing purposes. Experts ensure that the content is of the desired quality in order to appear among the first page of search engine results. In this way, the content will create a competitive edge among other competitors in search engine results. This also means that whoever who is creating a You Tube content must take into consideration the standard of  Google since this the company that owns You Tube.                                                                                     

Gladwell, a Canadian journalist and prominent author of award winning books articulates that, people tend to get significantly affected by the sources of entertainment. This influence is usually more than their expectation and affects their decisions and choices. This is the reason that one must pay significant attention even on the minor factors and details when creating marketing content.

The author continues to explain that in order to utilize social media effectively, one has to understand all the concepts involved in it. Some of these concepts include sociability, knowledge and the expected influence, which the content is expected to draw on the audience. In this respect, Gladwell writes that “marketers should endeavor to create content that should not only be understood, but also one that can stick in people’s mind. In other words, the message and information, should create a desired long lasting impact”. Moreover, “marketers ought to understand that unless the audiences are able to remember what they are told, it may not be easy for them to be persuaded into using the particular products or services”. It therefore necessitates that content creators have to be creative and understand how to create persuasive contents.                                 


Integration of social media to digital marketing campaigns is essential for a company to effectively attain its marketing objectives. From just being a mere luxurious avenue of marketing the business online, social media marketing has become a crucial pillar in SEO. It has therefore, become necessary to integrate it to digital marketing in order to make the businesses competitive. For effective social media marketing, it is important that marketers deploy unique marketing strategies that will be able to draw the audience and create a lasting impact. Although it may be easy to create online items that could go viral, it is not always true that such items may last for long. What is important, however, is that such items should be created and utilized in a way that helps users. It may not be easy to simply state the type of content that will definitely generate this kind of feeling, but one thing will remain that normal content will not make it.