Learn Several Points Of Perfect Summary Writing To Earn High Grades

Summary Writing

Perfect summary writing is a good opportunity for every student to earn extra credit points. So, if you are new to writing a summary, begin with a thorough reading and analysis of the source text. To produce a good summary, you must understand the message the author is trying to send, the tone of the work, its purpose and intent. One of the best things to do is to divide the source text into pieces and use them as an outline for your own summary. This way, you will find it much easier to understand the text and its meaning. You may underline the areas you like the most or feel to be important for your summary. Once you are done with reading the text, list all major ideas and messages you find in the text. Organize them logically according to their priority and the sequence in which they are presented in the main text. Imagine that you are developing a brief overview of the chosen text.

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This is the moment when you can finally start writing your summary

  1. Begin with an attractive, fascinating introduction. In your introductory paragraph, make sure to present the key ideas of the source text. You should specify the author, the title of the text, and the publication details, if needed.

  2. Then write the main body of your summary, describing and summarizing the key ideas shared by the author. Elaborate on them. Include some examples from the source text.

  3. When you are done, develop a short conclusion to summarize your findings.

If you want to learn how to write a good summary, then don't forget to include citations and references. You will have to cite your author, so try your best to avoid plagiarism. In summary writing, all ideas must be presented in present tense. Your main task is to read through and understand the chosen text in its entirety. You must have no doubts as to what the author is saying and why. If you feel confused about the text, then it is still too early for you to begin your writing. Whenever you cite or reference the author, make sure you don't confuse the original words. You must be accurate and precise in your citations. When the paper is finished, revise it. You may wish to improve your grammar and style before you submit the finished paper for review. Ask someone else to read through your work. If the reader can identify the main idea of your work, then you have done a good job.

A perfect summary writing will not include any personal information. In summary writing, you don't need to interpret the original information so that the reader can understand it. Your task is simply to summarize the original text. Therefore, keep from including any personal judgments or critical comments regarding the source text. Also, if the author expresses numerous ideas, don't try to grasp them all. In your summary paper, focus on the most important ones. Avoid excess details and be concise.