Excellent Environmental Essays Topics for Your Next College Essay Assignment!

When you are considering environmental essay topics for a college assignment, there are a number of elements to keep in mind including biology, chemistry, and physics. This guide explores several current environmental issues that are worth writing about. It is because each of these problems needs careful analysis that scientists have to incorporate an array of factors into their research such as space, quantitative-type research, time periods, and relationships.

In a different guide, we talked about the factual side of environmental science for a definition-style essay. Here, we go to the next level by helping you to choose topics.

To assist you with the process of developing a suitable topic for an argumentative-style essay on an environmental issue, we offer some tips you can use to generate ideas. Moreover, this guide also contains a list of over sixty topic ideas, which you may use a) as they are or b) to derive inspiration to come up with your own topic.

A very good way to develop an essay title is to write down all thoughts and ideas as they come to mind. You will probably find that some of these essay ideas are of no use. But you are also likely to come up with ideas that are entirely usable or that will at least inspire further ideas until you finally hit on one that is worth writing about. This method is known as brainstorming and it can be used to generate a whole host of ideas, which you can keep narrowing down until you arrive at a title you are happy with.

  1. Have humans created the problem of climate change?

  2. Should the penalties for littering be more severe?

  3. What consequences does deforestation have on the environment?

  4. How is the environment being destroyed by fossil fuels, coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear power?

  5. Why are world food resources declining?

  6. Should people everywhere be required to use public transport?

  7. Dams cause certain environmental problems - how can these problems be curbed?

  8. How to utilize sources of energy that are as yet untapped?

  9. How can water, air, and soil pollution be controlled - what control measure is available?

  10. What needs to be done to secure sustainable food sources?

  11. Should every household make more effort to recycle their waste?

  12. Does the USA have a responsibility to lead by example in terms of reducing world pollution?

  13. Sustainable methods for managing and using water resources.

  14. The effects of nuclear hazards and the measures for controlling these hazards.

  15. How biodiversity is put at risk in the modern world.

  16. The advantages and disadvantages of the different types of energy.

  17. Should cars of the future be hybrid-style vehicles in order to reduce pollution and the harm caused to the environment?

  18. Resource scarcity and what can or should be done to prevent resources becoming even scarcer.

  19. Humans do not own the Earth and, therefore, we do not have the right to harm it to the extent we are doing.

  20. There is more our government can and should do in terms of ending dependence on non-renewable sources of energy.

  21. How and to what extent is marine line impacted by oil spillages?

  22. Should people who own cars be required to pay more tax because of the pollution and damage their cars cause to the environment?

  23. The acidification of the world's oceans.

  24. Is our species facing extinction and, if so, to what extent? How does the present situation compare to past centuries?

  25. Which animal groups are expected to be extinct at or by the end of the present decade?

  1. What are the likely challenges when trying to agree international laws on the environment where these apply to several countries?

  2. Given the environmental cost of their production, are cheap products really worth it?

  3. Clean water shortage: Even though the earth is comprised of 75% water, there is still a scarcity of clean drinking water. Use your essay to discuss the health effects of this shortage on people all over the world.

  4. Forests provide many resources. What are these?

  5. The way the ozone layer is depleting.

  6. Would you say that hybrid-type cars are as kind to the environment as we are led to believe?

  7. What are the reasons for land degradation? Explain how this problem can be managed or controlled.

  8. Are the conservation methods that are currently in place effective?

  9. Analyze the smog problem in China and how generations to come will be affected by pollution.

  10. Considering the alarming rate at which some present species are becoming extinct, is the dodo being given too much attention?

  11. Are the methods used to dispose of waste from nuclear power stations and nuclear submarines sufficiently safe?

  12. What is the period of recovery following oil spillages in our oceans and seas?

  13. List some of the world's most critically endangered and endemic species of animals.

  14. The subject of CO2 emissions gets a lot of attention. Is enough being done by the USA in terms of reducing these emissions?

  15. The question of global warming and rising sea levels.

  16. What should happen to companies found dumping toxic materials e.g. various types of harmful waste? Should they be closed down?

  17. Based on an analysis of our world's oceans and seas, explain how badly polluted they are as a result of the discarding of plastics and other human-created materials.

  18. By comparing and contrasting leaded petrol with the unleaded variety, explain the impact each type has on people's health.

  19. Are there any ways that renewable energy can help or benefit the natural environments in still-developing countries?

  20. Where food is contaminated because of harm to the environment, what might be the effects on people who eat these foods?

  21. The environmental effects of climate change and global warming at this moment in time.

  22. There is a view that nuclear power has the potential to negatively affect the environment. Do you think people are unnecessarily or too concerned about this?

  23. Chernobyl is a name synonymous with environmental disasters. Analyze the impact on the area surrounding Chernobyl as things stand today.

  24. How essential is the conservation of energy?

  25. Would it help if successive governments were to provide free public transport in a bid to reduce the pollution caused by the individual use of cars?

  26. Analyze the effects deforestation is having on the Amazon rainforest and the impact of this on the region's wildlife.

  27. List some simple things that governments could do to help address climate change problems.

  28. Discuss some of the most challenging food problems in the world and explain the environmental effect of these problems.

  29. The damaging effects of greenhouse gases.

  30. Explore some of the factors that contribute to environmental pollution. Suggest ways of controlling this pollution in order to create a cleaner environment for the generations to come.

  31. Which regions and countries are expected to be covered by water at the start of the next century if the polar ice caps continue to melt at the rate at which they are currently melting?

  32. What causes desertification and what are the best ways of controlling this?

  33. Based on current consumption trends, analyze how the world's water is used.

  34. Explore the rate at which some of the world's species are facing extinction.

  35. Since the hole was discovered in the ozone layer, explain what measures have been taken to keep the environmental damage to a minimum and what impact these have had on the size or growth of the ozone layer's hole?

  36. How has the explosive growth in the population impacted the environment?

  37. What role does each individual have when it comes to conserving the world's water and energy resources?

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