Perfect Reference Letter Its Specific Steps and Writing Tips to Follow

Perfect Reference Letter Writing

Reference Letter Definition

A perfect reference letter writing is usually produced when an applicant wants to prove that his/her qualifications are not made up. There are a few reference letter definitions, one of them means that it is a supportive piece of paper which proves that an applicant indeed possesses particular qualities of abilities.

Many students are afraid of reference letter writing since they do not know what it means. At the same time, there is another way of establishing applicant's abilities. Sometimes perfect reference letter are written by professors to prove that a student has relevant academic experience or by an employer that an applicant has gained a set of qualifications in a specific industry. Do not become confuse about reference letter writing and recomendation letter writing. It has slightly different meaning. A reference letter has more general nature than recommendation one, in other words, this type of letter writing is not addressed to an individual. It is a general assessment of skills, characteristics, knowledge of the person.

9 Specific Steps to Follow to Produce This Academic Assessment

  1. A personal reference letter simply cannot be produced if you do not have all the needed details about a person you want to discuss in the paper. You have to collect all information about his/her life and systematize it in your file.

  2. Now you have to prioritize details. You should highlight the most suitable details.

  3. Make sure you properly organize your notes.

  4. Check documents (diplomas, certificates, and other authorized documents) that prove candidate's qualifications.

  5. Create a plan of you future writing, especially if you do not know how to write a reference letter. Working on the plan will take some time, but you will focus on the most essential details later.

  6. Create a paragraph about person's qualifications, character, abilities, hands-on experience, etc.

  7. Include an introductory paragraph that will clearly show that you approve applicant's concerns and support his/her as the best candidate for the position.

  8. While writing a reference letter, your main body paragraph should state the reason why you recommend this person. Every paragraph should include one specific point of view.

  9. Do not forget to proofread your reference letter. Check if your arguments are arranged according to solid reasoning and there are no inaccuracies. Moreover, grammar and spelling mistakes will automatically lead to a failure, so be sure you address those two aspects as well.

List of Essential Reference Letter Writing Tips


  • Do concentrate on the small details, if you would like to create a professional reference letter. Check your usage of specific vocabulary, the clarity and coherence of your ideas, etc.
  • Do check some rules and regulations concerning reference letter writing. If there are some specific instructions in the industry, you have to follow them.
  • Even if you have written reference letters before, do not underestimate the importance of working on the drafts. It is impossible to compose a good reference letter at the first go.
  • Make sure you include valid and legitimate information about the candidate, which can be easily checked by respective procedures.

Do not:

  • Do not create a reference letter without meeting with a person that will be discussed in the paper.
  • Do not write a reference letter without checking some samples on the web.
  • Do not think that overstating candidat's experiences and skills is a good choice. Lying about applicants abilities provokes both ethical and legal considerations.
  • Do not include details that you cannot verify. Include information that is correct and can be checked by the potential employer or admission committee.

Discover more information watching video about how to write Personal Reference Letters.