How to Write a Movie Critique: Useful Tips

Movie Critique Writing Techniques

Many students confuse book reviews with boor reports. The same situation is with movie reviews and movie critiques. The main reason of such confusion is the usage of words. However, we can help you. Here you can find out how to write a movie critique and not to confuse it with any other writing tasks. In other words, you will learn what is a movie critique.

When you need to write a movie critique, you should follow the general rules of academic writing:

  • Write an introduction where you give general review of what is going to be discussed and state the main aspects of your critique.
  • Present the points you critique and evidence that support your critique taken from the selected movie. 
  • Movie’s content overview and critiqued points summary. Discuss how the points influence on the movie quality. 

Movie Critique and Its Issues

Always start your critique with watching the movie. Unfortunately, it is not always for enjoyment. This task should be done for fair analysis and evaluation. Taking into account the fact that there are several critique avenues, you will most probably have to watch the movie more than once.  When you watch the movie, pay close attention to the major points. Identify what things were done well and what could have been improved. When you do this, you need to be unbiased despite the plot of the movie and its aesthetical side. 

Most critiques examine movie’s implied supposition or premise. Usually it is the very first thing that goes under examination. It is the main concept or idea according to which the selected movie is directed. It helps to build the plot correctly. You should also evaluate the originality of the plot.  

Individual scenes are closely connected with the plot. Oftentimes, the whole scenes that from the very beginning were movie part are cut out of the movie because someone decides that they are not significant for the movie. In most cases, it happens because the movie length should be shortened. As a result, such actions lead to loose ends or jarring of the plot (when there is a sudden jump between the movie scenes and everybody understands that something happened between the scenes but it was not shown in the movie), or issues with continuity. In other cases, the viewers may perceive the scene as gratuitous or contrived, such that aims at increasing the ratings instead of adding something important to the story described in the movie. 

In addition, scenes order plays crucial role for the viewers’ overall impression. When such concerns are combined with the plot and the premise, basic movie continuum is created in the end result. 

It is possible to apply the same question to the main characters and the dialogs between them. When critics write a movie review, they often claim that dialogs between the characters are stereotyped. So, you can use this as another criticism subject while writing your critique.

Movie presentation can also become a conflict area in a critique. While one critic may claim that special effects used in the movie are too dramatic the other critic may find them as overdone, claiming that the director overused the effects in order to hide weak scenes or plot gaps. 

Concluding Thoughts

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