How to Write an A+ Essay Introduction

introduction is a crucial part of the paper as it serves to lead your reader into your discourse. The primary purpose of writing an introduction to an essay is to grasp your readers' attention and help them understand the essence and the course of your discussion. The introduction is also the place where you introduce your opinion, which you are going to back with the relevant evidence and examples, which is termed as a thesis statement. A properly written introduction also presents the background information about the main topic. Thus, a proper introduction should be carefully crafted.

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Steps of Writing an Introduction to an Essay

There are many ways of writing an introduction to an essay for different types of essays as analysis essay, reflective essay, expository essay,critical essay, etc. The question is how to start an essay introduction that will set the right tone for your discussion? Try to consider the following steps:

  1. You need to decide on the scope of work you are going to dedicate to the introduction section and make sure there is enough room to communicate your thesis statement in a manner that is properly balanced with other points relevant to be introduced.
  2. Consider the main points you would like to address in your paper and condense them to the 3-4 sentences, one sentence per point will be fine. You may also reword them, so they do not sound in the same way in the main body.
  3. Dedicate your time and efforts to craft carefully a thesis statement as it will set the tone for the whole discussion. Try to make it concise and specific as this will be the pivotal point of the introduction and the whole paper.
  4. Allow yourself time and efforts to reexamine your introduction. Thus, you double-prove you did not miss anything important and touch-based on the points are going to unveil in your discussion.


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Useful Hints and Tricks for Introduction to an Essay:

  • Your introduction for essay will become bright if you utilize the so-called 'hook' questions that are aimed at intriguing, puzzling or grasping your reader's attention.
  • Thesis statement is usually presented in 1-2 sentences. Ideally, it should be placed at the end of the introduction section, but can also be found in other parts of your introduction section.
  • Typically, the middle portion of your introduction should present the main points you are going to discuss in the main body and summarize in the conclusion.
  • Make sure you dedicate sufficient time to avoid 'rushing into the last minute' syndrome.
  • Like a sculptor, tackle off any information that is irrelevant to the core discussion.

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