Personal Transformation to Become Better

Personal Transformation to Become Better
January 8, 2020

If there is something you don't like, change it! If you feel that something could be better or that something is missed right now, it's time to fix it. If you aren't satisfied with any area of your life, it's your mistake. Yes, I mean that! It's only your fault, not someone else. Stop blaming other people and circumstances in every single trouble that happens to you. And you know what? The power of choice, that's the secret. Events and people aren't beyond your control and never will be, but the choice is left to you. Work on your reaction and watch the way your life gets better day by day no matter what.

Change yourself first and see how everything changes. Take a moment and think about who you are right now and what kind of person you are striving to become. Admit honestly to yourself what your weak points are and where the changes should be made. Believe or not, but great things start with personal transformation. We all have everything we need to create someone completely new, we are able to transform ourselves and we must do it! Of course, you might say that it's easier said than done, but no pain, no gain, remember? Personal transformation undoubtedly inquires lots of work, but the outcome is worth it, believe me!

Steps How to Change Yourself

Mind the following steps how to change yourself in order to ensure that your personal transformation is a successful one:

  1. Jot down the outcome.

Take time to consider properly how you see your final outcome, trying to understand what you really want. You need to identify your current flaws and problems and then just jot them down. You should think this through carefully, mind to be concrete, it does matter. Now imagine what your flaws and troubles will be like once you've changed them.

The next essential thing you need is a list of reasons. These are the reasons which will explain why you should make these changes. Think for a while how you will feel once your transformation is done. Create a list of all pros or all great things which imply to go through your transformation. This will be your strong motivation in case you will be tempted to give up your personal transformation.

  1. Little by little.

Personal transformation is not a one-day event, it's a gradual process. Remember even the smallest change takes some time. Keep it easy, take baby steps. The biggest change ever is made by taking baby steps day by day over a long period of time.

You might feel there is no improvement at all, relax, it no way means you aren't making any progress. No way, it means you need some more time, and that's totally okay. Even if you take two steps back, remind yourself what a huge challenge you are dealing with.

Don't even think to give up because of that! Who says that personal transformation is a linear thing? Be ready the things to go not as quickly as you want them to. Prepare yourself for ups and downs, remember little by little. Even if you feel there isn't any progress, it doesn't mean there isn't any.

  1. Be ready to be uncomfortable.

The change suggests lack of comfort. The earlier you accept that fact, the easier it will be for you. Of course, we, human beings, tend to strive for comfort and stability, that's an absolutely common thing. Nonetheless, your personal transformation means that you have to do the things you aren't used to. Of course, it's uncomfortable to meet completely new people and step into unknown environments; it might bring some discomfort and be scary at first.

Once you feel you are scared and your only willing is to run away and just quit, tell yourself that it's only your excitement, nothing else. There is no place for such feelings, work on your fear and reframe it into something that will inspire you to keep going, never stop.

  1. You should become your own cheerleader.

While struggling to change yourself, keep in mind that you don't need anyone's approval. Once people notice your changes they will definitely react; not everyone will support you. That's why what you do need is the inner strength to pay no attention to people's reaction.

Don't expect other people to be your cheerleaders. If you already have some in your life, it's great for sure. But if you failed to have any, there is no need to bother because of that.

All you need is your inner desire and strength to keep changing and transform yourself making yourself better and better. You're are changing and want to keep going that matters. You are your main and best cheerleader ever, never forget that!

Still, have no ideas how to transform yourself? Remember everything can change; you only need to change yourself first!