Writing a Personal Statement for College Application

Writing a Personal Statement for College

When you are writing a personal statement for college, it is not enough to follow the required personal statement form. You must have the fullest knowledge about the university or college you want to enroll. You cannot persuade the admissions committee that you are the right student for their institution, unless you know everything about it. Then you need to list your strongest character features. For example, you may describe how you have been coping with the most challenging learning tasks in high school. You may want to share with the members of the admissions committee how you have developed a new system of learning for yourself. Avoid unnecessary details. Your task is to create a compelling argument, so that everyone can see you deserve to become a student. You may also want to include some anecdotal stories about how your skills and talents were helpful during your time in high school. Do not miss anything. You must meet every single word of the personal statement requirements provided by the admissions commission. Make sure that you think outside the box and do not limit yourself to the description of your academic talents. Move beyond the field of learning and let the members of the admissions committee see how multifaceted a person you are.

  1. an introduction,

  2. three body paragraphs,

  3. a conclusion.

Apply to emotions and ethics. Create the most positive picture of your personality. If you want to know how to write a college personal statement, the main thing to remember is that you must be very thorough in everything you write. In your interesting personal statement use famous quotations to support your position. Express your thoughts and feelings. Make your desire to become a student visible to the members of the admissions committee. Try to imagine what the faculty in your selected institution would expect from you. You can align your talents with these expectations. Use attention getters and catching phrases to capture your readers' attention. You must not be boring! Otherwise, you will never meet your learning goals.

More Hints to Follow when Developing your Writing a Personal Statement for College Application

What you have to DO What you do NOT have to DO
Be creative. Do not flatter the institution of your choice it will spoil even the best image you manage to create in the eyes of the admission committee.
Add idioms and imagery. Do not ignore the rules of grammar, since errors can make your paper unreadable.
Create several drafts. Edit them. Do not talk too much about your political or religious preferences they may not be in accord with those of the admissions committee.
Check and proofread your personal statement, before you are ready to submit it. Do not talk too much of your hobbies and interests.
  Do not use too many "I's" in your paper.
  Do not use clichés and boring phrases.