The Things You Need to Do for Mental Health in Your 20s

The Things You Need to Do for Mental Health in Your 20s
April 11, 2019

If you've realized that your roaring twenties with their endless coffee runs, late nights, early mornings, and college group projects which seem to never end are a bit exhausting and challenging time, this article is definitely for you. You've already stepped into so-called adult life, but no one has taught you anything about how it works. Nobody gave you some kind of a guide with instructions that you might need in your 20s. And you know what? No one will. At least, I don't know anybody who'll take such a responsibility to do that.

I do know that firsthand, and I want to share some thoughts and my personal experience with you guys. I do believe that such an awkward and at the same time amazing "season" of your life which is called your 20s should be appreciated and enjoyed, as your 20s are right now and it won't be the same when you are in your 30s.

Okay, let's move on closer to the main point which we are deeply interested in. How to live this period of your young life to the fullest and not go mad, how to be a good student and lead a life that youth should? To ensure yourself from physical, mental, and spiritual exhaustion, you need to pay attention to your health.

The Best Things to Do for Mental Health in Your 20s

  • Identify what your priority in life is.

It goes without saying that time is priceless, and every single minute shouldn't be wasted. Chasing for every possible opportunity in this busy world, we simply tend to forget about what is truly important in your life. Sometimes, we let other people dictate us how to live our lives and what to do, which is the most disastrous and stupid thing ever! Your priority needs to be identified; do yourself a favor, as you want to invest your precious moments into something really valuable, don't you?

  • Say NO to toxic relationships.

It's like playing in a team with the players who are constantly complaining and make you lose your powers. When you surround yourself with such people, you are playing your match like losers, even if you might have never been him/her. It does make sense to let go toxic relationships. Stop playing in the team of moaners, your teammates should be your cheerleaders, in no case vice versa. How to let go those toxic relationships will you ask? Much simpler than you might think, change your team! Remember the people around you mysteriously are the ones that you've chosen to be around you. Never let anyone or anything discourage you, you need the real cheerleaders in your corner.

  • …and treasure the ones who bring the meaning to your existence, as they make you healthier.

These ones are our amazing friends, who are always there for you, with no difference whether it is a nighttime or a daytime. When we are working on friendships with such people, we invest our time and energy in our prosperous now-time and future. I'd say it's the plane ticket which we are buying in case there are left no train tickets. Besides cheering us up, these people push us to actions and inspire us to strive for success. Simply by making us the loved and appreciated ones, they remind me the doctors who are treating our diseases. Friends make us feel the worth ones, amazingly showing who we are indeed and what our intentions are. Treasure such people for every storm or joy they share with you because nothing compares to the true friends. They are not just taking their time out of their day, they bring value to yours!

  • Learn and get used to saying "NO".

It is hard to follow this advice when it comes to practice. You need to become a pro at saying "NO" as you are well aware that your passion, your hour, and effort are extremely invaluable. You shouldn't any way feel insecure any time you are saying "NO" to something that surely doesn't meet your goals and dreams. Keep in mind that not every opportunity that knocks your door, no matter how great it might look like, is the one that you need. And it's totally okay to refuse the offers you are doubt to be the ones you desire. Life is too short to spend our days on the things that we don't find worth and satisfying.

It's better to sit on the bench for a while than waste your times playing in a soccer team, instead of the volleyball, the one that you've always dreamed and wanted to play in.

  • Make sure you have as much fun as you are able to experience.

You may think that you've misheard, no, as much fun while you can! Your roaring twenties are very special and they tend to end so quickly in a blink of an eye. Don't take it too seriously, at least some time. Let yourself relax and gather incredible memories, the ones you'll tell later your kids about. Making fun isn't the forbidden fruit; all you need is to find a balance. Mental health is something we should mind about every day, treat yourself, experience fun, relax, and do the things that bring you real joy. After you've worked hard, reward yourself as you do deserve that! Say "YES" to an unexpected adventure that might happen on your way and don't dare to be a couch potato in your 20s! Keep telling yourself that you are gathering your best memories of your 20s; remember that you are collecting your photos in your album. The one you'll later give your kids to have a look at. Of course, you might not bother to have fun now, if you want to show your children the most boring photos of your 20s ever!

  • Meet your imperfections with grace.

Are you still striving for an adopted standard, really? Forget about that! Who dares to set a standard? You are a unique creature ever beyond any standards! Tattoo it on your forehead if you doubt that! You are what you are, with your imperfections and mistakes. By the way, do you know somebody who is perfect? Because I don't. I'm saying this as your friend, meet your imperfections with grace. You are amazing the way you are, and for God's sake, throw away those stupid standards from your mind, it's nonsense, nothing else.

I do believe that we must love ourselves, and even more, we can be an inspiration to others when we spread the self-love. Develop your love to yourself. Embrace your imperfections with grace instead of bullying yourself for anything you are not.

  • Make the exercise the long-lasting love in your life.

I won't go into detail as it's needless to mention the role that physical activity plays in our lives. The surprising fact is that there are still lots of people who ignore that point. I'm deeply convinced these people just haven't yet found what suits them best.

Once you find an exercise which suits you best, you'll feel a million ways better than you used to, believe me. You'll notice the positive changes very soon, your mood will be transformed significantly, what to say about your body which will tell you thanks for its amazing look ever!

  • Make sure you are collecting long-lasting memories traveling as much as you can.

As a born traveler, I can't but mention how beautiful traveling is. I don't know the better way to gather long-lasting memories and invest in yourself. There is so much to see in this big world, so many various cultures explore and people to meet. My adventurous spirit bothers only about one thing: to have enough time to see them all.