Questions You Need to Ask Your Roommate Before Moving In

Questions You Need to Ask Your Roommate Before Moving In
August 15, 2019

It's no secret that we can describe moving day in three words: awkward, exciting, and hectic. Without any doubt, you will get your chance to do as much workout as possible, due to the fact that you'll need to carry all your wonderful décor for the new dorm. What is more, you'll be bombarded with numerous pieces of information and will meet lots of new people in the span of only several hours. However, it's definitely possible to get rid of the difficulties that might appear during your moving in if you take into consideration the following questions to ask your roommate before moving in.

  • What things have you decided to bring for the room?

To tell you the truth, this is believed to be one of the most relevant questions that you should ask your roomie before you make up your mind to move in. I am sure that you wouldn't be happy to arrive on your moving day and realize that you and your roommate have two microwaves and no refrigerator! Make sure that you coordinate in advance which things each of you brings. Frankly speaking, this planning shouldn't be underestimated because it is of great importance. Apart from that, the number of big-sized items in many dorms is restricted.

  • Is anyone going to come and help you to move in? When are you coming there?

Indubitably, it's a really good idea to resort to coordinating a move-in schedule. If you begin to realize that you need help concerning carrying different large items, you may ask your roommate or your family to facilitate you in moving your stuff in. Nevertheless, make sure that there won't be a mini traffic jam in the hallway or in your room because the family of your roommate might also come.

  • Did you do any activities or clubs in high school?

In fact, discussing past interests and activities can be really helpful for you and your roomie in figuring out your common interests. Thus, if you have a hobby, you can continue doing it in college.

  • Are any of your best friends going here?

Undoubtedly, meeting new people through your roomie is one of the greatest ways to broaden your social circle in college. Why don't you make an attempt to find out whether he/she has the acquaintances who will be willing to share the same interests?

  • How do you imagine us utilizing the room?

Setting boundaries is definitely a good idea for making sure that both of you are able to enjoy living in the dorm in accordance with what you expect. Both of you ought to work together when planning studying, sleeping, relaxing or gathering in.

  • Ask your roommate about any interesting campus traditions or secrets

Why don't you attempt to find out whether your roommate is as excited and happy as you are to take part in different crazy campus traditions? To tell you the truth, it's one of the easiest ways to continue getting acquainted with your roommate. As a matter of fact, this is especially useful and needed in the first several days when both of you are still not acquainted with a lot of other people from the university.

  • Is there any need of putting essential rules in writing immediately after arriving?

Bear in mind that it is of great importance to inform your roommate concerning any points where you totally disagree. This especially concerns such important things as various visitors that come into the room, cleanliness, sleeping habits, or overnight guests. In fact, it might be a perfect idea to resort to writing out an inevitable roommate contract. There are schools that even require students to create and complete such a contract. Thus, you shouldn't forget about checking in as soon as possible with an RA so that you can discuss any necessary contracts in case your dorm requires any of them.

  • Are there any things that cannot be in the room?

Make sure that you clarify with your new roommate everything that might create problems as well as make you feel uncomfortable. This might be even about things you can't have in your room due to certain medical reasons. To illustrate, if your roomie happens to be allergic to peanuts, you should probably take this into consideration. In spite of the fact that getting used to constant living with someone else is rather hard, you should learn how to tolerate and if there's something you cannot tolerate at all, clear it right away.

Have you ever thought that your dorm room is a key part of the time you're going to spend at school, even though it is really small? Truly speaking, it's significant that it remains a pleasant space for you where you are constantly able to feel comfortable. There is no doubt that if you make up your mind to work through the above-mentioned questions once you've arrived to your dorm room, you will sooner or later celebrate the achievements.