White Collar Crime

The amount of white collar crime is increasing due to technological changes and improvements. Criminals are able to commit more crimes thanks to the fact that they can steal money from banks because that people's private and financial information can be found online. One can say that technological improvements gave criminals new opportunities to commit white collar crimes.

Identity theft, for example, became much easier thanks to the technology. For example, at the present moment, people put a lot of private information online. This information helps them get access to certain accounts, etc. Some people say that thanks to technology, it became easier to protect one's private information. It is true that there are many ways in which people could secure everything connected to them. Nevertheless, new ways to steal the information and outsmart the protection techniques also exist thanks to technology. Although computers ask for authentication, one can never be absolutely sure that his or her information is totally safe because there are always chances it may get stolen. Hence, one can say that technology did not solve the problem of identity theft, and it cannot do so (Schneier, 2009). On the contrary, it allowed criminals to commit more crimes. Previously, people used to keep their private information in different places securing it greatly. At the present moment, one can access it by simply breaking certain accounts. This way, the person's identity may be stolen because his or her information via the web can be as valuable as something from real life. Hence, white collar criminals can easily commit identity theft thanks to online possibilities and the fact that people store such things via the web.

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One can also speak about Internet fraud schemes which are strongly connected to identity theft and technological improvements. Thanks to such an invention as Internet, these crimes became possible. People no longer have to go the bank to rob somebody. They can do it with a comfort from their own computer. It is especially easy for those who work in that spheres and have a connection to private information of people since they can easily use it and steal money in such a way that victims may not even notice it right away.


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It is also possible to deceive people via Internet in order to steal their money or other important things online. For example, criminals may create certain websites which would require people to share their personal information. These websites may be created for various reasons, but their main goal is to trick people and make them believe that they have to share their information online. This way, criminals can easily access people's credit card information, etc. White collar criminals who work with different clients can use technology in order to rob their clients in such a way as to take their money without visible damage being seen immediately. For example, they can simply steal people's information, but not use it right away. Then, after time passes, they may the information and steal money in small portions so people may not notice their losses. The criminals can also make different operations and actions thanks to Internet frauds which are possible due to technology improvements. Such criminals create different schemes in order to get what they want; sometimes they even work in teams in order to trick people and use different resources to hide any signs which could lead to them (Sengupta, Wortham, 2011). For example, they use ads and other options to make their crimes look believable and make people fall for them.

Hence, one can see that technology did a lot to prevent white collar crime (including authentication and other protection system), but these things are not enough and white collar criminals use technological improvements to their advantages. They keep on stealing people's money and identities without people even noticing it, and they are able to manipulate people without them knowing about it. Thus, one can say that Internet provided people with new opportunities to rob and deceive, and criminals use these possibilities to their advantages cheating on average people.