Identity Theft

Identity theft is a growing wing that many criminals have been related to; it is actually using another person identity in committing actions that suggest his involvement (Vacca, 2003). This is whereby someone uses information belonging to a different individual like social security numbers or credit card report in fraudulent actions. The idea of using this technique is quite convenient to its users as they could even commit criminal actions that would implicate the victim. Therefore, this form of theft is a widely recognized area that has affected the lives of many.

The victims of these actions suffer changes in their lives that affect them both short and long term. It is evident that the victims end up wasting much of their time recovering from identity theft. The victims spend a lot of time in offices following up their recovery process and more in writing letters and request for changes in their affected areas. Most of those who have been affected by identity theft end up emotionally scarred after the ordeal. The scars are as result of repeated arrests and financial embarrassments that would have happened before the thief is caught.

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They feel helpless, violated and angry on seeing that they are quite unsafe in many of their routines. In most adverse cases of identity theft, the victims continue to experience the impacts of the actions (Vacca, 2003). It is common in some cases for the victims to lack their salaries for long a period, even ten years. They are continually stolen from their accounts by the thief; this is even after changing details. The technology behind the proprietor’s actions is very sophisticated that the effects might be missed. If one is not keen they would not notice that their accounts are being robbed dry by a complete stranger. Consider this case that happened in the United States of America, a foreigner who did not understand English and was a victim of this theft. He did not notice that he was unknowingly wiring money. He was affected for a period of ten years without ever knowing it.

It is easy for a person to be a victim of identity theft as a lot of information has been exposed in various forms of media (Vacca, 2003). For instance, in the internet we store a lot of information including our personal details that affect vital areas like finances. This is to say that I am also prone to this kind of theft. My social surety number is found in the many substandard secured databases of various organizations. While receiving grants or granting them, the credit card numbers are exposed thus leaving the consumer unshielded.

In fighting the many cases that are being felt over the years, it is crucial to have effective initiatives that curb the problem. Spreading the awareness is a crucial step that leads to many realizations and immediate protection (Lobdell, 2005). Where an individual would have had an unsecure account, the idea will propel the use of secure plans. Educating the public that there are channels that help in protection or they could report cases to a particular body. For instance, the Federal Trade Commission is responsible for handling cases of credit cards fraud. Other protection is found in the Identity Theft Prevention Act of 2000. It serves to be a governing legislation for any judicial cases in the theft.

It would be a productive action to verify any changed addresses. This is basically because any change would lead to a possibility of fraud (Lobdell, 2005). Therefore, it would be important that if any changes are noticed in addresses, the owner should investigate adequately.

Knowing that a substantial amount of cases are being contributed by the process of granting credits, there should be a penalty implemented. This is to ensure that the grantors are strictly having their databases protected. In any cases where the required data is personal information, there should be more information collected that would increase the difficulty of cracking.

In conclusion, this form of theft has widely affected the area of Social security Numbers, it would be imperative if they are not on commercial sale. The attention they attract from such a strategy is directly related to how easy they are stolen. The use of artificial intelligence would be effective in entrusting various organizations using the personal information of their customers. It would be effective if there was to a periodic release of consumer credit report in order to detect any flaws.