Trick or Treat! Wow Halloween Guide

Trick or Treat! Wow Halloween Guide
September 25, 2019

Halloween college celebration is a great event that is considered one of the most extraordinary parties of the first autumn semester. The fact that such a celebration is followed by a midterm period makes it even more outstanding. In order not to fail your first Halloween party, follow our Halloween guide and plan all in advance.

Clothing Prompts or What Halloween Costumes to Wear

A popular saying goes, Halloween is the party where any girl can wear revealing clothes and no one can criticize it. Partially, it is true when it goes about the Halloween college parties. Still, it does not mean that only wearing teasing costumes can make the party enjoyable. You should choose your Halloween costume according to your mood and expectations you have about the very celebration. Below, there are some useful tips on what Halloween dress code to choose.

Find ideas for Halloween group costumes 2017

  • Meet a Date for the Evening

    In this case, you should wear something sexy. For example, an image of a sexy nurse, cop, witch, etc., is perfectly suitable for such an occasion. If you do not want to spend much money on your very revealing costume, you can take some clothes from your wardrobe, e.g., top, shorts or skirt, and add some cute accessories to it. By the way, it is quite acceptable to wear some tights. Thus, feel free to go for it. You will feel relaxed and comfortable even at the end of the party if you wear such clothes.

  • Meet a Partner

    Try to choose the costume that will represent your personality effectively. Thus, you will have an opportunity to meet someone who has the same interests as you do. You can dress like some characters from any of your favorite movies or cartoons. The one who has the same preferences will definitely start a dialogue with you.

  • Make New Friends

    Wear something unusual and amusing, as everyone likes funny guys. Thus, a lot of people at the party will notice that you are a humorous person and will definitely desire to talk to you. Remember that telling funny jokes is the most efficient way of making friends.

    Halloween couple costumes 2017 Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo

  • Have a Great Time with Your Class

    Choose the costume that will fit those worn by other members of your group. It will help you keep together with your group at least at the beginning of the party. Besides, you will be able to make great photos and share them in different social networks.

  • Be a Unity with Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend only

    Create the so-called Halloween couple costume. It does not matter whether it is funny or not. When all the party members see it, they will understand your date is not available. Keep in mind that a Halloween party is the place where it is necessary to keep an eye on your date.

  • Avoid Wearing Offensive Dresses

    You should bear in mind that it is not worth wearing the clothes that may somehow offence any of the party members. You do not want to be suspended from studies, don't you? Wear simple clothes, as Halloween is the party which is supposed to be fun and not the contest for the most teasing costume. Avoid wearing any clothes that may be regarded as terroristic or racist.

Here are the best Halloween costumes 2019:

  1. Magician
  2. Pirate
  3. Animal
  4. Spiderman costume
  5. Monster
  6. Ghost
  7. Disneyland hero
  8. Star Wars hero
  9. Vampire
  10. Fairy
  11. Zorro
  12. Game of Thrones hero
  13. Harley Quinn and Joker

Other things to weight before going to a long party at the end of October are:

  • Weather. As the weather is often unpredictable at this season of the year, it would be wise to check the forecast beforehand. Even if it promises a warm night, do not forget to take jacket, coat, or cardigan to feel comfortable in the early morning.
  • Extra Shoes. If your costume requires heels, there is no doubt that you will need some extra ballerinas or flip flops to let your feet rest. Even if you are going for this night-long party on flat shoes, but wear them for the first time or after a long break, it is reasonable to pick up extra footwear to feel on the safe side.
  • Crossover Purse. Halloween party is a party of fun, dances, and drinks. You can easily forget a thing which you will hold in your hands, so, it is reasonable to put all your essentials in a small crossover purse. All you need this night is a phone, credit card, and student ID. Do not forget to check whether you still have them all before you will leave the party.

Students life is not only rotting and cramming. It is also painting the town red. You can make certain of that during a Halloween party. Let your hair down this evening, as after graduation you wont have another chance!

Halloween Party Ideas

There are plenty of options when it goes about choosing costumes for the party on occasion of Halloween. You can create the costume in any style, ranging from house celebrations to Halloween theme parties.

  • Halloween Pre Party

    No matter the place where you decide to go with your classmates to celebrate Halloween, there will be probably a lot of people. Besides, having spent some time together, your classmates may continue celebrating separately. Therefore, you should organize something like a pre-party. Have fun and make photos while your costumes are still in the right condition. You may even try to make some interesting cocktails for your Halloween pre party.

    Follow our guide on Halloween theme parties

  • Home Celebration

    During the academic years at college, students organize different parties at their places. Such celebrations are usually alike. However, when it comes to Halloween, home parties become very exciting. It is necessary to say that attending home parties is the best way of celebrating different holidays for students. It is rather interesting to see the people you regularly meet on campus and during classes wearing unusual clothes. Another great thing about home parties is that your costume will not be considered the wildest no matter how extraordinary it is.

  • Drinks

    Bars are very popular at Halloween parties. They are usually beautifully decorated with different pieces. There are always special offers to those attending the party, i.e. special drinks. Please note that you will not be allowed to have some drinks if you are under 21, as there are strict rules on buying drinks on Halloween. If you still buy drinks, mind your cash, as you may be shocked when you check your account in the morning. One more tip is that you should be aware of strangers when buying drinks, as not all people attending your Halloween parties are students.

  • Parties Held on Campus

    If you do not like going to home parties, you may attend the ones organized by your college on campus. Such a Halloween party may not be very interesting, however, you may enjoy some free food there. In addition, you should know there will not be any hard drinks at the official party organized by your college. Instead, there will be much police. Anyway, some educational establishments arrange great parties. Therefore, you should not exclude it from your list.

Advice on How to Behave at the Halloween Parties

  1. Create a plan. There are a lot of places where you can go and a lot of things you can do on Halloween. Thus, weigh your options before going out.
  2. If you decide to go to the bar or a home party organized by one of your schoolmates, make sure there is someone who could take you home in case you are drunk. The thing is that many of those attending the party will call a cab. Thus, the service may not be available for a certain period of time. That is why you need to deal with someone before the party starts.
  3. Go to the party with several friends. Thus, you will not feel lonely at the party.
  4. Have a snack before going to the party. Due to the thorough preparation, i.e. choosing costumes, putting on make-up, etc., you may forget about food. However, it is known that no one should drink alcohol on an empty stomach. That is why you do need to eat something before having some hard drinks.

Have fun! While studying at college, you will have an opportunity to attend only several Halloween parties. Therefore, try to have a great time. You do not want to wake up in the morning and understand that you have missed the most interesting part of college studies, don't you?