Compare and Contrast Essay Guidelines

Comparative Essay Writing

Writing a comparative essay is a difficult task for many students. Most of them ask themselves, how to write a compare and contrast essay. The recommendations for writing such papers are simple:

  1. First, you should choose two different items you are going to compare and contrast. Such items need to have common features but also be different in many respects. This way, you will have enough information to include in your paper.

  2. Second, organize these commonalities and differences into a well-structured outline. You will follow it, when writing your paper.

Now choose the most suitable structure for your compare and contrast essay. You can choose between the two main structures:

  • You can rely on point-by-point structures, when you discuss one commonality or difference between the two items per paragraph.
  • You may want to discuss the main features of one item and then switch to analyzing how the second item is similar and different from the first one.

Whatever you choose, be systematic and organized in your writing.In your comparative essay, include a well-developed introduction with a comprehensive, debatable thesis statement. In your thesis, you should also include a justification for choosing the two items. Your compare contrast essay must include several body paragraphs, depending on the structural arrangement you choose. Finally, you must include a concluding paragraph, in which you restate your thesis and provide final comments. Tell your reader if you have managed to answer the research question asked in your paper. Start writing your comparative essay in advance, so that you have a couple of days to edit and proofread your paper.

Writing a comparative essay is a huge academic responsibility. This is why it is better if you start working on it, when you have a good topic on your mind. In addition, you must choose whether you are going to discuss similarities, differences, or both. Once you are ready, begin with developing an outline. Your comparative essay should not be written on a topic that is too general and popular among students. Be creative. Choose something you feel strongly about and want to make public. This topic should be new or at least innovative. In your paper, make sure you do not choose the qualities of your items that are equally good or bad. You can write a good paper, only if you know which of the two items is better. Do not include any graphics, unless required by your instructor. Use graphics only as a strategy for re-arranging your thoughts.